The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


3. The other one; Chapter 2


“So. Holly, Are you ready?” Simon said, sitting in his chair at his beautiful house in Spain, I just smiled looking at him, as I took a deep breath.

“I’ve never been more ready!” I commented, and he nodded.

“That’s good. You’ve had to go through a tough time in the past few days, am I right?”

I smiled as I looked at him. “Yeah, the episode of me dating one of the boys just aired so yeah” I commented, trying not to look into the camera while saying this.

THe management of One Direction had gotten together with Simon, and they thought the best idea was, that I was just going to participate, and not tell anyone who I am dating of the boys, and then at the end, if I reach the final, I’ll tell everyone who i’m with. But yeah, that wasn’t that important.

I had gotten loads of hate from the fans for dating one of the boys, and trying to use their fame to get through to x factor, which wasn’t the case at all, they also were speculating who I was with, which is exactly what the management of One Direction wanted, it gave them more publicity, but it really annoyed me, because this meant that I couldn’t go out on dates anymore with my boy. We had gone out on a date just before the episode aired, and just before I left, and it was a great night, even if it really sucked that that would probably be the last date we would’ve had. Even if it was an amazing date. It still wasn’t as great as the closing ceremonies, when I met the boys, and met him.

“THIS WAS SO AMAZING?” My best friend, Fatima, Asked. I looked at her for a second, and then smiled very widely nodding, as we were just walking out of the arena, since the show had just ended, it had been the best day in the whole entire world, and we were both still jumping.

I then let something fall on the floor, and I Took a deep breath as I bend down, but people were stepping on that piece of paper each time, so I couldn’t really hold onto it, without tearing it, and each time they didn’t step on it, I din’t have enough time.

Until someone stood still on it, and then bend down.

I looked up, looking into these beautiful eyes, and I just smiled looking at him, before realizing who that was.

That was Niall freaking Horan from One Direction, and I took a deep breath as I Stood up slightly as I saw that Fatima, out of the corner of my eyes, was freaking out like a total maniac, even on the outside she was trying to stay calm.

“Is this yours?” The amazing Irish accent said. 

Fatima was a huge fan of the boys, it was quite weird actually, and I just liked their music, but wasn’t really interested in it to be completely honest, I mean, they were good. And they were all smoking hot, but they weren’t special.

“Yeah. Thank you. You’re Niall Horan right?” I Said smiling, and he smiled looking at me, blinking slightly.

“Yeah. I am! You a fan?” He asked, and I shook my head, his smile disappearing slightly.

“My best friend is though. I think you guys are good, but I didn’t have the time to fan girl about a band, my mum would kill me” I said, and he laughed looking at me.

“Mothers” He said, and I laughed. If he only knew.

“Niall, this is Fatima, Fatima, Niall” I commented, and Niall just smiled very widely looking at her. Her brown curly hair falling down, while her brown bright eyes were looking widely at Niall.

“Are you from America?” Niall said, and I laughed, as everyone was walking around is.

“That obvious?” I said with a smile, and he nodded.

“Yeah. I’m from Nashville, but Fatima is from Pakistan.”

“Although I’ve lived in the US for the past like ten years” She said, and I nodded smiling very widely looking at her, and then back to Niall.

“So why are you in London?” Niall asked.

“That is a very long story actually” I commented, as Fatima just looked at me.

I had always been confident with boys, while she was always a tad shy around them, but that didn’t matter, she would get loose slowly.

“You wanna tell me, and the boys? We’ve got a Lounge up, and we’re allowed to bring guests. if you want at least. I’m sure the boys would love to meet a beauty like you two” He said, and I smiled looking at him.

I was currently wearing  pair of black short shorts, making my bum come out perfectly, and then a white shirt with the american flag on it, and then a white cardigan.

Fatima was just wearing a pair of jeans and a simple white shirt with a cardigan.

I looked at her for a second, and she just nodded, me smiling very widely.

“Sure” I Said, and he smiled very widely, me smiling as well.

We then walked with Niall up the stairs, and I took a deep breath looking at the reflection of the window real quickly and smiled seeing my red white and blue headband, my blonde hair in a side braid, I then looked down at my feet, seeing my sneakers, and I smiled, happy that I wasn’t wearing heels.

We then went through this door, and I took one deep breath as Fatima held onto my hand for a second, and I looked at her, and smiled as she bit her lip, and I smiled looking back at her, giving her a small wink.

I then let go of her hand, as we walked through more and more doors.

We then arrived at this little lounge, with music, and I took a deep breath as I saw all the boys one by one.

The first boy I saw was Louis.

His beautiful blue/grey eyes just staring at me, white he was wearing the hot outfit he was wearing, and to be completely honest, he looked totally hot, my stomach moving a tad. Him stopping talking with Harry for a second.

The next person I saw was, Harry, who was talking with Louis, and I took a deep breath, as my heart stopped for a second, as I saw the famous Harry freaking Styles standing there looking at me.

His green eyes just checking me out, and I took a deep breath, feeling a tad nervous at his stare, as I then looked away from him quickly, looking at Liam, who was just giving me the biggest smile in the whole entire world, making me really nervous that I wanted to explode. The way a boy could change the whole way you thought, he was talking with Gemma just before, and he had stopped talking just for me, or for Fatima, I didn’t really know.

The last person that I saw was Zayn, who was standing on the other side, and he was currently talking with Anne, Harry’s mother (That’s what Fatima later told me) and he looked away from her, taking a sip of his drink, as he checked me out, biting his lip slightly, as his beautiful brown eyes were glistering, me just smiling looking back at him, before looking at Fatima

Liam was the first person to stand up and introduce himselves.

“Hey beautiful!” He said to Fatima first, and he gave her a hug, and she just laughed. “What’s your name?”

He could obviously see how nervous she was, since she was just smiling very nervously, he also saw that I was less nervous, so that’s probably why he first concentrated on Fatima, before concentrating on me, which I understood.

While he was talking to Fatima, I was just concentrating on his movements.

He looked absolutely beautiful, and the way he was talking, just made me smile so widely, that it should be illegal, the way his lips moved, the way his gaze went to her, and the way he laughed at what she was saying.

“O by the way, this is Holly.” Fatima said after about five minutes, and Liam looked at me and smiled very widely.

“Hello Holly, My name is Liam” He said, and I just looked into his eyes, and smiled as I then wrapped my arm around his neck, and gave him a quick hug, his arm going around my waist making me smile super widely.

Niall had gone to the bar, and was now talking with Louis and Harry who were both staring at me for a second, before looking back at Niall.

The next person to introduce himself was Zayn.

He just smiled looking at me.

“Why did Niall drag you all the way over here?” He said, which made me laugh right away, his voice perfect as it always had been, as he gave me a white wine, which he had gotten from the bar.

“How do you know that I want White Wine?” I commented, and Zayn laughed.

“You didn’t seem like a beer person actually?” He said, and I smiled.

“I love beer actually, but not the beer they have here in London” I said, and he laughed.

“what’s wrong with the british beer?” He said.

“It just doesn’t taste as greatly as the ones in the US.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t judge on that. And I’m surprised you can. You’re only like 20 right?”

“Eighteen” I commented, and he looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Really?” He said, and I nodded.

“My name is Holly by the way” I then said biting my lips lightly as I then took a sip of my drink, him just smiling his beautiful smile back at me.

“O how rude of me, I’m Zayn” He said, and I laughed looking at him.

“I know who you are Zayn” I commented, and he laughed.

“I figured.” He said, and Liam then left, saying he needed to talk with someone, as I then looked at Fatima.

“Zayn, this is Fatima by the way.” I commented, and I then smiled as they started talking while I walked over to Niall.

Harry and Louis just smiling looking at me.

“Hey, My name is Holly” I commented, as I looked at Harry and Louis. Who both put their glasses away at the same time, and decided to both give me a hug, me smiling slightly as I felt Louis’ arm around me, and when Harry’s arm was around me, I smiled once more.

“You’re definitely from america!” Harry then said.

“Nashville” I commented smiling as I bit my lip, Niall smiling looking at me.

“So you’re drinking for your first time now, are you?” Louis said, and I laughed looking at him.

“Not really no” I said winking at him, and he then winked back at me, me just smiling widely.

“Yeah. Well. I hope you nail this song. Which I expect you to do” He said, and I just laughed looking at him, as I Then took one deep breath as the music started.

I started singing the slow (glee) version of Without you, while I thought about the first time I had told  X I loved him.

10  October 2012

“Happy birthday Babe!” X Said, as I was just standing in the line of the supermarket, minding my own business, and my mouth just fell open, as I turned around seeing him standing there with flowers, and a little box.

“X WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I said, and he laughed looking at me, as I then jumped into his strong arms, as I realized the whole supermarket was empty, except for the cashier, but that didn’t matter, she was on the other side, and I just pressed my lips onto his.

“O my god, what are you doing here?” I comment,d and he smiled, as his hands went to my bum, and I looked into those dreamy eyes, getting lost, not even hearing his explanation, my body wanted him, my mind wanted him, and it didn’t matter why he was here.

He was here, with me, on my birthday, when he wasn’t supposed to be here today.

It was around 23:40, so I only had 20 minutes left of my birthday, but that didn’t matter, he was here.

“So yeah.. That’s basically why i’m here?” He said, and I just raised my eyebrows looking at him.

“Yeah. Sorry, Didn’t hear any of it, was just staring at your amazing lips” I whispered, and he laughed as he leaned forward, pressing his lips onto mine.

I would never ever get used to his lips being on mine, even if we had kissed loads of times, but just the idea that his lips were on mine right now, made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Which I was, I was madly and deeply in love with X, and nobody would stop me, ever. And that was the great part.

Nobody could stop me, since nobody knew about us. And nobody would ever know about us, since our secret would stay silent forever.  If I wanted that.

He had promised me that.

But then again, I knew from Fatima, Who didn’t even know this, that the fandom was a killer, that you should watch out for the fandom, since they really knew everything, all the time.

“X?” I whispered as my arms were around his neck, and his arms were around my waist.

“Yeah?” He whispered back, his forehead against mine.

“I had imagined this to be more romantic and everything, but I don’t care. You’ve got to know this” I whispered.

“O what?” He said with a smile, his lips on mine for one more second, a small peck, making me smile.

“I love you” I whispered, and he froze for one second, as he took a deep breath.


“Yeah. I know what I said the first time we met, I know that it goes against all my rules. But I just, after a month, I know it’s a tad quick. And I don’t know if it is actually love, or if I just really like you, but at the moment I think it’s love. And I’m slowly falling in love with you, if you want it or not” I Commented, and he laughed as his arm went up my waist, my craving becoming more.

“It’s ok. It just surprises me, that you are the first one to tell me, that you love me” He whispered. “When I wanted to be the first one to tell you” 

I laughed as I leaned forward kissing him slightly.

“And you’re absolutely right. This is the shittiest time and place to say something like that” He commented, and I just smiled looking at him.

“Lets go home then, make it more romantic” I whispered in his ear, giving him a small kiss just under his ear, and he laughed.

“Sure. Lets go. But go to my house instead, my roommate isn’t home, so we can do whatever we want” 

I laughed looking at him, shaking thinking about his roommate, as I then paid for what I needed to pay, X just walking out without buying anything, and I just bit my lip. Knowing what we were going to do tonight.

When I finished, simon just smiled looking at me.

“That was amazing, THank you”

“Your welcome” I said taking a deep breath, as I walked off of stage, and talked with Dermot for one second.

Before going off into the house, and I took my cellphone.

I then texted

Holly: Nailed it.


A/N Hey fellow directioners! I hope my story is ok, please give me some feedback ;D

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