Secretly in love

I'm just a ordinary girl, named Madison.
I have.. had a bestfriend, Niall Horan was his name.
It all happend that day he went on audition to the x-factor
Our friendship totally broke, we didn't talk at all.
I thougth he would never speak to me again.
but one day, something big happend.


5. Just going to tell him.


I was in Niall's bedroom, all by my self.
I really wanted to tell him the truth, but i wouldn't say
something wrong, so i thought since the guys were
out for buying som breakfast, i could practise of
what i could say..
- So, Niall... Here's the thing, since that night when were wathing a movie
and hang out, i kinda falled for you that night, since then i couldn't
stop thinking of you, i cried every night, because i missed you...

I turned quick around, and i saw Louis.
And then i remember that i didn't go with the other guys..
- Oh please, dont tell me you heard it all!
- I did, love! I wont tell him, it sounded really good though.
I just smiled, and had to give him a hug.
- Thanks Louis! 
- Your welcome, so tell me about your feelings, how are you feeling around him?
- I just, cant explain it realy, im feeling just super great, i cant describe the feelings
it's just that i am thinking of him all the time, and it's too hard to tell him the truth, i'm
afraid our friendship will end then.
- Oh, it won't end, i can promise you that, when the guys is coming back, i will
send Niall up here to you, so you can talk to him, is that ok?
- Yeah, i guess.
- Great, i'm going downstairs again, they will be here any minute now.

Now i really had to practice, not long until the truth were told.

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