One Step Closer

So there she is. Beautiful. Magnificent. Her name is Isabella, her story is written with hope and her life is lived to the fullest. But can she decide what she really wants?

You should be warned that this is not a regular love story. This is a story about love, between two people who tried to make things right.


4. The next morning

The night was pretty long and i have to admit i really enjoyed myself. Ive never done anything like it before. And i mean about the meaningless sex. No commitment. Just fun. I cant say i was feeling guilty or slutty for sleeping with someone else, although James had just left me. I wasnt feeling anything really. All i know is that i was okay. I  slighlty opened my eyes and i saw that his face was only inches away from mine. He was still sleeping.. Finally i got to see every detail of his face. He had brown curly hair, green eyes and when he smiled, dimples would appear at each side of his cheeks. He was a really handsome young lad. I shook my head. He was my one night stand and now he had to go. I smiled and sit up.

"You gotta go." i said and shook his shoulder. "Good morning to you too." he yawned. "Im serious.Dont be here when ill get out." i said, walking towards the bathroom.   I looked myself in the mirror. I was a mess. I took off my make up from last night and put my hair up to a messy bun. I walked out of the room and i was happy that he wasnt there. I put on my "forever friends" pjmas and headed to the kitchen. I was starving. "Why are you still here?" I said annoyed. I wasnt really, but i didnt want him wondering around my house. "Are you always this friendly?" He laughed. "Breakfast?" "Did you cook?" Now i was annoyed. "Well i was starving." He put a plate of pancakes at the table in front of me. I sat down. I was hungry as well and well i liked pancakes. "Nice pjms by the way." He said as he sat next to me. Well that was embarassing. Why did i have to wear my pink pjms? Why today? "Thanks." I said shyly. "Im Harry by the way." "Im Bella." I said with my mouth fulled, i almost choked. "Well Bella, nice to meet you." He smirked. "Is that your boyfriend?" He said worried , pointing at a picture on the kitchen counter. "No, we broke up. Dont worry." I said as i quickly got up and threw the picture in the trash. "Didnt turn out good i guess..."  

I tried to change the subject. I wouldnt talk to him about my emotions and my love life. "So do you want me to drive you back to the club, so you can get your car?" i said politely. Well if we were gonna do the whole game thing, i might as well be nice with me. "Sure." he answered. "Ok im gonna go and change then." I said putting my plate in the dishwasher. I smiled as he looked at me and went straight to my bedroom. I wore my fav pair of jeans and a black sweater. It was a cold day today, and it was raining, thats why i also wore my boots. I heard a knock on the door. "Its okay." He came inside and started searching for his clothes. The whole situation felt awkward. I laughed. He looked at me confused. "This is all too awkward." i laughed again. "Just get dressed. Ill wait for you in the car." I runned out of the room still hiding a small laugh. I took my bag and my keys. I had a job to go too as well. I sat in my car waiting patiently.  

After about 2 seconds i saw him coming towards the car and he jumped in. "Did you get everything?" "Yeah, i guess." He searched his pockets and nodded. "Im sorry i laughed, but its just that this whole thing is really strange to me." "I dont do this stuff either, normally id be out of your house before you even woke up. But you know its different." "How come?" i started my car. "Well i cant resist your amazing dancing skills." he hold a laugh. "Im hurt." I slightly touched my chest where my heart is supposed to be. As i tried to change the gear he went for the radio and our hands touched for a second. "Im sorry i was gonna turn on the-" "No, its ok." "the radio." I shyed. The rest of the ride was silent. "Here we are." i said politely while i parked near the club. "Thanks for the ride." He said and got out off the car. I waved goodbye to him, and made my way to work. This was all too strange.

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