Secretly in love

I'm just a ordinary girl, named Madison.
I have.. had a bestfriend, Niall Horan was his name.
It all happend that day he went on audition to the x-factor
Our friendship totally broke, we didn't talk at all.
I thougth he would never speak to me again.
but one day, something big happend.


18. Kisskiss

The movie was over, and Sasha and Niall went upstairs to go to bed. 
same did Zayn, and Liam and Louis was playing pökemon. 
Me and Harry sat in the big cough all by ourselves.
- So what did you and Niall talk about? He asked.
- Oh, just that we were going to be bestfriends again. I answered, he looked happy.
So you guys didn't talk about something else? He asked again, i knew what he was meaning.
-Yes, there was one thing we talked about. I said, and smiled alot.
And what was that? He asked, i didn't want to say what i was, so i just smiled.
He understood what we were talking about when i just smiled.
He sat closer to me, then he looked me in the eyes, and just smiled
- Are you gonna kiss me now? I said, and smiled.
- Yes, im going to kiss you now, Madison! He said and kissed me.


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