One Step Closer

So there she is. Beautiful. Magnificent. Her name is Isabella, her story is written with hope and her life is lived to the fullest. But can she decide what she really wants?

You should be warned that this is not a regular love story. This is a story about love, between two people who tried to make things right.


9. A kiss goodnight

The movie finally ended and Niall turned on the lights. "Okay, now what?" El said. "I have an idea, lets play dare or dare." Everyone seemed really thrilled , except from me and Dani." Whats that?" i asked confused. "Its like truth or dare, only there is no truth. " Harry replied to my question. "Oh, that was really helpful." I said sarcasticly. He just smiled back.

"So who is first?" Niall asked. "Zayn?" "Ok, ill go first." Zayn replied looking around.  The game went on for quite a while.

Lou had to lick ketcup from Harry's bellybutton. Dani was dared to change clothes with Zayn. Niall had to eat a chili pepper and salt. Liam was dared to go outside and dance in the rain singing "I like to move it , move it." And Harry was dared to walk for the rest of the night only in his underwear. Finally, it was my turn to do a dare, but the bell saved me.

"Pizza!" Niall screamed. I felt relieved as i walked up to the door. "Do you think the bell saved you? I dare you to make out with the pizzaman." Lou shouted. It was a good dare, a really good one and i was going to do it. I was not going to back out and lose.

I opened the door to the young man and quickly jumped on to him, giving him a really long kiss. I finally let him go, luckily he was cute.I turned my face back to the leaving room. They were all cheering, except from Harry, who was now walking towards me, looking a bit angry. I turned back to the pizza man who smiled up to me. I felt Harry's hand around my waist.

What was he doing? "What do we own you?" Harry asked angry. The smile fade out from the guy's face. "That would be 22 dollars." I took the boxes from him and moved towards the living room. Realising myself from Harry's hand. Why did he have to do that? What was he thinking?

Harry came and sat next to me. It was clear that noone saw what Harry did, they just thought that he wanted to pay for the pizza or something but i knew.

Now everyone was eating and talking. "Why did you do that?" i whispered to Harry and took a bite from my slice. "Did what?" he asked confused. Well played, mr Styles. "Nevermind." I shook my head and tried to catch up with what Liam and El were talking about.

"So are you gonna be okay alone from now on?" Niall finally asked me. I knew that he was reffering to James. The truth is that i was never on my own. Ive never lived on my own before. I havent even slept alone. I always had someone waiting for me back home. Someone to cuddle up with me. At first it was my family and then James. I was never really alone.

"Not yet " i confessed "but i need to start learning to be." I looked at Harry who was now talking with Lou but apparently heard me and Niall's conversation.  "But it was for the best i guess. It wasnt true love, there were no flowers, hearts and butterflies."i laughed not breaking my eye contact with Harry."He wasnt what i was looking for, he wasnt what i wanted." i sighed, looking back at Niall.

"I believe that nobody really knows what or who they want. Not until its right in front of them. " he exclaimed and sat back. " I didnt know you wanted hearts and flowers." Harry whispered at my ear. "There is a lot you dont know about me" I said quietly looking straight at his eyes.

After awhile everyone was sleepy, so we decided to call the night off. I walked up to my room and changed into my pjms. I lied in my bed with Niall's words haunting my head. I didnt know what i wanted, that was for sure. But i sure hoped i could eventually find it. But how can you look for something if you dont know what that is? I guess you dont, you just wait for it to come to you. And with that thought in my head i tried to sleep, but i couldnt.

My head was going crazy. I was thinking about James, Harry and everything that happened the past week. How easily i started lying to my best friends. And it hurt, it hurt to think about those things. I dont know why but it did. I felt as a really horrible person and the guilt didnt let me fall asleep.

 I heard a soft knock on the door. "Come in" i said looking at my watch, it was now 3 o'clock. How fast time actually passes. I saw a pair of green eyes and a curly head making their way into my room. He slowly closed the door, trying not to make a lot of noise.

"You cant sleep?" he simply asked me. I nodded. "Me either." He said as he sat on my bed. "Lets cant sleep together."I told him and smiled while I moved further in my bed to make enough room for him. He lied down next to me. It was like i could feel his inner battle. Should he hug me or not? I didnt know either, I just grabbed his hand and put it over me. It felt nice having him next to me, holding me.

He finally kissed my cheek  and whispered "goodnight" as i fell asleep. 

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