Secretly in love

I'm just a ordinary girl, named Madison.
I have.. had a bestfriend, Niall Horan was his name.
It all happend that day he went on audition to the x-factor
Our friendship totally broke, we didn't talk at all.
I thougth he would never speak to me again.
but one day, something big happend.


19. On the plane.

We were about to leave when my mom called me.
- Hey sweetheart, how is it going? are you feeling any better? 
My mom was always so supporting, i had allready told her about the break-up,
and about the kiss with Harry..
- Yeah, i'm fine! We're actually supposed to leave now, so..
- Ohh, well say hey to them from me, and have a nice tour, love u.
- Thanks mom, love u to.
Then we hanged up.
- Ready to go now, babe? Harry said while taking his hand around my shoulder.
I just smiled and said yes, he kissed me on my head, then we walked out and went in to the car.

In the car while driving to the airport, the boys were singing C'mon C'mon, while dancing..
I just laughed at them, cus it was pretty funny to watch.
- Are you feeling alright? Niall said to Sasha, who sat in the seat in the end of the car, i didn't
know she was in the car already, i thought we were going to pick her up..
- Yeah, i just have a damn of headace right now.. 
Niall looked a bit sad..
- Well, i suppose we have to be quiet guys... Niall said.
Louis screamed out ''Buuuuu'' then i just started laughing even more, and same did the other guys
when they heard the way i laughed on, it sounded like i had an potato in my mouth, and laughing
at the same time, it was kinda wierd, the sound...

Finally we were at the airport, we just had to wait a couple of minutes, until the guys Privatplane came..
- Uhm, Madison.. Can i talk to you for a sec? I heard a voice behind me said, it was Sasha.
- Yes, sure.. I answered and followed her.

- So... I'm so sorry about you and Niall, it really wasn't the meaning to steal him or anything..
You know how i have felt for him, and i can say i regret i kissed him, when you where dating..
I am so sorry, Madison..
- Oh.. Yeah, i supose it's ok.. I found out that if i was getting jealous of you, even when i just saw you i got jealous, i guess it wasn't ment to be... We just were ment as bestfriends i supose.. I said and looked at Niall..
- Yeah... But, friends? It's good to have a girlfriend to hang with, when they're at their concert u know..
- Sure, i would love to be your friend. I said and hugged her.
I saw Niall over her shoulder, he smiled at me, then blunked. He looked really happy.

We went back to the guys, and Harry came running over to me, he had been on the shop.
- MAAADISOOON BABEE! Harry screamed loud out, then he lifted me up and hugged me hard.
- Harry, you've been away for 5 mins.. I said, and kissed him on the cheak.
- Yeah i know, it's enough time to miss you, my princess.. He answered, i couldn't help it, i just smiled and smiled.

We went on the plane, the seat's were really awsome, we could sit four and four around 1 table..
Niall, Sasha, Harry and me at one side, Zayn, Liam and Louis on the other side.
Louis were just talking about carrots all the time, like '' I think i eated like,... 5 carrots yesterday.. ''
You just have to laugh of him, cause he's really funny, very funny!
- You guys, listen to me now, i have to tell you a amazing thing that happend yesterday!! Liam said, everyone looked at him, as he started to tell what he was saying.
- So.. There was this girl i bumped in to, and of course I made her drop everything she had on the ground.
Then i helped her, and said that i would make up to it with a cup of coffee.. Then we did, i really can say i fell in love with this girl, she gave me her number, but i dont know what to say if i call her..
Everyone looked at Liam, it was a awkwardly silence, until Louis started fake crying over happiness.
I just laughed, but Liam didn't like it, cus he really needed help now..
I saw it, so i said..
- You know, you should probably text her, or something, telling what you'r up to, and then
when we are getting back home, you ask her out. THEN you can tell her about your feelings,
cus that's just not what you do over a phone. I said, and smiled.
Niall looked at me, and smiled like i was the only smart person in the plane.
- Whaaat? I said, looking at Niall.
- Nothing... He said and looked at Sasha who laughed really hard for some reason, i supose
she still was laughing of Louis.

It was quiet for a little while, and one more time Louis broke the silence.
- I want a cup of tea, somebody else?
Niall jumped off the chair and screamed ''ME!'', they went to the fride that were in the plane.
And warmed up some water. Then made the tea.

This was going to be a long trip.. Can't wait to get there.... Los Angeles, here we come..


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