One Step Closer

So there she is. Beautiful. Magnificent. Her name is Isabella, her story is written with hope and her life is lived to the fullest. But can she decide what she really wants?

You should be warned that this is not a regular love story. This is a story about love, between two people who tried to make things right.


11. Goodbye for now

"Im packing my bag, im gonna go back, at the cold city, where the lights look so pretty, oh" i singed while packing my suitcase but someone burst though the door and my song was cut off immediately. He closed the door and in a matter of seconds my back was against the wall.

"That wasnt part of the game." The husky voice complainted. I giggled, "i thought it was fun." i expained myself "you should have seen your face." i continued. It was over the edge i guess but still it was worth it. He pulled my hands together on the top of my head.

He examined my body for a second and then smiled. "Like what you see Styles?" He nodded, "i can work with that"he said. I smiled. "You have a cute smile." He confessed while he picked up my chin with his fingers."You should smile more." He continued not breaking our eye contact. "Stop teasing me Harry " and thats all he needed i guess.

With one move my hoodie was lying on the floor. He slowly kissed my neck moving downwards. He started kissing a trail of hot, wet kisses down my bra clad chest. He let go off my one hand and grabbed my ass. I pulled his hair back and kissed a spot behind his ear.

All of a sudden, our faces were inched away from each other. I could feel his cold and unstabled breath on my lips, it made me shiver. I was so tempted at kissing him right now, and i guess so was he, as he immediately looked at my eyes before moving closer. It was going to happen, i knew it. But it was my number one rule, no kissing. 

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. We both froze at our places, starring into each other's eyes. "Can i come in love?" El asked politely. She was standing a few meters away from us. She could have walked into us in any moment. Harry mummbled"fuck" behind his teeth. "Im not done with you." he whispered in my ear and went to the bathroom. Another close.

This whole thing was going to drive me crazy. I immediately wore my shirt and looked myself at the mirror. I fixed my hair and tried to control my breath when the door opened. "Are you ready love?" she said and looked around the room. My clothes were on my bed folded and i had mostly everything packed. I took a deep breath, "I-Im almost done." I smiled at her and started packing the rest of my stuff.

El helped me carriage my suitcase to Zayn's car, as he was once again my ride. We said our goodbyes and i jumped in the passenger's seat. I saw Harry walking around the car and then he opened the driver's door and sat behind the wheel.

"Um, where is Zayn?" i asked him confused. "He is coming, but we decided that i should drive us home." I laughed,"You decided, yeah right." I said as i turned to face him. Our eyes not moving from each other's. I could feel it in my stomach, as i saw a half smirk on his face, something stranged, something i have never felt before. 

Suddenly Zayn and Niall opened the back doors and jumped in their seats. "Are you ready?" Harry asked but he was still looking at me. "Yeah" Niall said and Harry started the car. The ride was quiet, except from Niall's snoring.

"Hey Bella,did you know Harry was in One direction as well?" Zayn finally said to break the silence. I looked at him weirdly and then i looked back at Harry who had a big smile on his face. " One direction? Like in your band? With the boys?" i asked confused. They both nodded. "No, i didnt know that" i said sadly. "I didnt know you could sing"  i said reffering to Harry. "There are a lot of things you dont know about me" he said and winked.

I felt my cheeks turning red so i looked away. "yet" he whispered so i was the only one who could hear me. Why was i blushing? Why did he say "yet"? Was he empleying that he wanted us to actually be friends? And learn stuff about each other and our lives? 

 I looked over my shoulder only to see a confused Zayn looking at us. " I dont wanna know about this." he mumbled. I smiled and nodded. Yeah, it was better this way.  Finally we arrived at my house. "How did you know where she lives?" Zayn asked confused. I looked at him and then at Harry, who had a shocked expression on his face.

How were we gonna explain this to him? God, everything was so complicated. "We-" i started but Zayn cut me off. "Nevermind, i dont wanna know about this either" he said and gave Harry an angry look. "Goodbye guys" i said as i quickly opened my door and jumped out off the car.

Harry did the same thing. I felt so embarassed and i dont even know why. Maybe Zayn understood something? He gave me my suitcase and kissed my cheek. "Goodbye for now" he smiled and winked at me.

I saw Zayn as he shook his head with disappointment. Great. I waved them goodbye and walked towards my house. What an interesting weekend, I sighed and unlocked my door. Finally i was home.  

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