Secretly in love

I'm just a ordinary girl, named Madison.
I have.. had a bestfriend, Niall Horan was his name.
It all happend that day he went on audition to the x-factor
Our friendship totally broke, we didn't talk at all.
I thougth he would never speak to me again.
but one day, something big happend.


14. what?

Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam were going on tour, i didn't want to say bye.
I was going to be all alone in 3 weeks, how could i ever do that? 

Madison, you could come with us, though.. Zayn looked at Niall, then at me and smiled.
I was so happy, of course i would come with them, it would be so much fun! 

I've got a problem these days, after the kiss with Sasha...
I've just started thinking of her, and less about Madison, i don't wan't to
hurt her either, i also told her not to scare her, or break her heart.. What am i gonna do?

We were sitting on the couch at our house, i was realy looking forward to the tour..
I really needed to get away from Madison for a while, i know it sounds strange,
but i need time to think, just with the guys, u know.. They know all about it.

I couldn't belive Zayn, he told Madison to come with us.. I was happy..
But i really need to have some alone time, to just think over things... How do i say it to her?

After a while i talked to Louis..
- What do you think i should do? .. I said, with a hurting voice.
- I dont know, mate... But i've heard that Harry's interested in her. he answered
- So? how is that supose to help me?
- Yeah, that's right.. Sorry.. Louis answered and looked down, so did i.


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