The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


17. The other one; Chapter 16


I looked at the judges, whipping away my own tears, and they were all doing the same, except for Simon, who had teary eyes, but he was trying to deny it. I knew him.

I looked at L.A, who just took a deep breath, all the three judges knew why I had chosen this song, offcourse they did. Well all four of them did, but they didn’t know of Simon’s plan.

“That was amazing. And a bold choice to just before the show would begin, switch songs. Cause girl, this would’ve been way more powerful then Lightweight, to be honest. Gosh. That was amazing” He said, and I just smiled as I whipped away another tear, as I looked into Zayn’s eyes for a second, and I just gave him a small wink, and he gave me a small wink back.

Britney was next, and she just sat silent looking at me for a second, staring into my eyes, and I knew that she was silently trying to tell me that she was sorry.

“That was an amazing move to switch songs” Was the only thing she said, and I just gave her a polite nod, as I then looked at Demi, who was just smiling looking at me, and I realized that she was also going to do something that would change this whole ordeal.

“I think the whole audience here loves this song, and loves the way you performed it, way better then my own song” She said, looking at the audience, and they all went wild, and I just laughed as the host then came and stood next to me, as Demi then looked at me. “Gosh, I hope my boyfriend listened good to these lyrics. But I guess he will”

I just laughed looking at her, as I looked at Niall, who looked up right away, surprised that Demi would say something like that, knowing she would get into trouble with management because of that, but Demi just smiled looking at me.

“It was a great choice to switch songs, and you sounded beautiful!” 

I smiled looking at her, as everyone then looked at Simon, who was just looking down on his paper, and I took one deep breath as I bit my lip looking at him, and he then looked up.

“Great job Holly.” He just said giving me a nod, and I took a deep breath giving him a nod back, as I then looked back at the boys, and I saw that the boys were all gone, and I realized that they were probably getting into huge trouble at the moment, and that they were trying (With they, I meant management) to think of a plan to somehow cover this up.

I looked into the camera, as the host started giving my vote numbers, and I then walked off of stage, and the first thing I felt was two warm arms around me, and I couldn’t help but smile, as I knew that this was Peter.

“That was amazing. It really was” He whispered in my ear, as he then gave me a small peck on the cheek, and I just smiled very widely looking at him, and nodded.

“Holly, you’re awaited in the changing rooms” Someone from X factor said, and I looked at her for a second, and gave her a polite nod, as I then looked at the rest of the acts, who all didn’t look so happy. And I realized that I had screwed up the whole plan of me ‘screwing it up’. Cause I knew that I  would win now.

But that didn’t matter at all at the moment, I had just bitten management back.

I walked over towards my changing room, getting loads of hugs that I had nailed the song, and I couldn’t help but smile widely, as I walked into the changing room, and all the boys were just sitting on the couch looking at me as if I should quickly whipe away that smile off of my face, and I took one deep breath as I walked in, and I closed the door, knowing that they would want that, and suddenly I wasn’t so sure of myself any more.

I then turned around and smiled looking at them, as one guy of management then passed me, and they locked the door, and I took one deep breath as I went and sat down on the couch, well sit down, I went and sat on Zayn’s lap, who just held on tightly to me, and I couldn’t help but bite my lip, as I felt something transforming down there, but I couldn’t help but laugh either as I thought of the memories of this couch.

I then looked at Louis and Harry for a second, and they were both frowning while looking down, both almost in tears.

“You really messed up Holly” Was the only thing management could say, and I looked up at them, and gave them a polite smile.

“Sorry, in which way did I mess up. I think i’ve got a chance to win now?” I said, as Zayn held on tighter to me, as if to show that I would always be his, and I couldn’t help but smile as he gave me a small kiss on the cheek, as I then started taking off my shoes.

“You know what we’re talking about” They said, and I looked at them for a second.

“Not really no. I just wanted to sing this song, instead of signing Lightweight, since I knew that this would score more points, and that my voice would be better for this. I didn’t do this for any other reason. But I was wondering, what was that whole thing with Harry and I?” I said, and I saw that Harry and Louis both tried not to smile, since they knew that I would just play stupid, and pretend that I didn’t know the plans of the ‘Bearding’ act thing.

When my shoes were off, I looked back up at them, and they were just looking back at me.

“We’ll wait until simon is here” Management said, and I looked at them with raised eyebrows.

“Not to be weird or anything. But I just really want to know, why Zayn wasn’t there performing with me. SInce He IS the one that I’m dating.” I commented, and they all looked at me, and gave me a slight nod, as they then just went and sat down on the opposite couch, and I realized they were seriously going to wait for simon, and I just rolled my eyes.

I then looked at Niall, who was just staring at me, and I stared back at him, and bit my lip trying not to smile, and he was doing the same.

“That performance was beautiful Holly” Liam then said, and I looked away from Niall, and I looked at Liam and gave him a smile.

“Thanks. I liked it a lot too” I said, and I then looked at Harry and louis who were both still looking down, and I didn’t know why. What was going on? What had I missed.

I then looked behind me at Zayn who was also staring down, his head on my shoulder but it was almost as if he had closed his eyes, and I was just really confused, as I then looked at Niall, who stared back at me, and he gave me a polite smile as he then with his eyes shot up to management and then to Larry, and then put his finger from his one side to his neck to the other, trying to hide it with a  cough.

And I realized what I had done.

I looked at Niall with wide eyes, as he stared back at me, and I looked at Louis and Harry, who were both trying to hide away the tears.

I had taken the chance of them ever coming out, away from them, by performing one song.

I closed my eyes as I then looked confused at Zayn, and then back at Niall, trying to ask for an explanation, and he then with his eyes darted to Management, then to Zayn and me, and then did the same hand gesture, and I looked at him for one second and gave him a polite nod, as I then just took Zayn’s hand, and started tracing it with my long fingers.

I tried to not burst out into tears, as the awkward silence was just killing me, it was just killing me, and it made my mind go into crazy thinking mode.

I knew Simon would come here, and show his displeasure in a way that frightened the boys. 

Zayn had once told me.

“Why are you so afraid of Management?”  I asked, as I was sitting on my bed, looking at my laptop, I was on Skype, it was the evening after I had performed ‘Oops I did it again’. I was alone, since Peter was out with his girlfriend. 

They were allowed to go out.

I saw Zayn shift a tad, as he put his earplugs in, and he looked at me again.

“What did you say, sorry?” He asked, and I looked at him for a second, and took one deep breath as I pulled the covers above me, since it was quite cold, and I looked at his beautiful scientifically proven face, and then smiled slightly as he looked at me, directly into the camera, knowing I couldn’t resist that.

“Why are you so afraid of management?” I whispered and he just looked at me and gave me a small smile, as he looked sideways, as if he was afraid that they would hear it, and he then looked back at me, and he started typing, and I realized that he couldn’t say something like that out loud.

He then pressed enter and I read the nine words.

“We’re not afraid of them. We’re afraid of Simon”

I looked at him for  a second confused, as I then looked into the camera, knowing he couldn’t resist.

“Why are you afraid of simon?” I asked, and he looked at me again and I just bit my lip slightly seeing those brown beautiful eyes looking through the camera right into my soul, as I heard him typing.

“He has complete power of us. He has the power to replace one of the boys, in a heart beat, since there are thousands of guys that are better then some of the band members. Or at least that’s what he says, and he always looks at Louis when he says that. Which only makes Harry angry. He’ll threaten to drop Louis out of the band, if we don’t listen to him.”

I looked at him for a second, my mouth dropping.

“Uncle simon?” I said shocked, and Zayn laughed the most beautiful laugh in the whole entire world.

As he then typed six single words.

“He will do anything for money”

I looked at him for a second, as my mouth just dropped, as I thought of those words.

“NO” I then yelled, out of the blue, and everyone looked up, from their cellphones, or from the floor, or from my face (Zayn, Niall and Liam), and I took deep breaths as I looked right into Louis’ eyes, and he stared right back into mine, and he seemed to see that I understood what my action had done.

“But. It’s me” I whispered looking at him, and he just took a deep breath as tears started to well up in his eyes, and he just shrugged slightly as he looked at me.

He then stared back down at the floor, and I then looked into Harry’s eyes, and he just stared back into mine.

I didn’t know what that glance was, did he understand that I didn’t think of the consequences, did he understand how sorry I was.

He just looked back down, and I took a deep breath, as there was then a knock on the door, and management stood up right away, and I just closed my eyes.

Was Lou’s carreer over, just because I was stupid enough to just follow the rules?


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