The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


9. The other one; Chapter 8


I took one deep breath as I came out of the hotel.

“What’s up?” Peter asked me, and I just looked at him, as we stepped into the car.

“The boys will be here today, for the rehearsals, and i’m just nervous, due to the fact, that you know, the camera’s will be on us the whole time, which I don’t like at all” I commented, and he laughed.

“O it won’t be that bad, you’ll absolutely nail everything, and you’ll just have to ignore the camera’s”

“I haven’t actually seen my boyfriend in a sexual manner for about 2 almost 3 months, I’m getting quite sexually frustrated” I commented, and he laughed looking at me.

“Quite?” He said, and I just rolled my eyes, as we then stepped out of the car, and I walked over towards the entrance, as I saw that their tour bus was already there, which made me smile very widely, as I Then walked over towards my changing room, seeing the camera’s already following me.

“So are you nervous about tonight?” The guy asked, and I smiled as I was walking with a coffee in my hand.

“Yes A bit. But I’m also really excited, since i’ve got two great songs that I’m going to perform, even if that’s nervewrecking due to the fact that i’ve got two songs to remember. And more people will be watching. But I’m happy about it!” I commented, taking a deep breath as I threw my coffee away, and the camera’s then followed me to my changing room, as I got my hair already curled up for the performance for tonight, and I then put on my outfit for tonight, as I walked around with the curling things in my hair, looking very sexy.

“You’re up” They said, and I nodded taking a deep breath as I saw the five boys already sitting there on the judges chairs, while Harry and Louis were being all cute sitting on each others lap, which was the funniest things ever.

Simon then turned around, as I smiled looking at him, as I then saw the rest of the boys, all starting to laugh at how I looked.

“O shut up boys” I said in the mic, as they were all just laughing at my look, as I took one deep breath, as the music started, and I started singing, winking at my boy for a second, him just winking back at me, as I then finished the song, and I had to just hum the other song, me taking a deep breath as halfway through that song I just froze for a second, and the boys all looked at me, as I bit my lip looking at the boys, as I then looked away for a second, as Peter came on stage throwing me a water bottle.

“You ok?” He said, and I nodded as he then went and sat on the judges table, along with the rest of the boys, as I then finally finished, Simon walking over to me.

“I understand that you’ve got some distractions, but you need to keep your head in the game, you get to talk to them for ten minutes, and then you’ve got to concentrate, and get your words great, cause we can’t permit you to forget any words. You and peter are neck on neck”

I nodded looking at him.

“Thanks” I said giving him a quick hug as I then walked over to the boys, Zayn the first one standing up, and I just smiled as I gave him a quick hug, and he hugged me back, me closing my eyes.

I then hugged Liam who just smiled his arm around my waist tightly, me smiling, as I then hugged Niall.

Louis and Harry then laughed as I went and hugged them both at the same time, giving them both a kiss on the cheek, as I then went and sat on the table, next to Peter, my back against his, and his back against mine.

“So how are you doing?” Harry said, giving me the biggest smile on my face.

“Yeah. I’m doing good. Distracted though” I commented, and the boys all laughed looking at me.


“And here, the talented and beautiful Holly Smith!” Simon said, and I smiled as I came on stage, looking to the back, and seeing the screen, smiling as I knew what would be shown.

“Last week was so much fun. I loved the whole X factor heroes thing, and I loved performing the song by the boys” I commented. “The boys are here, and that was sort of distracting”

You then saw the boys laughing at me walking on stage wearing my hair like that.

“I understand that you got some distractions but you needy o keep your head in the game” Simon said.

You then saw Simon sitting there. “Holly is 20, so she has off course got some distractions, with her boyfriend being here today, but she needs to keep her head in the game, cause the first song is a very hard song, a very popular song, and she needs to live up to the expectations of the audience. But I think she’ll nail it!”

You then saw me hugging the boys and laughing as I was looking at them all.

“So are you ready?” You saw Liam asking me, and I smiled looking at him.

“Yeah I am. I’m a tad nervous though, for the whole. You guys being here, probably to make fun of me thing” I commented.

“We wouldn’t dare!” Harry said who was then standing behind me, and he slapped my but, even if I was sitting on it, and he went away towards the bathroom, as he looked back he gave me a quick wink, making me laugh.

You then saw the chair spinning thing and I smiled very widely as the screen went black.

I took one deep breath, as I looked at everyone in the audience, knowing that the boys were backstage.

The music then started, and I took one deep breath as I heard the music, and I closed my eyes for a second, hearing the beginning of Mine by taylor swift.

I took one deep breath trying to imagine my boy in front of me.

Thinking of the first fight we ever had had, and I closed my eyes while singing.

“Who is that girl?” I commented, as I looked at pictures on my Ipad, as I was sitting in the tour bus, and I only saw X before me, and I closed my eyes for a second, as I tried not to think of the time my mother asked my father.

“O no one important, she’s just a friend” He said, and I looked at him.

“Why is she kissing you then?” I commented, and he took one deep breath as he looked up from his magazine, and he looked at me.

“it’s not what you think Holly” He said.. I should’ve known then that he was lying.

“What do you think I think. X” I said, and he looked at me for a second.

“It’s just, Management wants me to be the ‘womanizer’ of the group” He commented, and I looked at him for a second.

“But. why did you make out with her?” I asked, and he looked at me for a second.

“Like I Said, its’s not what you think. It was set up by management. Gosh stop being so fucking jealous, it was just one kiss.” He commented, and I took one deep breath as I stood up looking at him, as he then saw the look in my eyes, and he realized what he had just said, I had told him what I had told him about my parents, trusting him, not to missuse that they had said, but now he did just that. He said the exact words that my father had told my mother, and I closed my eyes for a second, as I then walked out of the bus, since we were stopping by a tank station, and I passed the other four boys, who were all just looking at each other, and then back at me, realizing what was going on, and they probably had seen those pictures too.

I Then walked towards the back of the tank station, and just went and sat down, tears streaming down my face, as I then felt him sitting down next to me, and I already had expected what was going to happen, it was all going to be over, and I didn’t want it to be over.

“Honey” He whispered, but I just shook him away.

“If its what I think you’re going to say, please just don’t speak” I commented, and he sighed.

“What do you think I’m going to say?” He said.

“That you’re over my troubles. That you don’t want me anymore. That you’re done with my whining, my jealousy. MY worries” I commented, as I looked up, and I looked into those amazing eyes, my worries gone for two seconds, what those eyes could do to me, and he sighed looking at me.

“You know that that’s not the case, you know how much I love you.” He whispered as he put his hand on my back, me shaking slightly, at his touch, and he looked at what he had done and then back into my eyes.

“Sorry” He whispered. “I understand what you had to go through when you were younger, and I’m sorry that I made you worry like that. And I’m sorry that I just touched you like that, and I’m sorry that I said the exact same thing your father told your mother, when he was talking about you”

I took one deep breath as I looked at him, as I closed my eyes for a second, more tears streaming down his face.

“I’m sorry Holly. It’s just loads of stress that I have at the moment, you don’t want to be out in the world, because you’re afraid of what some people will do when you’re in the spotlight. And I just want to show the world how amazing you are, and how much I love you. And I can’t do that. I can’t walk out into the open with you, I can’t show everyone in this universe that you’re mine. That you’re not anybodies but mine” He whispered, and I took a deep breath as everything was dark, and I looked at him.

“And you know that song ‘Mine’?” He whispered, and I looked at him for a second, and nodded.

“Well, I’m never ever going to leave you alone.” he said, as he then took one deep breath, as he looked at me.

“I remember how we felt sitting by at the water, and every time I look at you, it’s like the first time. I’ fell in love with a careless mans careful daughter, she is the best thing that’s ever been mine.” He then sang, and I just smiled looking at him, as I remembered that one time by the water, and I smiled looking at him.

“I’m sorry that I sometimes scare you with the things I do, the things I say. And you often say that it’s just your fault, and that I’m not doing anything wrong. But I love you, and I want to be with you. And I’ll have to take that past with me, since that’s how this works. We love each other with our whole hearts” He whispered looking at me. “And I will never, ever make the mistake your  father made, I will never ever make the mistake your parents makes. I will be there for you until you’re sick of me.”

I looked at him for a second as he wrapped his arm around me and he pressed a kiss on my forehead, and I just smiled slightly.

“Sorry babe” I whispered.

“Don’t be sorry.” He said, as he kissed my forehead, and I just shook my head.

“I should be” I said, and he shook his head.

“No. I’m the one that should be sorry” He said, kissing my lips for a second, me smiling widely looking at him, as I then looked into those amazing eyes.

I took one deep breath as I then sang ‘brace myself for the goodbye, cause that’s all I’ve ever known. then you took me by surprise, you sang i’ll never leave you alone” I then closed my eyes again, as a tear rolled down my cheek, as I looked up again. ” “I remember how we felt sitting by at the water, and every time I look at you, it’s like the first time. I’ fell in love with a careless mans careful daughter, she is the best thing that’s ever been mine.”  The mine being very long, and then the song ended, and everyone just clapped.

I smiled looking at everyone, as I looked at the judges, as I realized what an emotional wreck I was at the  moment. What kind of problems I had.

I then got great compliments by the judges, and I then walked off of the stage, and all the boys were just standing there giving me a small smile

I walked over to Liam first and he just wrapped his arms around me, and I took one deep breath as he just held on tightly for me for a second, before I Let go of him, and I then got hugged by Zayn, who also gave me a small kiss on my cheek, before Harry comforted me, and then it was Niall’s turn, and before I knew it Louis had his arms around me.

I then looked at all the boys and smiled widely looking at them.

“God I need to get ready for the next song”

“Which one is that?”

“Because of you” I commented frowning slightly, and they nodded, as I then walked up to my changingroom, mentally preparing myself for the next song.

A/N Gotta go ;D Next chapter will be up soon! xxx Sam

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