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8. The other one; Chapter 7


A/N Chappy 7 online yeahh!! I wrote 6 like an hour ago :I Enjoy!!




“Next the beautiful Holly Smith” Simon said, and I took one deep breath as I went and sat on my comfortable stool again, as I looked at the big screen.

“WOW” I said “Last week was the BEST” 

You then saw me hugging Peter, him giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“The past week has been a rollercoaster ride, we had to do photo shoots for magazines and we had to practice for the songs, and it was all just a real blast, due to the fact that I had loads with my bestie Peter!”

You then the two of us fighting in our room, over the remote which was hilarious.

“But this week is the song of the break ups, which is going to be a tad hard, because, yeah. I don’t like sad songs. at all. I love happy love songs, and happy up tempo songs. But I did get a GREAT break up song, which I’m really happy about, since I can really see me nailing that song in a way”

You then saw her audition, and Simon just nodded.

“You just need to put a bit more of emotion in it, think of something that broke your heart” you then saw me nodding, while looking down at the floor, and tears started to well up in my eyes.

Peter walked up to me right away then.

“What’s up?” Peter asked, and I just looked into his eyes.

“I just thought of something” I whispered, as he then wrapped his arms around me, and I just held on tightly to him.

“It’s going to be ok babe. It’s been seven years” He whispered in my ear, giving me a small kiss on the cheek.

I nodded as I whipped away my tears.

“Thanks babe” I said, and he nodded taking a deep breath, as he then threw my cellphone to me, and he smiled as he made an X, making me laugh, everything being on camera.

“But I think I can make something with this song” I commented, as I looked at him, smiling super widely as I looked at the screen, my chair then moving.

The beginning of ‘Take a Bow’ then came on, and I took one deep breath as I clapped along while singing, everyone just having tears in their eyes, as I thought about the one thing that messed me up the most.

And I thought about my 10th birthday.

“Mommy it’s my birthday!” I said smiling very widely as I was hopping up and down, and my mother looked at me, and gave me the biggest smile that I had ever seen on her, and she hugged me giving me a kiss on the cheek, as my father then came down, giving me a kiss as well.

“So what do you want to do today beauty?” My father asked, and I smiled looking at him.

“Can we go to the Zooo?” I said, and he looked at me for a second, and then nodded.


The rest of the day was amazing, my parents were civilized, and happy, but then on the car back the fighting began.

I don’t remember the details, I just stared at my parents, tears flowing down my tears, as it seemed to good to be true.

And then everything became black, as I tried to forget what happened at home.

Tears streamed down my face as I was just singing the last line, as I looked to my side for a second, looking down, as tears started to stream down my face, as I then looked at the judges, as I whipped away my tears, and Simon gave me one small nod, saying that I nailed the act, and I took one deep breath, as they all looked at me, the judges.

“That was amazing” Britney said as tears were streaming down her face, and I just put my hand on my arm for a second, trying to forget about the pain, as I looked at Simon again, and I took a deep breath as he looked at me and he gave me a small smile.

“That was amazing Holly, I’m sorry that you had to think of those moments again, but that was amazing. The emotion. Everything” I smiled looking at him as I nodded looking at him as I then went backstage, and I knew this moment would be in next weeks video, as I then fell into Peters arms, and he just held onto me tightly, as I cried out into his arms.

“I’ll be right back” I whispered, and he looked at me and nodded, as I then went backstage, and I took one deep breath as sat in my changing room, and I took my cellphone, as I looked through my numbers.

Seeing X1, X2, X3, X4 and X5. And I took a deep breath as I took one of those five, and I took one deep breath.

“Hey babe. How are you?” He said, and I looked into the mirror, whipping away my tears, seeing the camera group coming in.

“Yeah. I just miss you” I whispered, and he sighed slightly.

“We’ll be in LA soon. So we can meet up then?”

“No we can’t the media will stalk us”

“Not if we hang out with the rest of the boys, and you love it up equally with them, and tone it down with me?” He said. “And if you bring Peter, we can all hang out”

I took one deep breath.

“I don’t think that that’s allowed, I need to practice, if I get through.

“You’ll get through. But how are you holding up after that performance?” He asked, and I closed my eyes for a second.

“I’m ok. I miss you so much though”

“I miss you too, but I’m sorry, we have to leave now, we could postpone it until Peters performance, but we’ve got to go now. I’m so sorry” 

“It’s ok I just miss you” 

“I miss you too babe, I’ll tweet you later tonight. Love you”

“I love you too” I said as I then put my cellphone away, and I just went on twitter, and saw all the responses, as tears streamed down my face, as I thought about the past.

Week 6

“And here she is, the beautiful, talented HOLLY SMITH” Simon said, and I just smiled very widely as I stood ready, with the lights off, as I looked at the screens, smiling very widely as I knew what would come on.

Well, I was smiling because I was nervous, since I knew what would come on, and because of the song that I had to sing it now, which scared me slightly.

“Last week was a very emotional week for me” I said as I was sitting on the couch again, and you saw me going to Peter him holding onto me tightly, as I then called X and you saw the subtitles again, as I then looked at the camera and then turned around.

“But I’m happy that I got trough any how, which gives me time to prove to the world that I’m not just a girl with a sad story, but that I actually can sing!” 

You then saw me walking into a room, where Simon was standing.

“This weeks theme is X factor heroes” Simon said, and you saw me nodding slightly. “So is there any X factor act you really want to perform”

“Well, I would love to do Moments by one direction actually” I commented, and he looked at me for a second.

“That would be good yeah, good choice. I’ll see what I can do. What is your plan B?” 

“Trouble by Leona Lewis or Same mistakes by the boys” I commented, and he nodded looking at me, as you then saw me performing.

“It’s sort of a big pressure, to be performing a song by the boys. Since everyone knows the connection we have, and since they really want to see me screw up, just because they’re that annoying. It’s also a very emotionally draining song, with a beautiful back story behind it, and it’s pretty hard, with some high notes, since simon pitched it up a tad, or it would’ve been to low. But I’m really looking forward to it actually!” I commented, and you then saw the chair turning and It was back to reality.

The beginning of moments came on, and I smiled as I started singing, thinking of the first itme I had heard the boys perform this song.

“Almost there xx” I texted to X, as I was in a taxi, in New york, as I would be meeting up the boys there. I just smiled very widely as I got a text message back right away.

“Ok, can’t wait, we’re all chilling in the bus!X” Which made me smile very widely, as I was on the highway, and I went on twitter, and quickly tweeted.

“Going to be a blast :) Love being back in the US, and especially in NYC!X” 

I saw that the five boys had all favored that tweet, and I was surprised that the fans had not realized this yet, with the stories I had heard from Fatima, but I didn’t mind either, as I then paid the taxi driver seeing the tour bus already standing there, the fans going absolutely insane.

I quickly called Niall, since I knew he would always pick up his cellphone if I called, and I took one deep breath.

“Hey babe.” He said.

“Hey Nialler. Holly here, Uhm, I want to get into the bus, but how do I get there without the fans noticing!”

“O you’re here? That’s great! Uhm. Yeah that’s a great question. Uhm. Yeah.. How does Holly get in here, without the fans seeing her?” 

I just smiled as I heard the voices in the background, as well as Niallers voice.

“Uhm, just walk in, and pretend you’re someone from management. Paul will play along”

“Ok Thanks Nialler” I said.

“Your welcome Holly” He said, and I  just laughed as I then walked over to Paul who just smiled very widely as he gave me a hug, playing along, which sort of scared me in a way, why would he be ok with me dating one of the boys.

Anyhow, I then walked into the bus, and I took a deep breath as I then smiled as all the boys stood up right away. Liam the first one to me, giving me a hug and I smiled.

“Hey Harry” I said smiling as I looked at him.

“Hey babe” He said, and I just smiled very widely as I then hugged Harry, who smiled very widely, as I looked at the other boys real quick, before hugging Zayn.

I then smiled very widely as I hugged Louis who just held on tightly to me, and at last it was Niall, who just laughed.

“Hey babe” He said, and I smiled very widely.

“Hey love” I said back as I then looked at the boys.

“So where will I be sleeping?” I said.

“O with X” They all said, and I just laughed looking at him for a second, him just winking back at me.

“But we have interviews right now, so if you want to come along?” Zayn asked, and I looked at him for a second, and smiled very widely looking at him.

“Sure” I said and he just smiled as I then looked at the rest of the boys, biting my lip.

They then did their interviews, and when we were back in the bus, I just went and sat down in between Liam and Louis, and I smiled widely as Niall took his guitar, and they just started singing.

“What is your favorite song?” Harry asked, and I looked at him, as he was sitting down next to Louis, who just smiled looking at Harry, me smiling as well, as I then saw that Niall and Zayn were sitting opposite of me, they were sitting on the small couch, while I was sitting on the big one with Harry, Louis and Liam.

“Uhm. Moments!” I commented, and they all smiled, as they started singing moments, sounding absolutely perfect, making me smile even wider.

When I finished the song, everyone just clapped, as I smiled widely looking at everyone as I tried not to burst out into tears, since this song was just perfect, and I smiled looking at the judges, who all just clapped very loudly, me smiling very widely looking at them as they all praised me, me smiling as I then walked back stage and walked over to Peter, who was getting ready, he would be after the next act. He was going to do a song by the boys too, he would do ‘taken’.

I took one deep breath as I looked at him.

“You can do this, you’re amazing “I commented, and he nodded.

“Thanks babe. You were amazing” 

I smiled very widely as I looked at him, as I then took one deep breath as I walked over towards the greenroom where all the acts were and I took my Ipad, and I tweeted.

“That was amazing. I love that song so much :D xxx”

-Just cause I’m nice, i’ll post another chapter later today, after i’ve done my homework-

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