The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


15. The other one; Chapter 14

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“What happened?” Was the first thing I asked Harry, as I realized that for once there were no camera’s there, which they would play out as ‘They needed some privacy’. I took one deep breath, as Harry looked at me.

“They just, took Zayn, telling him, that his hair needed some readjustment for like two seconds, but then he didn’t come back, and Paul then suddenly gave me every little piece I needed to sing, and I was so confused” Harry commented, as we were walking from the backstage to the greenroom very slowly. “And he told me that I needed to be convincing, that this was the only girl I had a connection with, and that I needed to start singing, I wanted to stop, but he just pushed me there, and told me that I needed to get ready. I wanted to not sing at first, but He then told me, that if that doesn’t happen, that management would make sure that  Lou and I would never be able to come out ever, and i’m sorry. I’m so sorry”

I looked at him taking one deep breath, as he stared back into my eyes.

“Did Zayn actually love me?” I whispered, and he looked at me, with fright in his eyes, as if he had not expected this question.

“off course he did, what makes you think differently?”  He asked me, and I looked at him for one second, as I then shook my head, tears streaming down my face, as we then passed the green room.

Everyone who had seen me and Zayn walk away earlier, coming back with the ‘We just had sex faces’, and us holding hands, and kissing, and being all lovey dovey, were all looking rather confused at me and Harry. As if I had made fun of their not knowing situation, that I had cheated on Harry, with flirting with Zayn like that, and they didn’t like it at all.

Peter was the first one to walk up to me, and I took one deep breath.

“What the hell is going on?” He asked, trying to get eye contact, but I just looked away from him, looking around.

“I don’t know? Where are the boys?” I said, as tears streamed down my face, as I felt Harry taking my hand, and I realized that he still had to live up to the act, since there were actual camera’s now interviewing and showing how the greenroom is, for the backstage live report online, since after one more performance, there would be a break.

“I don’t know. I think In the changing rooms. But what’s going on, I thought you were with Zayn?” Peter asked, and I looked into his eyes, and took one deep breath.

“I’ll be right back, lets go harry” I said as I then dragged harry away, leaving Peter confused as ever, but most of all, leaving myself confused as well.

“What are you going to do?” Harry asked me, and I took one deep breath as I let go of his hand, as I heard loads of loud voices from my changing room, and I looked at Harry for one second.

“I’m sorry for what i’m going to do in advance” I said and he looked at me confused, as I then walked in, and for one second I took in what the situation was.

Louis was sitting on the couch, crying his eyes out, as Niall was trying to comfort him, which I understood completely. Louis was rather Jealous about everything, especially when it was about Harry. And well, it didn’t help the fact, that one of the hottest woman now had to pretend to be with Harry. And Harry wasn’t gay, he was bisexual, and that hurt Louis loads.

I then looked away from the couch, and saw that Liam and Zayn were both yelling at the management just seconds before I came walking in, and they were now both looking at me, and I just looked at Management, as they were looking at me with a small smile, as If I liked what they had done, that I had liked the whole situation I was in now.

But after one second of staring, I just walked up to Zayn and I wasn’t thinking straightly, and I just slapped his face, as his surprised face just milliseconds before my hand reached his face was it for me. He wasn’t in on the plan, but it had already been too late, and I wasn’t thinking straightly.

“You complete DICK. Why weren’t you out there with me?” I said, and I then felt two arms holding me back, and I knew that it was Liam, and I tried to wrestle my way out of his arms, as Management was just looking at me surprised, probably not expecting this side of me, which I understood completely.

I looked at Liam.

“LET ME GO” I yelled at him, and Liam just shook his head, and I was hopeless, I would never be able to get out of the strong hands of Liam. I mean come on. It was Liam Payne for god sake.

Zayn just hand his hand on the side of his face, and there was surprisement in his eyes, but his eyes also showed pain, and I then looked at Louis and Niall, who both looked genuinely surprised at my outburst of anger, and Harry had now taken the place of Niall, with the comforting Louis thing, and Niall was now at Zayn’s feet, trying to help him, But Zayn slapped him away.

“What the hell is wrong with you guys. How can you think you can work with people’s emotions like that?” I yelled at management. “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO GO THROUGH WITH THIS RIDICULAS PLAN”

They all just looked at me, and they gave me a small smile, as if they already had a plan to that, and I just closed my eyes for a second, as my eyes then met Zayn’s eyes, and he just looked at me rather surprised, and I realized what I had just done.

Something, I had never ever wanted to do, someone I had never ever wanted to become.

And while I heard Kelly Clarkson singing her new single, I just thought about the last time I had seen someone looking at me like that.

Seven years ago.

Stop screaming. I begged.

I sat against the wall, my knees up, my hands to my ears, as I closed my eyes, singing softly as I hoped that one day this would all end.

I didn’t want to hear my mother screaming. This wasn’t what I had planned.

It was all my fault. I had told my mother what daddy had done to me, and she had gone absolutely insane, and she was now getting the full load.

I knew that I would be getting the full load later on, I knew I wouldn’t be safe of his beating. I also knew that everything he had done to me, that that wasn’t normal.

I then heard someone walking up the stairs, and I just crept into a little hole, trying to think of something bright, and my mouth opened, and I softly sang, sang prayers, hoped that it would all be ok one day. That one day, every thing would be ok, that I would find a guy who loved me with all his heart, that wouldn’t beat me up, just because I accidentally burned the beef. A guy who wouldn’t sexually harass my daughter or son. 

Someone who respects me.

The door flew open, and there he was standing.

Grey hair, all over the place.

Brown eyes, looking at me with a look that scared me.

He wasn’t angry.

No that was an understatement.

His body language also showed what was going on, he was angry, and he had just beat up my mother, and she was probably laying somewhere on the floor, and tears started to stream down my face.

“You little piece of shit, thinking you’re all that don’t you” He said, as he took his belt.

“No daddy, please don’t” I begged, and he just laughed. He laughed at me, as he then hit me, and the scream escaped my mouth, as I forgot that I had to be quiet.

I wasn’t allowed to scream, that would only make daddy angrier.

He then hit me again and again, until he stopped.

I didn’t know why he stopped though, but something made him stop, and I had my eyes closed, and I felt myself fall from the position I had just stood, and I felt myself lay on the floor, as I heard sirens, and I pulled up my knees, as tears started to erupt from my eyes, as I wrapped my painful arms around my knees, and I just rocked back and forth on the floor, as I hoped that everything would be ok.

I opened my eyes for one second, and I saw that my mother was laying down next to me now, and that she had a painful look in her eyes, as if she was sorry, but that she was trying her best.

She was trying her very best, to help me.

But she was helpless against that man.

I then closed my eyes again,.

My eyes opened and I looked back into Zayn’s eyes.

A hopeless, Sorry Zayn. Who was trying his best, to help me. But he was helpless against management, and I had just hurt him, and I then felt myself fall down on the floor, and I wrapped my arms around my knees, as tears started to erupt my eyes, as I knew everyone would now think I was crazy, nobody would understand where this was coming from.

Except for Zayn.

He knew that that was the only way I thought I could protect myself.

But I couldn’t protect myself.

Not from the cruelty that management has decided to play with.

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