A 1D Baby

* I'm pregnant..with Louis's baby." Charlise thought to herself. She was beyond ecstatic. Louis had always wanted a family, he'd be so happy!
Life couldn't get any better for Charlise Johnson. She was engaged to Louis Tomlinson, and now she was pregnant with his baby! All the boys thought she was the one for Louis, and the fans loved her! Join Charlise on her journey through pregnancy, getting married, and all the surprises that come with it.


2. She has a bun in her oven

I stared at the pregnancy test. I just had to be pregnant, I've had ALL the symptoms. I've been throwing up, craving food, mood swings, and that brown line you get around your stomach. I was quite excited though, because if I was pregnant, Louis would be over the moon! He's always wanted a little family. I just had to decide, that if I was pregnant, how I'd tell him. I sighed, took out the test, peed on it, and waited. It seemed like hours before my phone went off. I jumped off my bed, and ran to the bathroom. And there on the test, there was......

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A little pink plus sign.

OMFG I'm pregnant!! AHHHHH! :)

I know it was only short, I promise all the others will be longer. Take care my lovelies! :)
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