A 1D Baby

* I'm pregnant..with Louis's baby." Charlise thought to herself. She was beyond ecstatic. Louis had always wanted a family, he'd be so happy!
Life couldn't get any better for Charlise Johnson. She was engaged to Louis Tomlinson, and now she was pregnant with his baby! All the boys thought she was the one for Louis, and the fans loved her! Join Charlise on her journey through pregnancy, getting married, and all the surprises that come with it.


3. While I have your child in me for 9 months, you better be here!

*I'm pregnant....with Louis's baby.* I thought. He would be so happy! I heard someone come through the front door. "Babe!" it was Louis. "I was thinking, wanna go clubbing tonight?" he said. "Uh...Lou...thanks for the offer but I'd rather stay at home." I said. He looked hurt. "Fine. I'll just go find someone who APPRECIATES having me around." "WELL WHILE I HAVE YOUR CHILD IN ME FOR 9 MONTHS, YOU BETTER BE HERE!" I cried. He turned around, eyes wide. Realizing what I had just said, I ran up to the bedroom, in tears. I heard Louis leave the house. I cried and cried and cried. *Why would he do this to me?* I thought. *I thought he'd love the idea of a baby. He always has.*

I laid on the bed for what felt like hours. There wasn't really much to do on that bed, considering Lou wasn't there. I decided to call Danielle. Even though her and Liam had broken up, she still was one of my best friends. *Beep beep beep* I dialed her number. She picked up on the third ring:
Danielle: Hey girl! What's up?
Me: Oh not much, wanna come over for a movie afternoon?
Danielle: Sure! What time?
Me: Whatever time you like.
Danielle: Ok! I'll be there in 20, see you then!
Me: Bye! *Hangs up phone.*
I went to the kitchen and got out a packet of chips, lollies, and two big bowls. I poured the lollies in one bowl, chips in the other. I had 15 minutes left till she would be here. So I cleaned the living room. I looked at my work, and smiled. I had always been a neat person. Finally, the door bell rang. I went and answered it. As I opened the door, I smiled. But as soon as I saw who it was, my smile vanished, being replaced by an 'O' shape of my mouth. It was.....Louis. Carrying bags......of clothes and toys, behind him was.....a stroller and a cot?! I gave a small smile. Then, I took the smile off my face. "What are you doing here Louis." I asked, it barely sounding like a question. He burst into tears. "I went down to the pub, after what you told me. Then I realized, I've always wanted a child. How could I be so selfish? So, I went down to the nearest baby store, and got all this. I hope that was okay." he sobbed. My face softened. I couldn't bear to see him like this. A tear escaped my eye. "So." I started, "Did you end up finding someone that appreciated your company?" he sobbed even harder. "No baby, that was a mistake. I didn't mean it, please take me back! I really want this child! Can't you tell?" he gave a weak smile. I couldn't bear to see him in this state. I smiled broadly, and wrapped my arms around his neck. "How could I ever stay upset at you?" he grinned. "Kiss me?" he asked. I bit my lip, and leaned forward. "Of course." I whispered, and kissed him. Life couldn't really get any better.
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