The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


7. The other one; Chapter 6


Week 4.

“And here to show, that she’s not just a pretty face, and a pretty voice. Holly Smith!”

I smiled again, as I went and stood on one of those higher things, taking a deep breath as there were some dancers around, and I just closed my eyes for one second, trying to take in what I was wearing, I was wearing a tank top, with short shorts, and sneakers, my hair loose, which would be great for dancing, and I then took one deep breath, as I looked to my side, seeing the video.

“Last night was AMAZING” you heard me say, sitting on the couch, as you saw me performing, and the judges giving their comments, and then me hugging peter. “It was a real blast, and I loved the song I was performing. It was hard though, since the pressure of performing is getting higher. And since it’s dance week, and I’m more of the ballads, it’s going to be very hard for me. The dancing won’t be as hard, and the singing won’t be either. But combining those two will be the hardest.”

You then saw me rehearsing and me dancing, everyone in the audience going wild as I was making a sexy move, me just laughing as I looked at it for a second, as you then saw me on the couch.

“Yeah, last week was good, but it wasn’t the best I had done. Which sort of sucks in a way, but I’m happy with what I did”

You then saw me and the rest of the acts out and about in the streets.

“The people, are all very nice to me, which is great. There are off course haters though, who don’t think that i’m worthy of my place here in X factor, but I tend to just let that happen, since i’m happy to be here, and I love performing” 

You then saw me signing autographs, and me laughing along with Peter, at this little girl who had a shirt on “Fuck one direction, Holly Get Peter” 

“We also did loads of interviews which was very nervewrecking” I was sitting down next to Peter, since we had to do interviews together, they had split us up into pairs, and this was the best, which was great.

You then saw that video of again, ot me just in that chair turning around and me smiling.

I took one deep breath, as the music started, and I looked at Britney for a second, who just smiled very widely, as she knew this would be great.

I was going to do the “Oops I did it again” Glee version, and I took one deep breath, as I started singing the beginning, it being slow, and then suddenly it became more and more, and it was quite sexual.

I then couldn’t help but smile wider as I then winked at Demi for a second, who smiled back at me, as I then thought about my boy.

“You broke my rule X” I commented, as I was leaning against the door, while he was just smiling looking at me.

“Which rule?” He said very innocently, and I just laughed looking at him.

“The third date first kiss rule” I commented looking at him wanting more right away, but he just smiled.

“Well, what do I get as punishment then?” he said with the biggest smile on his face, making me laugh as I looked at him.

“Yeah, that’s a good one, I might do something really bad to you” I said smiling very widely as I opened my apartment, and I just took the little tie he had on and dragged him inside, him just laughing as I then pressed my lips onto his, and closed the door behind me, him just laughing as I took off his jacket that I had on, while his arms went around my waist, and I pressed my lips onto his, and just kissed him even further while I felt something against my stomach, making me explode even more.

“You know, this is really breaking the rules, and you started this” He whispered in my ear, as I just kissed his neck, while taking off his shirt, feeling his amazing body under me, as I then walked over towards the stairs, his lips still on mine, him taking off my shirt real quickly, making me smile very widely as I just bit his lip for a second, before letting go, and looking him in the eyes, as I walked over towards my room, him just smiling very widely as he then wrapped his arms around my bum, as I jumped into his arms, and I kissed him further and further, him just exploding with want, like me, as He then put me against the bed, but I held onto him like a koala, forcing him to come on top of me, making me smile as his hands then traced down my body, slowly playing with my jeans, making me smile very widely as I kissed him further.

I didn’t know what it was, that made me do this.

Normally, I would either have a hook up, and never date, or I would date, and never hook up till at least the fourth date. But I don’t know what it was with him, but I just threw my whole schedule out of the window, and I wanted him, my body wanted him, every single millimeter of my body craved for him, and my mind, wanted him even more.  If that was possible, and the way he was moving his crotch at the moment, made me explode even more, as I moved along with him, as my pants were now off, and I turned the two of us around me on top, as I held my hair back as I kissed him further, him just taking deep breaths as I then slowly kissed my way down his neck, leaving a small love bite, before I kissed down his chest, and went down his body, while my hands went to his pants opening it up slowly, and he just smiled as I looked up into his mesmerizing eyes, him just smiling as he then threw his head back.

I smiled very widely as I then did my thing.

Yeah… The rest of the night was just amazing.

Everyone had off course heard me saying “Beautiful brown eyes” But I think they didn’t understand that that was just the song. Or it was the truth. Who knew?

When I was finished I couldn’t help but smile very widely looking at the whole audience, going absolutely insane over my dancing and my singing. 

I looked at everyone as I then went over to the judges who were all clapping for me, making me smile widely as they then all sat down, me taking deep breaths trying to calm myself.

“WOW” L.A started, and I just laughed, as I took deep breaths.

“That was amazing. We knew you could sing, we knees you could dance a bit, but GIRL. You’re just the full package”

I smiled, as I gave him an airkiss.

Demi then smiled very widely.

“God I love this song, and wow you make it ten times beter” She said smiling,and I smiled as I then looked at Britney, who looked at me.

“Lea Michelle made this version great. But girl, you just beat her to the roof. God you can DANCE and sing” Britney said. “I’m proud of you”

I smiled as I looked at Simon who looked at me.

“Great song choice, if I say so myself” I laughed at that, as I then went backstage about five minutes later, and I smiled as I was Peter wlking over to me, and he gave me a hug.

Peter smiled very widely as he just gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“That was amazing” He said, and I nodded taking a deep breath as I just took a water bottle, as everyone hugged me.

Not everyone really liked me, since I was THE act to beat, and so far, nobody could beat me, which annoyed everyone. WHich I understood completely.

Peter was the only one that was nice to me, since he understood where I came from and he was also in the top 2. Well we were the two acts to beat, and there were already rumors, that it was going to be a close call between the two of us.

Because, we both got along greatly, we decided to room together, instead of me with my previous roommate. 

When that got out in the interivew, it was hilarious.

Well, we had a great interview.

“And here, the two acts that everyone needs to watch out for. Holly Smith and Peter Parkinson!” and I smiled very widely as I walked in first, wearing a red dress, that showed my curves perfectly, and my hair was just hanging loose, me wearing heels. Peter was also  wearing red, which looked really good.

We hugged the interviewer as we then went and sat down on the couch.

“You two look beautiful!”

“Thanks” Peter said, and I just smiled looking at him.

“So, how is the compition going?” The interviewer asked, and I smiled very widely looking at Peter, and he stared back at me, telling me that I should answer this.

“Yeah, it’s going great! I love it, it’s a great blast, and the people are all great as well!” I said, and she nodded.

“Yeah, does everyone get along, or are the rumors true, and is everyone hating on the two of you, since you two get more attention then the rest?” 

I smiled looking at Peter, who then smiled.

“Well, We all get along greatly, but me and Holly get along a tad better then we get along with the rest, but that’s because we’re from the same region a bit, and yeah, we’re roomies so yeah”

“You two are roomies?” The interviewer said, and I looked at him for a second, and he realized that he wasn’t supposed to say that, and I just smiled slightly biting my lip.

“Yeah. We’re roomies yeah!” I said smiling very widely looking at her.

“So holly, you’ve been in the spotlight for quite a time, because you’re dating one of the boys of One direction right?” she said, and I smiled very widely looking at her, and I nodded.

“Yup” I said.

“So, when are you going to tell the world, who the lucky lad is that you’re dating?” The interviewer asked, and I smiled very widely looking at her.

“Well, when their management allows us, and when the two of us are ready, which isn’t the case yet” I commented, and she nodded.

“But you two met at the olympics right?” I nodded.

“Yeah. we met at the olympics, well I met all the boys at the olympics, and ever since we’ve been keeping contact, and yeah, it’s just been a great time” I commented, and Peter just nodded.

“So, who do you think is your biggest competition?” The interviewer asked, and I looked at peter.

“Well, I think she’s the biggest competition, since everyone loves her” Peter said, and I smiled looking at him.

“Yeah. I Think he’s the biggest competition for me, due to the fact that he’s just got the whole package, he can sing, he can dance, he has the looks, the personality. And the public love him even more” I commented, and he laughed, as he looked at me.

“Thanks Holly”

“Your welcome Peter” I said back and he smiled very widely. as he just winked at me.

“Some people are actually saying that you two are secretly going out, since you two are always seen together, what do you say about that?” 

I just laughed. “Well, I get along with boys better, then with girls. Like I only have one friend that’s a girl, who is my best friend, and the rest are all the boys, cause they just don’t have loads of drama, and they’re just a blast. So I guess that’s why I Get along with Peter greatly. But there’s nothing going on between me and Peter. I love my boyfriend, and he has a lovely girlfriend, who he loves with all his heart, which is great. And she’s a lovely girl, and I don’t have any intention to break those two up, and he doesn’t have an intention to break me and” I took one deep breath almost saying the name “My boyfriend Up”

Peter nodded.

“Yeah, and we just hang out, since we can’t really do loads, so we just hang out. And we understand that it’s a competition and everything, but we just get along greatly and she’s beautiful, so I should be lucky to hang out with him” 

I  smiled nodding looking at him, as I just looked back at the interviewer.

But our connection was clearly seen. 

“God I’m nervous” I commented, and Peter looked at me for a second.

“Why?” He said, as we were in our hotel room, and I took one deep breath as I had just put on my pyjama’s it was after the big live show, that had announced that Peter and I Were through again, and yeah, we were going to start on the next week, but I was just nervous.

“Well apparently in three weeks, the boys will be on the X factor, which is just nervewrecking, cause I’m afraid that I might attack them” I said, and he laughed looking at me.

“And with them, you mean ‘X’.” He said, and I nodded smiling very widely.

“Well, you’ll see them backstage, and we’re probably going to perform a song with them, which is going to be rather awkward” He said. “And I should be more nervous, since we are very close and everything”

I smiled looking at him. “I already discussed this with my boy, and he doesn’t mind our connection, he’s happy that we get along”

He laughed looking at me.

“Good!” He said, and I smiled very widely looking at him.


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