My diversity life

Ash is 11 years old her cousins Ashly and Jordan Banjo are in the street dance group DIVERSITY . When Ash's parents die in a car crash and she is sent to her cousins what happens in a all boy group a girl comes walking in.


3. When the boys came .

Ashly Banjo's P.O.V 

Me and the boys were chilling in mine and perri's room in the hotel . Then I felt my phone viberate. I answered it it was mine and Jordan's little cousin Ash .After the conversation I grabbed Jordan and pulled him into my car . 'Mate what the hell was that for''He asked as I started to drive. ''Ash's parents were in a crash and they died she's at the hospital we need to go collect her '' I said consatrating on the road.''Mate why didn't you tell me sooner'' He said in a paniced voice. 

SIKP THE CAR RIDE.................................................

I saw Ash in the lobby of the hospital.''Okay thanks charlie see ya soon'' Ash said to the girl with black hair. Then she ran over to us.''Guys there gone I can't belive it its not fare '' she cried into my new top but i dont care. ''Come on lets get you back to the hotel'' Jordan said as he carried her to the car . 

SKIP CAR RIDE........................... 

Ash fell asleep in the car so jordan carried her to the room. When we walked into my hotel room. All the boys started asking us questions


''Okay to answer Perri's question she's are baby cousin and she's here becuase her parents died  and we went to collect her from the hospital '' I said .

''Perri Ash is sleeping in our bedroom to night so everyone get out'' i said to everyone. When I was putting Ash in my bed because i was sleeping on the couch she kinda looked like perri.

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