I wrote this story almost 3 years ago, it's set when Justin Bieber was first on the scene!


1. The Beginning

Raindrop. Don't laugh. It really is my name. My mum is obsessed with crazy names. In a way, I got off lightly. I was nearly called Babylon. Eek! That would have been even worse than Raindrop.

I get a lot of teasing at school, nut I just ignore it. The girls say they like my names. I only know one of the girls is telling the truth, and that's Daydream. If anything, her name is more ridiculous than mine.

My mum decided, when she was pregnant, that I would be called something completely unique, so she chose Raindrop. My grandma is called Cherry, so she chose Molly for my mother. Unfortunately, my mother is one of those who doesn't like ordinary names. She's extra-jealous of my grandmother. Anyway, as soon as I was born, my uncle made a silver necklace for me in the shape of a raindrop and on the back he had engraved 'To our own unique Raindrop'. He had been diagnosed with cancer four years before, and died within the next week. I wear my necklace everyday.

My entire family is obsessed with names, crazy, ordinary, and downright ridiculous. My cousin is called Aloentha whilst her father is called Tom and my grandfather is called Arthur, and he married a young woman called Cherry.

"My own unique Cherry, Aloentha and Raindrop. My gorgeous funny named family," my grandfather used to say. He doesn't say it as much anymore, but he does say it every Christmas and Easter.

That's where the story officially starts. Easter 2003. I was only eight years old at the time. My mother started to hit me just before we left the house to go to Grandma's. I didn't quite know why, so I just assumed I'd done something wrong. I lived alone with my mum in our grotty but still quite homely flat on the council estate.

She slapped me hard around the face, before dragging me to the car, clinging onto my wrists so hard that I had grooves in my wrists from her long, manicured nails.

When we arrived at Grandma's at long last, I told her everything thay had happened. From that day on, I lived with her.

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