One Step Closer

So there she is. Beautiful. Magnificent. Her name is Isabella, her story is written with hope and her life is lived to the fullest. But can she decide what she really wants?

You should be warned that this is not a regular love story. This is a story about love, between two people who tried to make things right.


6. Weekend


The weekend was finally here. The week had passed really quickly actually. Ive made plans with Zayn and he was about to pick me up in an hour. I filled the bathtub with water and took off my clothes. Oh, the water was so nice. Not really hot nor cold. Just perfect. I let my thoughts fill my mind. My phone rang. It was time to get ready. I went to my room, and searched for something to wear. I put on my black leggins and a white top with a "Love is everything" quote. Lastly, I put on my black sneakers. I heard the horn from Zayn's car so I quickly grabbed my bag and my small suitcase. I locked the door, put my sunglasses on and gave Zayn my suitcase to put in the back of his car. "Good morning." He said with a smile. I got in the car, i was happy to see that Niall was there as well. "Good morning boys." Finally a get away. "Niall, i thought you'd wait for us at your home." I pointed."Well, the others are already there and i just wanted to see you. I havent seen you in ages girl." He laughed while he gently tapped my shoulder. "Well ive been busy." I smiled. That was a lie. I was bored as hell. I just didnt feel like doing anything. Even at work i didnt talk much these days. 

  The ride was fun. Niall's house was just an hour away from London. Zayn turned the radio on and a Rolling Stones song came on. "You cant always get what you want.." we all started singing. I was so happy to seem. I felt like myself again, i couldnt believe how much ive actually missed them.  The wind was messing up my hair but i didnt mind. At that very moment, i felt so free. I felt like flying. I closed my eyes and let myself sink into my thoughts. "So Niall, tell us about your new girl." I opened my eyes in shock. "Niall has a girlfriend?" i asked curiously turning my face so i could see him more clear. He blushed. "And he is blushing..." Me and Zayn laughed a little. "Cut it off guys." His face was all red now. "Whats her name?" "Ashleigh." he said shyly. "Is she in your house?" "Yeah, i left her there. She was talking with the girls." He seemed worried. "Made a bad choice Niall?" i laughed turning back at my original position. "Dont make her feel uncomfortable. Okay guys?" We laughed and nodded. Me and Zayn were the perfect pair. We always played jokes on others. I could actually understand where Niall's consideration was coming from.  

We finally made it to the house."Its okay, go inside, we will take our stuff to our rooms." Zayn smiled. I made my way to the front door and knocked on the door. Silly me, the owner of the house was behind me. "The door is open." i heard a familiar voice from inside the house. I quickly opened it letting myself and the boys inside. It was such a beautiful house. It was big, with big blue windows and white painted walls, and full of light. Almost everything was made out of white wood. "Lou!" i srceamed and runned up to him. I hugged him tighlty. "Bella...I-i cant breathe." He said as i held him tighter. "Havent seen you in a while." I said letting him go. "So where is everyone?" i said looking around. "We have been expecting you." Lou said with a serious look on his face. "Bella." I turned to face Liam. "Hello sweetheart." I said while i hugged him. "Follow me." Lou grabbed my hand and started dragging me around the house. He opened a small door in front of us. The view was amazing. A river was only a few feet away from ous and there was a big forest around the house. They have made a small bonfire and it seemed like i was part of a movie. Kinda scary but amazing.  

I saw El and Dan walking towards us. "Welcome." they said with a smile. "Im speechless." i managed to say while still looking around. And then i saw him. He was walking slowly towards us.  I didnt see that one coming. Harry was there. Harry as my new 'fuck buddy'.  "Its time for you to meet my friend, with whom i decided to move in with." Louis said happier than ever. He was pointing at him. "Well Harry this is Bella." In the sound of my name, Harry looked at me. He was shocked and so was i. "Bella this is Harry." I tried to smile but it didnt work out. We just stayed there in silence looking into each others eyes. I couldnt believe it myself. I had one, only one night stand and it had to be with him. Lou's best friend. I felt terrible. "Oh for god shakes. Shake your hands people." Lou demanded. "Bella, such a beautiful name for such a lovely lady." said Harry and then kissed my hand. There was something breathtaking about the way he said my name. "Nice to meet you." i smiled.  My eyes met El's, as she quickly dragged me away from him. "You dont know him?" she asked me confused. "No, how could i?" i let a confused look appear at my face as well. "You were talking to him at the club the other night, dont u remember?" "No, not really. I dont remember him at all." i smiled.  

"Ok." She said, still confused but i knew she believed me. I felt so bad about lying like that. I sat down next to the fire and Liam handed me a beer. "Here you go." "Beer? Thank you." i smiled. "We are going to eat in a while, lunch is almost ready." he was gonna sit next to me but we both heard Dan's voice from the kitchen. "They need me." "Go, its ok." I took a sip from my beer. I looked around, i still couldnt believe the scenery overflowing in front of me. Ive never been to this house before. Niall had only invited me to his apartment in the center of London.  But everyone else seemed to know the place pretty well. I caught Lou and El  throwing rocks in the river.   "Feeling lonely?" Harry came and sat next to me. "What a stange turn of events." I laughed. "I swear if i knew you were Lou's mystirious friend, i wouldnt have.... you know... with you." I giggled."Its ok. I didnt know it was you either." I smiled at him and took another sip of my beer. "You didnt text me nor call me."I almost chocked. "What?" "I gave you my number but you didnt." "Seriously? You actually thought i would call you?" i now burst into laughter. "Why not?" he said seriously. "Come on." i layed back on the ground.  What did he think of me? I wasnt that desperate. He layed back with me. We didnt talk for a while. It was peacefull. He moved his body and he was now back in a sitting position. He was checking me out. I saw his eyes moving along my body. I cleared my throat.  

"Do you believe in love?" He said pointing at my shirt. "No, not really." i said shooking my head."Why? Dont you want to be loved?" he asked confused. "No its not that. I do. I really do, i think love is a beautiful concept. I want to be genuieleny loved, its just that, no one is really willing to love me." I dont know why i said it, why i said such thing to him. But i did. I dont regret it, no not at all, that was my opinion after all, that was my prospectitive. I just couldnt understand how i said that kind of thing to him, ive only met him 4 days ago. "Well i think you are gonna find what you are searching for. Besides you are too pretty not too." he smiled while he got up. "Do you think im pretty?" "Of course i do." I blushed a little and he smirked. "Really?" "Really." He offered me his hand to help me get up. Lou cleared his troat from behind us. I looked at him, he seemed really angry. "Lunch is ready." He finally told us. I made my way to the kitcen, leaving those two alone. I heard Lou yell. "Just stay away from her, Harry, dont screw this up." Little thing he knew, everything was already fucked up.  

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