Secretly in love

I'm just a ordinary girl, named Madison.
I have.. had a bestfriend, Niall Horan was his name.
It all happend that day he went on audition to the x-factor
Our friendship totally broke, we didn't talk at all.
I thougth he would never speak to me again.
but one day, something big happend.


15. That one thing..

I must be in heaven, Madison's going with us on tour! 
Can't wait, she's like the sun of the day, if you know what i mean?
She's like really funny, and always happy.. When she's happy then i'm happy..
I think i maybe have a little crush for her, but there's nothing i can do about it,
she's happy with Niall...

I walked down tha stairs and Madison sat there alone, she locked pretty shocked..
- What's wrong? I answered and looked at her.
- Oh, Hi Harry, no.. Its just nothing.... She sounded nervous.
- C'mon Madison, i know it's something, c'mon talk to me.. I knew i couldn't do this
to Niall, but he weren't there to support her, she was down for something, and i needed to
support her if nobody else did.
She sat closer to me, and then started to tell me why she was so upset, i couldn't belive it..

'' Well... I was going to the bathroom, when i heard Niall and Louis in the bedroom, talking..
They were talking about me, and Niall was saying that he didn't know what to do, i didn't
know what he ment, but it sounded so bad... and then Louis said that you were in love with me
and maybe that would help him with his problems? I think he's going to break up with me..''

The tears in her eyes, her fair of crying in front of me.. She was holding it back, i could see it.
I got closer to her, looked her in the eyes and said
'' Madison, you are a beautiful girl, i dont understand what the heck he's doing if he break's up with you..''


Her smile came in her face, her beautiful eyes, and her smiling smile.. I just wanted to kiss her so badly..
She was still smiling at me, and looking me straight in the eyes, i lent my head closer to her's.
Before i even reaced her lips, someone started talking to us.

- Uhm!! What's going on here?!?!i We heard a screaming voice, it was Louis.
He was looking really mad at me, i stand up and walked over to him, and whispered
'' Listen, she heard you and Niall's conversation, she's crushed.. she needed the support
and no one else was here, you know i like her boo bear. ''
'' Yeah, i know.. But atleast wait until he has broken up with her! or else he will be seriously
mad at you, and you know that! ''  L
ouis was mad at me, he sounded dissapointed, when he went to his room, Madison just stared at me.
Madison went up to Niall's room, i didn't hear what they were talking about..

After a couple of minutes, Madison came running down the stairs, crying her eyes off.
I jumped out of the cough, and runned over to her..
- Madison, whats wrong! what happend? 
She didn't answer me, she was crying much, and trying to get away from me.
But then suddenly she was laying on my chest, and cried.
I was holding around her pretty hard, i had a feeling of what's happend up in that room.. 

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