The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


2. The other one; Chapter 1


“They’re ready for you” I heard the voice say, as I was just staring down at the floor looking at a small dot that was on the floor.

I looked up as I heard the voice, and I felt different slaps on my back, wishing me good luck. The nerves all through my body. 

Everyone, offcourse, was nervous for an audition, if you weren’t then you would be cocky and everything. But there was an extra amount of pressure on me. 

I knew Them. 

I dated one of them.

The outside world didn’t know, but the judges off course knew.

Offcourse they knew.

I then looked up, from that dot, to the person who had said that, and I just gave that man a small smile.

I looked to my left, and smiled as I saw two boys standing there.

The first one, was a very handsome (offcourse, they all were) Irish lad, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the biggest smile on his face, him being so proud of me.

The one next to him, was a guy with blue/greyish eyes and brown hair, looking amazingly hot, that it should be illegal.

I then looked to my right, and saw the other three boys standing there, all smiling super proudly at me.

The first one, on my direct right, was a boy with brown hair (Dark) and brown eyes, smiling so widely that it also should be illegal, along with his hotness.

The one next to that, had brown curly hair, all over the place, and the most beautiful green eyes, that any girl would die of looking at. And I could do that loads.

The one next to him though, the last one, had the most cutest beautifulness brown eyes in the whole world, and his hair, was just the most beautifully put hair.

They were all handsome, they were all hot, they were all amazing.

But what do you expect?

They were the boys of one direction.

“Ok. Thanks” I said, taking deep breaths, as I looked at the five boys again, trying to ignore the camera that was put on me.

“You can do it babe” Louis said, and I smiled as I gave him a quick hug, him just holding on to me a tad tighter then socially acceptable.

“Yeah. You’ll nail it” Niall then said, holding onto me, and giving me a small kiss on the cheek, making me smile, as I looked at him.

I then walked over to Zayn, who just smiled as he hugged me, picking me up slightly while saying “They’ll all love you”

It made me blush, the confidence the boys had in me.

I then went over to Harry who just picked me up, not having a care for the world, as he gave me a peck on the cheek, and whispered. “You can do it babe” Which made me laugh even louder, as Liam then did the same exact thing as Louis.

Hug me a tad longer then socially acceptable, and he said “You can do it love”

“Thanks babes” I whispered as I then did a quick shake, as I then took the mic, and walked up the stairs, turning my head as the boys all just smiled at me, me looking a tad longer at one boy giving him a small wink.

I then walked over towards the middle of the stage, everyone clapping for me.

Cause, to be completly honest, I wasn’t ugly.

I had blond hair, that came to halfway my back, it being a natural color blond, even if people didn’t think that was the case, since it was so blonde.

My blue eyes, were a tad bigger then you would think a pair of normal eyes would have, which was kind of my trademark. Along with the lashes that were already very long, but with mascara they would look even more beautiful.

Then my lips, I had those big lucious lips, that my boyfriend loved dearly, which he took full advantage of, which I didn’t mind at all.

My body, well my body, was a body that any girl would dream of.

I wasn’t model skinny, but I wasn’t huge you know?

I was normal, but I had the assets the boys loved.

A big bum, big breasts and long thin legs.

I know, it was too good to be true, which I often agreed on too, but I just was lucky, my parents were both not ugly either, so I guess it had something to do with that.

The only ‘sucky’ part of my body, was that my fingers were really long, so I had sort of big hands, but yeah, that wasn’t such a big problem, if I was going to be completly honest. 

And my boyfriend loved it.

The people probably also loved my style. I was wearing a pair of red shorts, that came to up my navel, and under there I was wearing a simple white shirt short tank top and on that, a short sleeved pinkish tank top, that came to up my navel. I didn’t close the buttons, and above that was a golden heart necklace that I had gotten from my boyfriend.

I was also wearing red heels, that made everyone uncomfortable just looking at them, but I loved walking in them, they made me feel girly.

My hair was just in a side braid to my right side, while on the other side was a goldencoloured flower that was just at his place.

Overall it just looked good, at least I thought so.

But back to the present.

Everyone was clapping, and I just bit my lip, as I looked at Simon, who looked up from his paper, and he just raised his eyebrows slightly, as he smiled looking at me.

“Holly What are you doing here?” Simon said smiling, as everyone was silent now, wondering how we knew each other.

“You two know each other?” Demi then said smiling looking from Simon back to me, and then back to Simon again, and Simon just smiled as he looked at me.

“Yeah. We’ve Met” He said looking at me with a smile, and I just laughed thinking about the awkward meeting.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” I said taking a deep breath, fidgeting with my pair of jeans and simple red tank top, and a black cardigan on it, and I looked at my boyfriend who looked at me giving me a smile.

“Yes. It is. Management ordered me to meet the big man, since he has to approve of all the girlfriends before we go into the public” He said, and I just looked into those dreamy eyes and smiled.

“But what if I don’t want to be in public. I want to be free” I commented, even as we were speaking, me not wanting to go, we were walking up towards the door anyhow, of Simon.

“Why don’t you want to ‘come out’ as people would like to say it” He asked, and I just looked at him for a second, looking at our intertwined hands, before looking back into his eyes.

“You know I want to become a singer, and if i’m your girlfriend, if everyone knows that. I’ll be the girlfriend of. And not Holly the girl who can sing”

“Yeah. But come on Holly. We’re not even allowed to go out on a date, since I don’t want people to think you’re just another one of my girls” He commented, and I looked at him for a second.

“I don’t want to be in the public hon. I just don’t want to. Can’t you accept that” I whispered, and he looked at me for a second, as I was staring down at the floor for a second, seeing his white shoes, and then I looked back into those dreamy eyes.

“But I Want everyone to see you. I want everyone to know you’re my girlfriend. I want everyone to know how proud I am of you”

“I understand that. But don’t you understand where I come from. When we met, the first thing I told you was that I didn’t want to fall in love. And especially not with you, due to the fact that you’re the biggest name in the whole entire world right now. I wanted to be safe from your accusations, and your reputation. I wanted to be FREE. And I won’t be free to do whatever I want, when the whole world knows that we’re together. It sucks that we fell in love I guess. But come on, I really really really don’t’ want the world to know”

“It sucks that you fell in love with me?” He said astonished.

“No. No” I commented, taking deep breaths looking away from those eyes. “It sucks that I fell in love with you,  when you’re x x” I commented.

“It’s just a name. It’s just an image babe. I can’t help the image that I got from being in One Direction. It absolutely SUCKS DICK.”

The door then opened, and Simon stood there, and I took one deep breath, as I looked into those eyes, and he stared back at me.

“Well Hello X. This must be Stephanie?”

He took one deep breath, as he looked at me for a second and then back at simon.


“No it’s ok you don’t have to explain, I heard the whole conversation.”

“When did you two meet?” Britney asked, and Simon smiled looking at me, and I smiled looking back at Britney.

“Well, she’s dating one of the boys from one direction.”

Everyone went absolutely wild as Simon mentioned their name, making me blush slightly as I then got the courage to say something to make them even wilder.

“They’re here actually” I then commented, looking to my left for a second, and seeing them standing there X looking acceptionally proud of me, making me smile very widely. The crowd then absolutely going insane.

“They’re here?” Simon said with raised eyebrows, and I looked back at him, and smiled.

“Yeah. I came here to visit them, and I heard about the auditions, so i thought Why won’t I go and audition. And they wanted to come along, to see Uncle Simon” I commented, and he nodded for a second.

“Wait a second, is she the-” Demi then said, and Simon looked at her a tad strictly, as she was about to say His name, and Simon nodded. “He talks about you all the time.”

I laughed looking back at the boys, and they were all laughing at me, as I then stared back at the judges.

“Can you introduce yourself, and tell you a little about yourself. Since, unlike simon, we don’t know who you are?” 

I laughed looking at them.

“Uhm. My name is Holly. Holly Smith” I commented. “As you might hear, I’m from Nashville, Tennessee” 

The crowd all laughing, me smiling very widely. “Uhm. I’m 19 years old.”

“I just finished High school, and was going to study, but I didn’t know quite what actually” I commented, smiling very widely. “So I did a free year, travelled around the world”

I smiled thinking about the past year. It hadn’t been the most storyworthy year actually.

“Where did you travel to?” Britney said, and I smiled.

“Well, I finished school in like hum june, I then went to europe, and went to hum, the olympics. Also the closing ceremony, which was really cool” I said biting my lip for a second thinking about the meeting of the boys. (but more on that later). “Uhm, then I went to Africa, which was really really really awesome, for about three weeks, and then went back to London, and yeah, just stayed there for a while, before traveling around South america, and i’ve been back in the states for about a month now” 

“And what was your favorite place?” Demi said smiling very widely, me smiling looking at her.

“London.” I said, and she nodded.

“So what made you do the audition?” L.A said, and I took a deep breath.

“Well, I was visiting the boys, and we were just chilling, and Liam and Louis then told me that I should audition, and we were all laughing, but then Zayn told me that I really should do it. And Harry and Niall agreed, so I guess, I just decided to do it, since i’ve been wanting to become a singer ever since I was a little girl” I commented, and they nodded.

“And have they helped you prepare?” Britney asked.

“A bit yeah. But not too much, but that doesn’t matter, I want to get into the music industry without them anyhow, that’s why I auditioned” I commented, and they nodded.

“So what are you going to sing for us today?” Simon asked, and I just smiled taking a deep breath, not nervous anymore.

“Well, Uhm I didn’t have loads of time to prepare, and since this is one of my favorite songs ever. Not to kiss up or anything” I said looking at Demi for a second. “I’ll be singing Lightweight, from Demi”

“Ok. Cool” Demi said, and I just smiled taking a deep breath, as I then looked at the boys again for a second who all just nodded, me biting my lip for a second, as the background track then came along, and I just took one deep breath, as I then looked into Demi’s eyes for a second, before starting singing.

Everyone went silent as they heard my voice, and I took one deep breath as I closed my eyes, smiling thinking about X.

Knowing how proud of me he was.

While I was singing this song I thought of our first kiss.

15th of september 2012

X: Heyy. I heard you were in london?

Holly: Yeah, I am. Are you still here?

X: Yeah! I am actually. Wanna meet up.. Love to see you again!

Holly: Sure! Where do you wanna meet up?X

X: Uhm. Well, as this is going to be a date (Don’t know if you know it, but now you do) I’d like to meet you at the resturaunt where we ate at on our first ‘date’.

Holly: I knew it was a date haha. What time?

X: In an hour?

Holly:Sure. Meet you there X




Later that evening.

“So, it was great” He said, and I just smiled looking at him, as he was just smiling so widely back at me, that I couldn’t help but smile.

My stomach was hurting me, not because of the ‘bad’ food. It was absolutely amazing, but because I just wanted him so badly right now. The way he was leaning with his elbow next to my apartment I had rented for at least a month, the way he was biting his lip slightly, the way his shirt was now up a tad, showing his amazing body a bit, even his V line, looking so amazing, that I just wanted to jump him.

He just made me want him even more then I thought was humanly possible. 

The sexual attraction was just more then I expected it to be.

“Yeah. It was a great time” I said smiling very widely looking into those beautiful eyes.

“I’m happy you enjoyed it. I was afraid that you might think it was lousy, due to the fact that we had to be secretive, and because of those boys following our every step” he said looking at the security for a second, and I didn’t look away from his eyes, his eyes that made me want to melt.

“yeah. I really enjoyed it. And like I said, I loved it today. It was absolutely amazing. I mean, it sort of sucked that those boys had to stalk us, but I didn’t mind. I haven’t had this great night in ages” I said. “The closing ceremony is above this, but it’s a great second”

He laughed looking at me, and I laughed back at him.

“That will be my mission then” He said, and I looked at him.

“What will?” I said, as he leaned closer to me, and I just smiled looking at him.

“To give you a day, or a night, that will beat every single day you’ve ever had” He whispered, as he then pressed his amazing lips onto mine, me just smiling very widely, as I exploded inside, his one hand on my waist, the other on my neck, while my hands were just hanging beside my body, as I went completely numb.

My thoughts were blocked, and the only thing I could think about was his lips, the way he moved his lips now, the way they tasted, the way they made me explode inside, made me stop believing in everything I had first thought.

And all this, just by one little kiss.

The song was over, and everyone started clapping, making me smile very widely, as I whipped away a tear, as I looked at all the judges standing up, all four of them, me just smiling as I bit my lip, knowing how much that would annoy X right now, as I looked at the boys, who all had tears in their eyes.

X just winked at me, and I winked back at him.

I then looked back at the judges, who all sat down.

L.A was the first one to speak. 

“Holy Holly” He said, and I just laughed as everyone did. “I don’t know what to say. But o my god. You have IT. You have the looks, you have the personality, you have the voice. You the likabilty factor. You’re just wow”

I smiled. “Thank you” I said as I licked the side of my lips for a second, before biting my underlip, looking at people whipping away their tears, me just looking at Britney who was next.

“Wow” She said taking a deep breath. “I totally forgot you were from Nashville for a second, cause you don’t have a Nashville accent when you sing, but then the way you just said thank you brings me back to earth. Just like L.A said, girl you’ve really got it. You’ve really got the x factor. And I want you”

I smiled.

“Thank you so much” I Said, and she just gave me a polite nod, as Demi looked at me.

“I hate you” She said, and everyone just laughed. “You just totally made me sound like an idiot. Cause Girl you can sing. And you probably thought of X right?” She said, understanding that she isn’t supposed to reveal who the boy is, and I smiled.

“Yeah” I said biting my lip again, as she nodded.

“Well, Wow. You’re. Wow. I didn’t know you could sing, he never mentioned that” She said, and I smiled looking back at the boys again, who were all just smiling, me then looking back at the judges, simon taking a deep breath, as he looked up at me.

“That was amazing Holly. That really was. I didn’t know you could sing either. The boys never mentioned that. And you’re only nineteen. Wow. I’m impressed. And Demi, she totally made your version of Lightweight sound like crap”

I laughed as I looked at them, and simon just smiled.

“SO lets vote!” Simon said “L.A?”

“Offcourse YES!” L.A said.

Britney smiled. “I. Am so impressed and so much in love with you. I say yes!” She said, and I smiled very widely looking t her.

“Thank you” I Said. I then looked at Demi.

“I’m sorry but” She said, and I looked at her for a second, me biting my lip very hard. “I’m probably going to be hated. But O my god. You are freaking amazing. YES”

I laughed along with the audience, as I then looked at simon, the person who was the most important to get a yes from at the moment.

“Holly” he said.

“Simon” I said, and he took one deep breath.

“Yes. Offcourse. You’re in!” He said, and I just smiled so widely.

“Thank you so much!” I said, and he nodded smiling very widely, as I then turned to the left, andI saw the five boys running over to me.

Louis was the first one who reached me, and I smiled very widely as I just wrapped my arms around him, as Niall and Zayn hugged the back of Louis, while I looked into Liam’s eyes, him giving me a wink, me winking back at him, as Louis, Zayn and Niall then let go, me hugging Harry for a second, him giving me a kiss on the cheek, and I then smiled as I hugged Liam at last.

We then all thanked the judges before I left.

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