The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


16. The other one; Chapter 15


I felt arms around me, trying to protect me from harm, and I knew who’s arms that were, I knew them out of thousands, and I just closed my eyes, and shook my head, as I felt his kisses against my cheek, as I tried to calm down.

I knew what managements plan was, I wasn’t stupid.

“Louis?” I asked, the morning after Harry had woken me up in the middle of the night. Louis had been staring straight ahead, while throwing up a little stress ball, and catching it, as if he was deep in thought.

The rest of the boys were doing interviews, but Louis didn’t feel like doing anything actually, he said that he was sick, and he was a tad, he wasn’t himself anymore, and I looked at him, as he then looked away from the window, and stared right into my eyes, into my soul.

“Holly?” He asked, and the way he said it, just pained me in the heart, it really did, as I looked at him.

“Why does management have such control over you, why can’t you guys just stop?” I Whispered, and he looked at me for a second, as he realeased all the stress he once had on his shoulders, as if he had wondered the same exact thing, and he hoped that someone would ask him that, just so that he could answer it, and make it clear for himself.

“Because, the moment you step into the whole X factor ordeal, and you win, you’re theirs.” He whispered looking at me, into my eyes. “We didn’t win, but we did get a contract, with Modest Management, who still covers all the X factor acts that come out of it. And if they have control over you, the only thing you can do is watch. Especially if you win, then you’re basically screwed.”

I opened my eyes, as I sat up, knocking away Zayn, who had just previously tried to comfort me, and I took one deep breath as I looked at management, and they were just smiling at me again.

As if they knew, that their plan would be amazing.

But they didn’t know what I knew.

Ok, I was a hundred per cent sure of my win, if I would nail the next song ‘Light Weight’. If I would nail it like during my audition, I would win, and they had complete control over me.

But they didn’t realize my evil plan.

“I’ll be right back” I whispered, knowing that they would all go absolutely insane, that I would just leave, without them discussing this with me first.

It was break, and the first person that walked over to me was the person I wanted to speak to.

“Demi” I whispered as I took her arm, and dragged her into her own changing room, and she just looked at me.

“What happened?” She asked me, and I just locked the door behind us, as I looked at her for a second.

“they’re going to make me cover up for Larry Stylinson” I commented, and she looked at me with wide eyes.

“What?” She said.

“Unless I fuck with them, unless I loose” I said looking at her, and she looked at me slightly confused.

“If I now, just screw up Lightweight, by missing a note. Peter will win, and I Won’t sign any contract, for modest management, and tomorrow, I’ll go out with Zayn, and everything will be all right” I commented, and she looked at me for a second, and she shook her head.

“You shouldn’t do that” She commented, and I looked at her, with raised eyebrows.

“Why not?” I commented, and she took one deep breath.

“You deserve to win-“

“But I don’t want to win. I don’t want this at all. I want to be free, I’m done with this whole Act that I’ve been playing. I don’t know why I auditioned for X factor either, it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I should’ve just kept it a secret”

“Then why did you audition?” 

“Because the boys told me that I should do it, due to the fact that it would be amazing for my carreer if I won” I said looking at her, and she took one deep breath looking at me.

“Is it really worth it?” She whispered.

“Demi, they are making Niall date every girl possible, for him to look as if he is interested in other people. They are trying to keep the two of you a secret. You should know what kind of control I have on them?”

“But. Is it really worth it, can’t you think of a better reason to screw with them. Cause to be honest I’ve got the better idea” I looked at her for a second, and she stared back at me.

“What is your plan then?” I asked, and she just gave me a small smile, as she then told me, and I looked at her for a second, and I then gave her the biggest smile ever.




“hey are you ok?” Zayn asked me, and I looked at him for a second, and took one deep breath, as I had just changed into a red dress, that was short, and very showing, very sexy too. I had on bright red on my lips, and my hair was all curly, and looking as beautiful as ever. I also had red pumps on, and I looked at him for a second, and closed my eyes, as I wrapped my arms around him, and he just held on tight to me.

“I’m sorry” I whispered, as I knew he would be confused. “For slapping you, that was unnecessary” 

He just held on tight to me, as we stood  there for at least a minute or two.

“I’m sorry, that you’re going to have to go through with this, the results just came in, the halfway results, and I heard management talking about you having at least 60 per cent, and that PEter had thirty, and then the other ten were divided over the other two acts” 

“Yeah, and after I have to sing Light weight, I’ll probably get at least ten more per cent” I commented, as I then let go, and he looked into my eyes confused, as if he knew that something was going on.

He just knew me like that.

“Just go and sit in the audience with the boys”

“We were already going to do that, they were going to do close ups of Harry while you sing light weight”

I looked at him, and gave him a nod.

“I hope you enjoy the show. I’ve got to go” I said, as I then looked into those brown eyes, and he stared back at me, and he leaned forward as he pressed a small kiss on my lips, and I just smiled as I felt his lips against mine, as my heart was slowly breaking into pieces.

Realizing that I would never be able to do what we had discussed last night.

“The first thing I’m going to do on sunday morning, is walk out of the hotel with you, and just make out with you fully on the streets. Everyone will know how proud I am of you, and everyone will know that I want you to be mine. That you are mine” He whispered in the cellhpone, and I laughed as I looked at Peter who was just smiling looking at me, as he was just doing a quick #askpeter on twitter.

“Yeah. I can’t wait to do that either” I whispered, and he laughed as I took one deep breath looking at peter again, as I then looked on my Ipad seeing a picture of the boys, and then me, from the catching fire premier, me standing in between Harry and Zayn, and if you looked closely you saw that Zayn’s hand wasn’t on the other side of my body, and to be honest, it was on my bum, and I couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you doing at the moment?” He asked.

“Missing you” I whispered, and Peter just smiled looking at me, as I then looked at my Ipad, and checked twitter, and saw that he had just tweeted answering someones question.

“She’s currently talking with her boy, about what they were going to do after they announced who she’s with” 

I smiled as I looked at the mirror in front of me.

“Only about 20 more hours, till we can do the dirty on the couch in your changing room” He said back, and I smiled very widely as I thought about it.

“Yeah. that’s a good idea But I love the whole outside make out session thing” I whispered.

“Me too” He said, and I smiled very widely looking at Peter, who smiled back at me.

“We’ll manage” He whispered as he realized what I was thinking, and I stared back at him.

“I’m scared Zayn” I said, and he looked at me for a second.

“We’ll get through this babe. We will get through this, I’ll be watching you sing Light weight, and I’m super proud of you any how. Even if you sometimes are going to have to love it up with HArry. I’m super proud of you, and you’re the most important person in my heart. I love you. It’s going to be ok”

I looked at him, and I nodded as I then heard me being announced, and he looked at me, as he gave me a quick kiss on the lips again, and I smiled as I then went on stage, and I went and sat on the Piano, and I saw the confusement on Simon’s face, and I then looked behind him, and I saw the five boys sitting next to him all looking at me confused as well. 

I took a deep breath as I looked at the screen.

“My experience here on the X factor has been amazing” You saw me saying, as you then saw me dancing with Peter “I’ve met my best friend Peter there as well, which has been a blast”

You then saw me and Peter in our hotel room, throwing things at each other while laughing.

“I think he is my biggest competition, because he just has a really strong voice, that is versatile, which is something I don’t have.” You saw me saying as Peter was just making funny faces in the background.

You then saw me and Simon sitting in his room.

“So, are you ready for the finals Holly?” Simon said.

“Yeah I am. I”m rather nervous though. Am I going to be singing Light weight or not?” 

“Yeah. I think that’s the best idea, loads of people want to see you sing it live” 

You then saw me nodding, and you saw me practicing, and me just smiling.

“I hope that everyone is happy with what I’m doing”

You then saw the chair thing, and a huge smile on my face.

I took a deep breath, as I looked into the audience, as everyone was deadly silent, and I looked to my right and I saw that on the screen I was just shown, and there were already tears in my eyes, as I then looked into Simon’s eyes now, who looked confused at me.

The person on the piano then started playing the beginning of the song, and I looked at the audience, everyone looking confused at their neighbor.

I smiled silently as I then looked into Harry’s eyes, and he stared back at me, and I gave him one small wink, and he seemed to understand what I was doing, and he gave me a small wink as well. As I then started singing.

You’ve got the words to change a nation, but you’re biting your tongue ,you’ve spend a lifetime stuck in silence, afraid that you’ll say something wrong. If no one ever hears it, how we gonna learn our  song. come on” 

I saw that simon was so mad right now, the anger shown in his eyes, and for one second it reminded me of my father, but I didn’t care that much at the moment. I was in my own happy bubble, proud of what I was doing. I then looked at Demi, who was smiling at me, and I knew she was in my team.

That if Simon would be stupid enough to tell me wrong, that she would say that this was the best performance i’ve ever sang, which was the case, since I was truly in my element, and I actually could feel the words in my brain, and I understood them, and the power was just amazing.

Britney and L.A were both just smiling slightly too, as they were happy with me singing this song, and they were proud of me choosing to fight against the Managemnet of One direction.

I then looked at the boys.

Niall and Liam both just had their mouths wide open, tears in their eyes, since they had not experienced me  singing this live, only on tv, and this was way  more powerful, and second of all, they were surprised that I wasn’t singing Lightweight, but that I was singing the Larry anthem.

I then saw Zayn, who was just looking at me with a small smile, proud of me singing this, and also shocked at how powerful this sounded live. But he was also slightly surprised due to the fact that I had the balls to do this.

I then saw Lou’s face, and he was just one and only tears, it was amazing to see, and I knew that if that would come on tv, that the whole Larry fandom would know what was going on, and what I was rebelling against.

But the face, that they were now showing on screen, while I was singing the chorus, was Harry’s.

He just had the biggest smile ever on his face, and there were tears streaming down his face as well, he was probably not only proud, but he was also happy that I was doing this, and that I had the balls to do this.

If they only knew my plan for later on in this song.

“At night we’re waking the neighbors, while we sing away the blues. Making sure that we’re remembered, cause you all matter too” this was the first part of the changing the lyrics, and I took one deep breath as I then opened my eyes, and I looked directly into Zayn’s eyes, but they would probably use this as me staring into Harry’s eyes.

“If the truth has been forbidden, then i’m breaking all the rules” I sang, and Harry then had the biggest smile ever on his face, and I looked at his hand for a second, and I saw that it was on Lou’s leg, and I knew that if they would get a shot from far, that they would definitely get some rumors circulating, but I didn’t care at the moment.

Lets get the tv and the radio to play this tune again” I sang as I smiled lookingat the whole audience, who were all in tears because I was just singing this powerful. “It’s about time we had airplay of OUR version of events” Putting extra power into the ‘our’ part of the whole story.

“there’s no need to be afraid, I will sing with you my friend. So come on come on, come on come on” 

I then hopped off of the piano, the spotlight still following me, as I slowly while singing the chorus, walking with my huge red pumps, as I knew that they would definitely use this part, due to the fact that I was going to Harry in just a short moment.

But while I passed Simon, as I sang “They can read all about it, read all about it”

I then walked off of the platform, and I walked over towards the boys, Zayn expecting me to walk over to him, so he quickly whipped away his tears, and got ready, but I just shook my head, as I then walked over to Harry who was sitting next to him, and I smiled.

I then took his hand, the one that wasn’t holding onto Louis, and I smiled looking at him him smiling back looking at me.

“Yes we’re all wonderful wonderful people. So when did we all get so fretful, now we’re going to have to find our voices, so take a chance, and come help me sing this” I sang while looking into his eyes, as I then looked at Louis, and I smiled as he smiled back looking at me, as tears were all over his face, and I took one deep breath as I then whipped away the tears from his cheeks, as I sang it again.

The drums then came in, just like Emeli Sande had once done, and I think took one deep breath  as I passed Zayn, giving him a small wink, him smiling back looking at me, as I walked back on stage, knowing that some of the Larry shippers knew what was up.

I then sang the rest of the chorus while passing Simon, who had the fakest of fakest smile on his faces, which I couldn’t help but laugh at.

I then took one deep breath as the drums disappeared, and it was just the piano, and I stood in the middle of the stage.

You wanna sing, you wanna shout, you wanna scream till the words dry out. So put it in all of th epapers, you’re not afraid, they can read all about it, read all about it”

Then the audience was silent for at least three seconds, which was kind of awkward, but gave me time to whipe away the tears from my eyes, as everyone then stood up, and started clapping, as if to say it was brave of me to change what simon wanted, and then serenade to Harry, as if I loved him, and was happy that everyone could read all about us, but I knew that the fandom would know what was actually going on.

They all knew that I was not in love with Harry.

And that I was deeply and madly in love with someone else.

And that Larry was real.

But then again, I wasn’t sure of that, I just hoped that the fans were as smart as they played out to be.


A/N I won't be updating 'The other one' for a while, I'll be focusing on 'Irish diddy' from now on! Xx Sam 

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