A 1D Baby

* I'm pregnant..with Louis's baby." Charlise thought to herself. She was beyond ecstatic. Louis had always wanted a family, he'd be so happy!
Life couldn't get any better for Charlise Johnson. She was engaged to Louis Tomlinson, and now she was pregnant with his baby! All the boys thought she was the one for Louis, and the fans loved her! Join Charlise on her journey through pregnancy, getting married, and all the surprises that come with it.


1. Imagine This

Imagine this: You have known Louis Tomlinson since you guys were 3 years old. You had been best friends. On your 18th birthday, Louis confessed his love to you. You were over the moon, since you'd always had a MAJOR crush on him. You guys became boyfriend and girlfriend that day. On your 20th birthday, he took you to the same place where he confessed his love to you. He took you to the outside garden, and it was evening. "I love you so much baby." he had said. All of a sudden, fireworks started exploding in the black sky. You were in awe. There were pink ones, purple ones, blue ones, any colour you could imagine. And the very last firework, was one you'd never forget. It said something. Something that would change your life forever. You gasped, and started to cry tears of joy. You looked at a smiling Louis, who was holding a grey velvet box. "Charlise Rose-Fern Johnson." he had said. "I can't imagine a day without you. Ever since we met, on the 15th May, 1994, I have loved you. I never thought you would accept me as your boyfriend on your 18th birthday. I love you so much princess, will you marry me?" you jumped up and down crying tears of joy. "Omg Louis, I love you so much! Yes yes yes!" I guess you could say that you guys....'celebrated' that night. ;D.
Next chapter is one of the present day.
(P.S. can you guess what the firework said?)
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