The other one (stopped writing)

Somethimes bad stuff comes back...
(One direction fanfiction)


1. The other one: prologue


I closed my eyes, closing everyone’s happiness away.

I tried not to hear everyone’s happiness.

I just didn’t want to hear it.

I knew I should be happy at the moment, this had to be the happiest moment of my entire life actually.

This was the beginning of the best.

But it wasn’t.

It was a dubbel dubbel thing, I was absolutely happy with the result, and with my future. But I was absolutely unhappy about the other result I would be getting because of this.

I wasn’t happy at all, at the moment.

Just for one second though, the happiness would come after this one second.

But I just wasn’t the happiest person in the whole entire world at the moment.

To think about the severe consequences that would happen right now, since everyone else would think of something, when I was totally not happy with this, at all. Just. Hurt.

I then opened my eyes again, seeing everyone jumping up and down, seeing confetti everywhere, all the camera’s turned to me.

I then heard something from my left, and I decided to give a go, and I looked to my left, a smile slowly appearing on my face, since I had to keep the image up.

I saw five boys running over to me, with absolute happiness.

The smiles appearing widely on their faces. Since they didn’t know what was going to happen now. Well they did, but they probably didn’t think much of it.

They didn’t understand how much was going to change.

And it hurt.

I then saw the guy that was running on front, and I couldn’t help but smile wider as I saw how happy my boyfriend was for me.

How happy he was to see me, after the result he gave, and I closed my eyes for one second, a tad longer then a blink as I thought about Love.

People often said that if you love someone with your whole heart, that it would be easy to get. That it would be easy to keep, and that it would be easy to get through hard things, since you knew that you loved that person with all your heart.

THey said that there would never ever be any troubles coming in your way.

That people would respect it.

But I would like to respond to that with two simple words





Authors note:

X1= Harry

X2= Liam

X3= Zayn

X4= Niall

X5= Niall

X= Boyfriend.

(So if she ever texts the boys, I’ll put a number. But whenever she texts the boyfriend (And you’ll know it’s the boyfriend) then it will be X)

And this story is going to be slightly complicated.

The normal, is what happens. And cursive are memories.

The normal is 2013.

Cursive will tell you when it is, if it’s neseceray!

Hope you guys have a great time.

O yeah.

Plot twist.

You won’t know who the boyfriend is, untill I think it’s time to tell you.

Xxx Sam

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