One Step Closer

So there she is. Beautiful. Magnificent. Her name is Isabella, her story is written with hope and her life is lived to the fullest. But can she decide what she really wants?

You should be warned that this is not a regular love story. This is a story about love, between two people who tried to make things right.


5. Work


I was working at Starbucks. It was not the perfect job, but that was the only one i managed to find. "Whats wrong with you?" Layla asked me, when i finished making peoples drinks. "What do you mean?" "You seem really happy today, like really really happy." She chuckled. "Im just happy thats it." She winked. "You had fun last night, didnt you?" I blushed, "it was a fun night, thats all. "She laughed and shook her head while heading for the stuff room.  "Can you take over my place at the front Bella?" Brian asked politely. "Sure." 

  It took him a while and many costumers came by, leaving their orders. Luckily Layla was there to help me. Suddenly, i saw a familiar face in the line. He was here. Did he alway come here? Because i havent noticed him before. "Can i take your order?" i asked politely, like i havent even seen him. "Oh, Bella. Do you work here?" he asked confused. "Harry?" i faced him with a surprised look on my face. I was born to be an actress. "Ive never seen you here before." he continued. My eyes met anothers man's eyes who was looking at us furiously. "Your order?" i returned to Harry. "Iced Vanilla Latte." "Here is your receipt. Go wait in the line." i said smiled and turned my head to the angry man. "Can i take your order, sir?" Harry cut me off. "When do you have a break?" "In an hour." I smiled. He walked away, took his coffee and shut at a table opposite me. Great, this was just great.  I continued taking orders until Brian finally came and i returned to my regural job.

  "Who is that good looking guy?" Layla said pointing at Harry. "Just a guy ive met recently." I tried to look concentrated at my work, but my plan didnt work out. "He is eating you with his eyes." "Oh really?" i questioned and looked at him. It was true, he was watching us talking but she was overreacting. I just smiled at him and continued my work. "I would totally climb that ,girl." she said laughing. I just shook my head and chuckled. That was beyond crazy.   

I walked over to him and sat at the chair opposite him. He didnt noticed me, he was so focused on doing something with his phone. I cleared my throat. He looked at me over his phone. "What do you want here?" i asked him as politely as i could. "I was just amazed that you work here, im coming here for the past 2 years and ive never seen you." "I got this job a couple of months ago." I confessed. He smiled. "Did you tell your friend about us?" He asked me happily. "No i didnt. And i wont tell anyone. And you wont as well. Its not like im proud of what we are doing." The smile fade out of his face. He had a more serious look now. "Would that be so embarrasing?" he asked. "Not embarrassing, not really." i said but then i smiled and continued "Well maybe a little." i laughed. He joined me. "Im actually hurt Bella." He then sat up. "If you wanna meet tonight, this is my number." He gave me a small paper and kissed me on the cheek. Cheesy man. So cheesy.

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