The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


14. The other one; Chapter 13


There were tears in your eyes” He sang, and I took one deep breath, as there were indeed tears in my eyes, I mean, why was Harry standing there. And Not Zayn? 

Why the hell was he not standing right before me, with his beautiful, perfect smile. Why did Harry have to stand here, and give me the fakest smile in the whole entire world. 

Why couldn’t I look into those perfect Brown eyes, and see the smile that lit up my whole entire world.

Why wasn’t he here with me now?

I then turned my head around, to look at Simon right away, who just looked at me, seeing how I would respond, and he only mouthed one thing, knowing this wouldn’t come on tv.

“Play along”

I just looked at him, as I took one deep breath.

I then looked at L.A, Britney but at last at Demi.

Demi, who was just as surprised as I was.

All the judges were surprised, except for Simon, who offcourse already knew that Harry would be the one who would be performing, off course.

I just closed my eyes for a second, as tears streamed down my face, as I then smiled, pretending the tears to be of happiness, as I then felt Harry taking my hand, it just not feeling right, as I looked at our hands, and I then looked into his eyes, as I sang with him, while staring into each others eyes.

“The world is ours, if we want it. we can tke it. If you just take my hand” We then sang at the same time, and I just looked into those eyes as tears started to well up in his eyes too, and it was as if he was trying to tell me something, trying to tell me to remember something.

“THer’es no turning back now” He sang, and he then smiled looking at me, but again I saw that it was fake, and I took one deep breath, as I gave him a small smile back as I then stared down, trying to remember why on earth Harry would want me to remember something.

I then looked back into his eyes, remembering that one time the two of us were in the bus.

I suddenly understood what he meant with.

‘No turning back now’

“Holly?” Harry’s angelistic voice said, and I heard by the way he said my voice, that he had been crying, and I took one deep breath as I looked beside me for one second, smiling widely as I saw who was laying down next to me, who had his arm around me.

Zayn Malik.

His arm around my body, his head been snuggled up against my neck, having given me kisses on yesterday, and probably fell asleep, his lips still against my neck, and his hair was all over the place, his eyes closed, but I could imagine the brown beauties staring at me, and the biggest smile ever appeared on my face.

“Yeah?” I whispered, as I opened up the curtain, and I was staring right at Harry’s crotch, he was only wearing underwear.

“I need to talk to you” He whispered, and I took one deep breath as I looked up at his eyes, and he was staring at me for a second, giving me an encouraging nod, as I Then stood up, picking up Zayn’s amazing tattoo’d arm first, then putting it down on the bed, him suddenly turning around, and I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at him, as I then walked with him towards the ‘living room’, as I closed the door of the sleeping beds behind us, and he went and sat down, and he suddenly burst out into tears.

I closed my eyes for a second, trying not to think of the time where my mother was sitting like that, as I then opened my eyes again, seeing Harry sitting there, and I went and sat down next to him, wrapping my arms around him, as he just cried out in my arms, me padding his back , not wanting to know what was going on yet, but I didn’t mind, he needed my comfort so I would give him my comfort.

I gave him the needed kisses on the hair every now and then, and he, after about ten minutes, eventually calmed down.

“It’s just Management” He whispered, as he whipped away his tears as he looked at me, as I had put my legs over his legs, like a cross, and he just put his one arm on my legs, as he played with the bottom of my pants (well they were Zayn’s loose underwear, but that didn’t matter). And I looked at him.

“What about them?”

“They don’t think Louis and Eleanor are convincing enough” He whispered, and I took one deep breath as I nodded. “And, to be honest, I agree with them. ELeanor and Louis have about as much chemistry as A potato bag. But they at least try, and the fans just don’t buy it anymore, and they’re thinking of splitting the two up, but the problem is, if Louis gets a fake girlfriend after that again, then it won’t  be convincing at all, since he was her ‘long term’ girlfriend and everything, and he’s the one that needs the cover up the most, since he’s sort of more camp then I am. But they then decided that if I got a girlfriend, and then about a month after the Elounor ‘drama’, they would find a girl Louis could get along with. But we don’t want that”

He then burst out into tears again. “I don’t want to pretend that I have a girlfriend, I want everyone to know that I’m with Louis. I want the whole world to know how much I love him, how much I love his little smile every time he talks about me, the way his eyes shine when he thinks of memories we once had. I love him, and I don’t love any other person the way I love him, and I don’t want to pretend Holly. I just want to be free”

I took deep breaths, as I tried to comfort him even more, but I really didn’t know what to say, I understood what he meant though, I hated the fact that Zayn had to pretend to be a lady killer, just so that the fans wouldn’t suspect him having a girlfriend.

And now he had to pretend.

“But, why don’t you tell management-“

“We did, we told them for months, but they won’t listen to us. They don’t like the way we are. They don’t accept us for the way we are Holly. And I’m sick of it. I need Louis around me, I want people to know that Louis is the only one for me, but nobody is allowed to know. We’re trying to let by hints, but they keep using Lou’s twitter to deny any rumors. IT’s so hard. I love him so much Holly” He said, and I looked at him and I nodded.

“I understand babe. It’s going to be all right. If you just show that with every girl they propose, your connection is crap, they can’t put you two together.” I whispered looking at him, as he then stared back at me.

“That’s a great idea” He whispered, and I smiled looking at him, and I gave him a small nod.

“Why don’t we go back to bed now, I bet Lou is really missing you at the moment” I said, and he laughed looking at me.

“I’m happy that you and Zayn are happy, you two both deserve it.”

I smiled looking at him.

“He makes me super happy, so that’s great.” I said and I stood up, him standing up after me, as I then quickly tweeted.

“Love evening chats with H.. I love him so much <3” 

I realized, now thinking back on it, that it might not have been the best tweet to tweet.

But I then also realized, that my own plan had been used against me, he had to show that he had no connection with the girl that would have to beard for him, but the problem was.

He had an amazing connection with me, and there was enough proof to show that me and Harry were together. 

First of all, all the jokingly tweets about me loving him.

Second of all, we were performing a love song to each other, on national TV, when just before, there was a video announcing that I was going to perform with my boyfriend.

The proof was all there, And management used it.

They were smarter then I expected.

Using something as publicized as this, to promote that Larry is not real, and it just hurt me, that they would use me.

I took one deep breath as I looked at Harry, who stared back at me, seeing that I now understood what he meant with ‘think”.

He just gave me an encouraging smile, and I just closed my eyes, as I put my head down for a second, another tear rolling down my cheek.

I then stared back up, and I looked into Harry’s green eyes, they were beautiful I won’t deny it. But I wanted to sing this song with my boyfriend.

This was our song, but the only thing that was going to be ours.

Was nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

The song then ended, and I looked at all the reactions.

Everyone was going absolutely insane, all happy that their couple had been reality, or they were just happy to see me ‘happy’. If they only knew.

I then looked at the judges, and they were all just looking at me with open mouth, and I took one deep breath closing my eyes, as I understood their shock.

THey all knew that I was in love with Zayn Malik, not with Harry Styles.

They all knew it, but apparently they didn’t know the mean plan of Simon Cowell.

They didn’t know what he was up to.

But then again. Nobody would understand.

Harry took one deep breath as he squeezed my hand slightly, as if to warn me, and I then felt his lips against my cheeks, and I just smiled slightly. 

Not because I was happy, or I particulary enjoyed the touch.

The gesture just made it kind of sweet, as if he was already rebelling against the idea of management.

“I’ll be waiting for you on the left” He then whispered in my ear, and I just looked sideways at him, and he stared back into my eyes, and I then gave him a small nod, as he then took one deep breath as he was regretting his decision right away, as he then leaned forward, and I took one deep breath as his lips were against mine, and I just closed my eyes for a second, as he then let go of my lips and looked at me, giving me an apologetic glance, but I just gave him a polite nod as he then walked away, me just standing there, afraid.

Simon was just staring at me, with the biggest smile in the whole entire world, and It frightened me, and I then looked at Demi, who apparently got the memo from Simon now, and she just smiled as well, but the smile didn’t’ reach her eyes, and she also saw that my smile didn’t really reach my eyes as well.

Britney and L.A apparently got the memo too, since their mouth wasn’t open wide anymore, instead they just had no emotion in their eyes at all.

L.A was the first one to talk, but it took quite a while, with the whole cheering of the audience, and if it had been Zayn I would’ve laughed nervously as I bit my lip my finger going over to the place where he had kissed me, but right now I was just standing there, my legs crossed not sure of what to do, as I was holding onto my wrist and trying not to burst out into tears.

“That was an amazing performance Holly” Was the only thing L.A could say, which I understood, it wasn’t everyday, that the biggest announcement ever would be made, and that it would be a lie.

I then looked at Britney, who just gave me an apologetic smile.

“That was really good, you two really harmonized greatly, and you could see that you two really get on well”

“Off course they get on well, they’ve been together for longer then a year” Simon then said, and I just gave him a small smile, as I bit my lip, trying not to burst out into tears, as the lies just got bigger and bigger, and I looked at Demi, who saw the pain I was going through, and she knew how it felt, to have to cover up for something. She had to once, for publicity, date Joe Jonas, without her knowing it, and now I was going through the same exact thing, and I had just found out, and to make it even more horrible, it was on national television.

I closed my eyes for a second, as tears streamed down my face.

“Are you ok?”  The presenter then said, and I nodded.

“Just tears of nerves, and happiness” I said taking a deep breath, trying to think clearly, as Demi just looked at me, but she just shook her head.

“I’m just speechless sorry” Demi said, as she looked at Simon, who took a deep breath.

“I’m so happy that you two are finally out now, and I hope that everyone in the world is happy to know who Holly Smith is finally dating”

I just gave him a polite smile, as I then had to wait for the voting numbers, as I then walked to my left, having to actually walk to the right, but I didn’t care.

The only thought that went through my mind was.

Was it all real, from the beginning?

Did Zayn actually love me?


A/N The next chapter will be up later ;D x s

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