My diversity life

Ash is 11 years old her cousins Ashly and Jordan Banjo are in the street dance group DIVERSITY . When Ash's parents die in a car crash and she is sent to her cousins what happens in a all boy group a girl comes walking in.


4. wake up in the morning

Ash (little) p.o.v

When I woke up I didn't know where I was . I saw a person sleeping on the couch so I tjought it would be ashly. "Human girraffe wake up and make me food me belly needs it" I asked him as I kicked his back ."Uh what its only 2" Ashly complained . "In the afternoon dumbass" I sais in a duh tone. "okay 1 why didn't you wake me up early and 2 stop swearing " He said as he rose his giant self from the rather small couch. "well 1 I didn't want to and 2 Im aloud well used to"I said but by then the tears were at the egde of my eye."Oh don't cry lets go wake up jordan in the nexted room " he said with a smile. "okay I will get the jug of water and you show where hi room is " I said before walking into the kitchen part of the room and filled the jug and met ashly outside jordans and Sam's room. we snuck in and poored the water over him . I ran under the bed before he could catch me . "Aj Im going to fined you" h said in a creepy voice. When Sam came into their room he asked"what the hell mate ". Jordan explained and they both looked for me the Sam found me .He dragged me out from under the bed."Hi "I said as they both looked at me .

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