One Step Closer

So there she is. Beautiful. Magnificent. Her name is Isabella, her story is written with hope and her life is lived to the fullest. But can she decide what she really wants?

You should be warned that this is not a regular love story. This is a story about love, between two people who tried to make things right.


3. Having Fun

Harry's POV

  "So tell me Louis, how come Ive never met this girl and everyone else has?" I said while taking a bite from my sandwich. "I just don trust you with her mate" he said laughing. "Oh, i am hurt". I tried to act sad, but it didnt work. "You’ll meet her, she’s very pretty. You’ll see, when she smiles, you’ll love her." Liam interrupted us. "How can you be so sure?" i laughed. "Well everyone does. She is the kindest and most forward person i know. She just has a way of winning your heart." "If i didnt know you Liam id thought you were in love." I joked."I think you idolize her, after all she is just a normal girl. Anyways, where shall we all go tonight" i continued. "Ive already made plans mate, me and Danielle are gonna go to dinner. And i know Zayn is unavailable as well" "What about you Niall?" "Well, ive m-met a girl and i thought id take her out tonight" he said shyly. "Oh, well that leaves me and Louis then." 

  Bella's POV  

"Hello baby." Eleanor said as she opened the door and we walked inside the club. "Hey, El.  Nice place. So many people." I smiled looking at the crowd in front of us dancing. "I thought you would like a crowded place, to get away for a little while." "Well you thought correctly. So where is Danielle? " We walked towards the bar. "Oh, she was not available. She went for dinner with Liam, and i know you said no boys, but Lou might come over." She smiled shyly. " Its fine with me. Two martinis please." I told the barman and looked back at her as i leaned on the bar. "So how are things between you and Lou?" "More than okay, really. Although i thought ill be the one he'd want to move in with." She laughed. "Well what can i say. I dont know the lad he is moving in with, but they seem like really good friends. You know,  since the decided to move in together and stuff." "Yeah,and he is a great guy once you get to know him." "I cant wait." I took a sip of my drink. "So are you coming to Niall's this weekend?" "Yeah, Lou invited me and id be glad to get away from the city for awhile." "Great, everyone is gonna be there and i would not like it if you missed this one out." "You know me, i never miss a gathering." We laughed.

  The time was passing so quickly. We were having so much fun. Laughing, drinking, dancing. I was glad i could get away for the day. "Excuse me for a second." Said Eleanor as she quickly made her way to the bathroom. I left the dance floor and returned to the bar. It would be awkward if id be dancing alone. I asked the barman for another shot of vodka. "Hello, Pretty woman." i heard a voice behind me. I turned slowly only to meet a young man. He reminded me of someone. Oh yes, the Mystery Man. How was he here? "Excuse me?" i said kind of annoyed. Did he write the note on my car? " I said 'hello'." he smirked and leaned on the bar. I drunk my shot and smiled back to him. "Can i buy you a drink?" He said politely as he winked at me. "No,thank you." i said turning my head away. Its not that i wasnt interested in him, he seemed like a really nice guy and kind of handsome actually. Although i couldnt see him very well in the dark. But i wasnt looking for that kind of fun right now.  

I tried to walk away as i saw El getting out of the bathroom, but i fell. Well almost since he immediately grabbed my shoulder. I was feeling kind of dizzy.  "I think you should go home." he said. "Yeah i think that too." i laughed trying to keep my balance. "Hey El, im over here." I screamed. "I could take you home if you wanted." he whispered in my ear, so i could hear him over the loud music. "Thank you, but i have a ride." El came over to us. "Hey El, i think its time to leave." I said smiling. God i was so drunk, i swear i could see her twin. I just wanted some air. "Hey Harry." "Hey El" She looked at him standing next to me. A worried look appeared on her face. "Do you guys know each other?" she asked. "Not really" i cut her off. "Can we go now?" "Lou is here, dont you wanna go and join him for a while?" she almost begged me. "No, id better go home.  Say hi from me to him." i said sadly. I now had to take a cab back home. I kissed her cheek and watched her as she headed away.  

"So i guess im taking you home?" he smirked. "Oh are you still here?" I said  as i took my stuff and walked out of the club. I could feel the cold air on my face. It felt so good. I was actually feeling better now. I looked at the road. It was empty. I just had to wait for a while. Thats all. "Its 5 o'clock. Do you think you can actually find a cab at this time?" i heard the same husky voice again. "Oh, you again." "Yes its me. So will you walk with me this time, pretty woman? I can not possibly leave you here alone." he winked. "Why did you leave that note on my car?"i asked confused. He smirked and started walking. I followed him. He was right. I couldnt find a cab at this time and i was a little afraid of being alone out there. "So where are we headed?" i asked. He smiled again. "Are you gonna answer any of my questions?" I was really annoyed right now.  

We walked in silence. It felt a little uncomfortable but it was safe. Or at least, i felt safe. "Well here i am." I smiled and headed for the door. He followed me. "Im sorry you probably got the wrong idea. It takes more than a wink, more than a drink and more than what you think to make me sleep with you." He stood there for a while just staring at me. I could feel his eyes looking through mine. And the he laughed. "Why are you laughing?" i said annoyed. "I just think you are beautiful." he smiled. "And i think you are drunk." He was so cheesy, did he honestly think i would fall for that? And then it happened. He leaned down and kissed me. It was a simple kiss, not a kiss shared between lovers, nor it was passionate, it was just a peck. "Why did you do that?" i asked taking a step back. "I just thought itd be fun." he smirked. I thought about it for a second. Fun. Thats what i needed. Just fun.  

"Would you like to play a game?" He asked seriously but with a strange look on his face. Like he had the most brilliant idea."What game?" i asked confused. "I'd like to have fun with you, but without the commitment. If you get what i mean?!" He was know looking me in the eyes. "You mean just fun? No emotions?" i asked confused. "Thats exactly what i mean. And when you feel like it we will stop." I didnt give it too much thought. He was handsome, and he seemed like a nice guy. I know thats not a good reason to sleep with someone but it was about satisfying both of our needs. Nothing more. Just meaningless sex. I wasnt gonna sit around and let myself become one of those pathetic girls whose world stops just because of some guy. Just because James left me. I unlocked the door. "Im in." i said with a smile on my face. "But i have a rule. No kissing on the lips."i continued. He nodded and picked me up. I closed the door with my foot and we headed to my room. It was fun seeing him trip over the furniture. I got lost looking in his eyes. Suddenly he threw me on the bed. He took off his shirt and slowly walked towards me.

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