The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


5. The other one; Chapter 4


Week 2.

“And now, the beautiful, talented Holly Smith”

I smiled again, as I came onto stage, as I sat down on the stool again, looking at the screen, watching my past week.

“Last week was amazing for me. I got in first, and the performance went greatly” you then saw me hugging everyone backstage, and me jumping up after hearing that I was the first one to get through. 

I then looked at simon sitting in the room.

“The theme is Heroes. Who is your ultimate hero?” Simon asked me.

“I remember, when I was younger, sitting in the car, and listening to the Eagles. So if you could get me them, that would be amazing” I said, and he nodded. “And otherwise Britney!”

SImon laughed looking at me.

“And which songs would you like to sing then?”

I took a sip of my coffee.

“Uhm. Desperado by the eagles. Or Everytime by Britney”


you then saw me rehearsing.

“God this is a way harder song then I expected” I said as I was rehearsing, and Simon looked at me for a second.

“Ok. You need to take some deep breaths before, and then you’ll nail it! I know you will.!”

I smiled as I then was sitting on the couch.

“This week we went towards the premier of the hunger games, and that was super awesome!” You then saw glimpses of me on the red carpet.

“I got to see the boys again, for a second, which was really fun too!” I said, as you then saw me hugging all the boys, them all giving me a kiss on the cheek, but I couldn’t help but smile watching me hug my boy, his hand on my bum for a second.

“But the definite highlight was meeting Josh Hutherson and Liam Hemsworth, since damn they’re hot ” You then saw me hugging both of them, blushing slightly.

“Overal this week was awesome”

Everyone then clapped, as I took a deep breath the spotlight on me again, as I smiled widely looking at everyone, as the beginning of Desperado came on, and I thought about the time I had listened to this with my boy.

“Lets go out!” X said, and I looked at him for a second, as we were just laying in bed, my head on his chest, making shapes, looking at his body for a second, smiling as I saw his amazing body, before I turned my head, so that I was looking at his chin at the moment.

“Why do you want to go out babe?” I whispered, and he laughed looking at me.

“Because I love you, and I want to go out on a little date” He whispered, and I then sat up, the covers covering my naked body, as I just looked at his naked body, the covers covering everything waist down.

“But I don’t want to go out, I want to stay in, why can’t we just order pizza, and watch the X factor!”

“O that’s what it is, you want to watch yourself perform” He said, and I laughed.

“Yeah. Unlike you, I do like watching myself” I said, and he laughed looking at me as he then sat up, putting a strand of my blonde hair behind my ear, as he looked at me, into my eyes, me just biting my lip, looking at his beautiful face, my hand going on his cheek, and he looked down at my lips and then back into my eyes.

“Don’t bite your lips” he whispered looking at me, and I smiled very widely as I then bit even harder, making him laugh as he then leaned forward pressing his lips onto mine, as we then slowly made out, before continuing doing other things.

We then went and sat on the couch, me wearing my simple underwear and one of his long shirts, while he was just wearing underwear, and he turned on the tv, while ordering two pizza’s. Since we both loved to eat.

Then he hung up, as I snuggled up close to him, as I then saw the auditions of X factor.

This one guy, then started singing desperado, but he sang it so wrongly.

“Seriously, why would you ruin the most beautiful song on the entire planet?” I sighed, and He laughed as he just kissed my forehead.

“Because they want to annoy you babe” He said, giving me another kiss and I just laughed as I looked at him.

“I hate it, that this is the last day, before I leave, and the last day that we can be together for at least another month. Depending on how far I get with the whole ‘Live show’ thingy, if I even get through to the live shows” I commented, and he laughed looking at me.

“I know it sucks, but we can’t do anything about it I guess. I know it sucks, but it’s the way Life goes” He commented, and I smiled looking into those eyes.

“The next person, has a very special family with her” Dermots voice then said, and you saw me sitting on the couch, as you saw the back for the five boys.

“Hello, my name is Holly Smith, I’m from Nashville, and I’m nineteen years old” You heard me say, and I just started laughing as I heard my own awful accent.

“My accent is terrible!” I commented.

“No it isn’t, its one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard!” He whispered into my ear, and I laughed looking at him.

“Sure it is, you get to listen to your own voice, along with the other four voices of the boys, and you say that my voice is the most perfect voice you’ve ever heard. Sure” I commented, and he laughed looking at me.

“It really is though. I would rather listen to you all day, then to those four” He commented, nodding towards a picture, me smiling widely looking at the picture of the boys.

When the song ended, everyone just clapped, as I had nailed every single note, and Dermot then went and stood next to me, as I got the judges comments, which all just basically said that I did amazing, and that I showed loads of courage while signing that song, which made me happy.

I then went backstage hugging everyone again, as I Then went and sat in the greenroom, as I went on my Ipad, that I had gotten for my birthday from my boy, and just looked at all the comments, smiling as I saw that the boys had all tweeted something about me.

Niall had tweeted : Wow, Holly looks beautiful! And she sang perfectly :) Great to see her achieve something as greatly as she is doing xx

Liam had tweeted: Wow. Just see how calm she is, while singing that song. Gosh she is amazing :)X

Zayn had tweeted: Damn woman…

Harry had tweeted: Gosshh. Thanks for being so amazing. Got a jealous Louis over here hahahahaha…

Louis had tweeted: Shut up Styles, you’re jealous of her voice too.. She’s amazing :)X

Which made me smile.

I then tweeted. “That was amazing!! Gosh, I hope I can continue in the competition, cause damn that was amazing!x”

I smiled as I then saw my best friend, Fatima, tweeting. “So proud of Holly. Gosh. Can’t the boys shut up about how hot she looks… #awkward”

I laughed as I tweeted her back. “Give them all a hug from me babe! And I didn’t look that great!” I tweeted, as I thought about my outfit.

I was wearing a simple black dress, that came to my knees, my hair in one of those amazing knots, and my make up looked good too.

I then smiled thinking of why Fatima was with the boys.

“HOLLY O MY GOD” Fatima said over the phone, me just smiling, as I was in the hotel of the X factor, sitting on my bed, on Tumblr, as I heard Fatima, making me laugh.

“What’s up babe?” I said smiling very widely looking at a gif of me singing ‘Fix you’ and me crying, and then under there me talking to one of the boys.

“The boys, they called me, and asked if I want to come to one of their concerts here in Nashville, and then hang out with them. O my god I ‘m freaking out”

My heart sort of fell, as I heard that, the jealousy creeping over me, and I took one deep breath.

“That’s so cool” I commented, and she heard it right away.

“What?” She said, and I Took one deep breath.

“I just miss the boys thats all, I was used to going around with them all day, and now suddenly, I’m here in LA, while you’re going to be with them, and I just miss him” I whispered, and she took a deep breath.

“He misses you too, he called me yesterday evening, asking how I was, since you know, he didn’t want to ask you, since you would offcourse say that you were ok.” She said.

“Did he sound ok?” I whispered, and she laughed slightly.

“Yeah. He sounded ok. He misses you though, he misses you loads. Seriously woman, he started talking about how amazing you were, what did you do to him?” She said, and I laughed.

“It’s the other way around, what did he do to me” I whispered, and she laughed as I just smiled seeing a gif of the boys all looking at each other while an interviewer asked ‘So your friend Holly Smith is in the X factor, how does it feel to have one of your close friends, reach so far’.

Harry answering. “it’s amazing, she’s an amazing girl, with great talent. I’m jealous of her sometimes. Since she’s so amazing. But she’s doing great.!”

“But i’ve got to go, have to start packing. O my god, I can’t believe I’m going to hang out with them” I laughed as she then hung up, as I quickly went on Skype, and I pressed X.

I then got a text message from X: Babe, you were amazing. I love youxx”

I smiled very widely as I looked at the text, as Someone then stood next to me.

“Who is ‘x’?” He asked, and I smiled.

“O it’s my boyfriend” I commented.

“Why don’t you just have his name there” He asked, and I looked at him and smiled widely.

“Since, if my phone is stolen, everyone will know who he is, and management doesn’t want that to become public yet” I commented, and he nodded looking at me.

“you nailed it out there by the way” He said, and I smiled very widely looking at him.

“Thanks, you did too” I said, and he smiled and nodded.

“Thanks” He said, and I smiled as he went and sat down next to me, as we then started talking about everything and nothing.

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