My diversity life

Ash is 11 years old her cousins Ashly and Jordan Banjo are in the street dance group DIVERSITY . When Ash's parents die in a car crash and she is sent to her cousins what happens in a all boy group a girl comes walking in.


2. Ashly's Profile

Hiya the name's ashly ,ashly  Jane wood . I live in a small town in Ireland it's called navan. Im 11 years old and I have curly hair like perri keily blue eyes and whiter than a ghost skin . My favourite colour is green/blue and green is not my favourite colour just because im irish. Im half english aswell because my mams english . My BIG cousins are..... ( drum roll please) Ashly and Jordan Banjo . Im different I dont like boring stuff I be random all the time for the craic so thats all you need to know for now. 


The girl on the cover isnt her just so you know

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