One Step Closer

So there she is. Beautiful. Magnificent. Her name is Isabella, her story is written with hope and her life is lived to the fullest. But can she decide what she really wants?

You should be warned that this is not a regular love story. This is a story about love, between two people who tried to make things right.


7. Are you cold?

Everything was settled. The smell was irresistible as well as the view of so many different kinds of food on the table. I turned my head and saw Lou and Harry coming inside. The atmosphere was pretty intense, i could feel it. I sat down beside Zayn and I felt Harry's stare on me even though i wasnt looking directly at him. Great, everything was going just great.

He finally took a seat across mine. Liam passed me the potatoes and i thanked him. God, I was starving and i didn't even know it. After awhile everyone was so busy talking with each other, but i remained silent. I just talked with Zayn and El for a while, the conversation was a bit dull for me, they were talking about their Christmas plans.

"But thats at least 4 months away." i said. They looked at me strangely and they continued talking. Maybe I shouldnt have interrupted them. I frowned and I turned to Ash, Niall's new love interest.

We talked for a little while. She was fun, and a really interesting person. She told me that she was really into Niall, which i  was glad to hear because I didnt want anyone to mess around with his feelings. He was so vulnerable and precious. 

After a while, i slowly walked over to Niall and asked him where my bedroom was. He insisted on coming with me. I glanced at Harry for a second but he was already staring at me. I felt my cheeks turning red. He told me i was pretty and noone has ever said that to me. Well noone that actually mattered. Wait-what?

Harry doesnt matter to me, whats wrong with me? I shook my head and followed Niall up the stairs. We were soon facing a really big alley.

"This is my room, and Ash's for the day." He smiled pointing to the door on his left, i bet he had plans for the night. "That is Liam's and Dan's and next to it its Lou's and El's." He said pointing at his right. "That in the middle is Zayn's and Harry's and next to it is yours."

"Im sleeping alone?" i said sadly. Everyone seemed to be paired up, except me.  "Im sorry, but i thought you know-You are a girl and i couldnt possible pair you up with Zayn or Harry." Well Zayn is my friend so that wouldt be a problem, and Harry- well i wouldnt mind sleeping with him- in the same room i mean.

"Its ok, Niall, really." I finally said. What sort of games was my mind playing on me? Why did i constantly had to think about Harry, and his beautiful smile, and his dimples and his hair, oh and those green eyes. STOP! Bella stop!

I opened the door of the room which Niall claimed as mine. It was a simple room, with a small bed and a small wardrobe. There was a mirror in the corner and a small door near it.

"Where does this door lead?" "To the bathroom, there are two of them. This is the one and the other one is down the hall. And of course the biggest one is downstairs." "Ok" i mumbled and then I saw my suitcase near the bed.

"If you wouldnt mind Niall id like to take a nap for a while." I said kindly. "Oh, sure ill leave you alone. Just -" he stopped for a while, "did Ash tell you anything about me?" He asked nervously and I smiled. "She really likes you Niall, dont worry." I laughed and pushed him out of my room. I closed the door and returned to my bed.

I opened my suitcase and wore my pjms, not the pink ones. I was prepared this time. It was a gray pair of shorts and a black tank top.  

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my watch, it was 7pm. I couldnt believe how much i slept. I quickly got up and felt kind of dizzy but i shook my head and walked towards the bathroom yawning. I opened the door and froze in my place.

Harry was inside the bathroom, naked- well almost, he had a towel around his waist, but still-it was unexpected. Niall didnt tell me there was another way in, I thought it was kind of a private bathroom, for me. He smiled as he saw my shocked expression.Thank god, he was wearing that towel, but i noticed his hair was still wet.

"Nice pjms" He winked. "Thank you." I managed to say and went quickly back to my room shutting the door behind me. I know i've slept with him-once- but i was kind of drunk that night so i didnt really examine his body. But now i could see that he had everything a Greek god should have.

I sat on my bed and waited for him to leave. I hold a laugh. The whole thing was pretty strange and awkward. Really, really awkward.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Harry's face appeared. "Do you by any luck have a hair dryer?" he asked politely. "You should have knocked." I said standing up and went looking through my suitcase. "You didnt knock before." He chuckled. "Its different, i could have been naked or something." I said annoyed and gave him my hair dryer. "Nothing i havent seen before." He winked again.

"Is something wrong with your eye ,dear?" i asked sarcastically and pushed him inside the bathroom. He smiled and dragged me inside with him.  "I think there is" He said in his sexiest voice and held my head between my hands. What? What was he doing? Rule number 1.

I stepped back but he didnt move. I looked him in the eyes, trying to understand what he wanted. Was it lust? Was it desire?  He took a step forward .“I so want you” he whispered in my ear, sending a shiver through my body. Why was he affecting me so much? I tried to clear my head.

"Too bad i am not drunk this time." I said and headed back to my room. Two can play this game mister Styles. 

  I quickly changed into my sportswear, something casual and comfy. "Hey guys." i said running down the stairs. Everyone was sitting in the living room, they were talking and laughing. "What are we gonna do tonight?" i asked as i sat next to Lou. "See a movie or something." Liam replied. "Why dont we go outside and light the fire again?" i asked. "Its raining." Niall replied sadly. "Our plans got cancelled because of the rain." Dani said explained , while she stroke Liam's hair.

"Im gonna make some hot chocolate, do you guys want some?" Zayn asked. Everyone nodded. "Me too." I heard a husky voice behind me. "I left your hair dryer on your bed." He told me as i passed near him and i nodded. "Our conversation is not over" he whispered in my ear.

I speeded up my walking and soon i was next to Zayn. I glanced behind me and Harry was still looking at my every move. I tried to ignore him.

We finally managed to make some chocolate but we also put a small amount of vodka in each cup, except our own, just to tease them a little and maybe get them a little drunk, who knows? But seriously though, how could they trust us on making decent drinks? We served everyone and sat back to our seats. We slowly watched everyone taking sips of their hot drinks.

"Thats nice." El said but Ash immediately cut her off "Whats that taste?" We burst out laughing. "Nothing" we said looking all guilty.  

"Do we want to know?" Lou asked me, "I dont think so" I replied immediately. "Just enjoy the drink mate" Harry suddenly said. "Thats the spirit."i exclaimed and smiled, not breaking my eye contact with him.

"Lets watch a movie.Shall we?" El said as she turned on the tv. Everyone agreed and after a while 'Dead Silence' was playing on the big screen on Niall's flat tv. Zayn turned off the lights and the room was now filled with darkness.

 The movie was pretty scary,beyond scary actually. "Im gonna make some popcorn." I said trying to avoid the movie, i could handle scary movies as long as i had someone to cuddle with after it. I couldnt sleep alone after a movie like that, i needed someone next to me to make me feel protected.

I slowly made my way to the kitchen. I found a pack of popcorns and some chips, but suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. "Are you afraid?" Harry asked me as he walked over to me and grabbed two big bowls from the top shelf. "Kind of. Its just that i wont be able to sleep if i watch this right now." i confessed "How about you?" i teased him. "Ive watched this one before." He smiled and filled the two bowls, one with chips and one with popcorns.

"Do you wanna walk with me?" he asked me"Its raining outside." i claimed. "Thats not a problem, is it?" He took the two bowls and went back to the living room. After a while i saw him coming back. He smiled at me and waved towards the door. I followed his steps as he walked outside.

Shivers were sent down my back, it was freezing out there. "Are you cold?" He asked me while he took off his woollen jacket and put it around my shoulders. "Better?" I nodded. "You are gonna catch a cold or something." I claimed as he was now wearing nothing else but his t-shirt. "No worries, i normally walk around completely naked." He laughed, oh-that laugh. "Yeah, i really needed to know that." I joked but suddenly i froze.

"Stop." I shouted. He froze still in his position and turned to look at me. "Oh- i just thought i saw an insect over here- " i said as i walked up to him and touched his neck.It was true, I actually did see something but it was gone now. He jumped, as i touched his bare skin. "Cold hands." he said and i smiled apologetically.

"Was it really something there? or did you just want to touch me?" "Funny Styles. If i wanted to touch you, i would. I wouldnt need a reason." I said, my eyes not leaving his and my hands still on his neck. I slowly stroked his cheek. "Are we gonna keep on playing now or are you not that drunk?" "I dont know really." i replied.

He slowly kissed my hand and moved up to my arm and then my neck, kissing every single bare surface he could.He placed his hands around my waist and pulled me closer. "I think we are Mr Styles." i said giving in.

I started by kissing a spot behind his ear as i moved my hands down his stomach and then down his pants. I felt him smiling against my skin. Oh, how vulnerable he seemed, my touch could do that to him. I could touch him anywhere that i wanted, or maybe i could play with him a little. So, i stopped .

I removed my body from his hands and took a step back. I looked at him trying to catch his breath and i smiled. "Where are you going?" he said with a trembling voice. "I never said id play nicely." I whispered and walked inside the house once again, leaving him alone under the porch with the rain falling strong around him.  

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