My diversity life

Ash is 11 years old her cousins Ashly and Jordan Banjo are in the street dance group DIVERSITY . When Ash's parents die in a car crash and she is sent to her cousins what happens in a all boy group a girl comes walking in.


1. The crash

Katies P.O.V

I cried and cried but I now have to call them if your wondering what I'm talking about listen I'll tell you

 4 HOURS LATER............................

''Sweetheart me and your father are going out charlie across the road is coming over tonight . When Charlie (my babysitter) came dad and mam left . Then I heard the phone ring . Charlie was talking she looked like she was nearly in tears . ''Okay thanks garda yea I'll tell her thanks'' Charlie said over the phone I don't have a good feeling about this. ''Ash your mam and dad have gotten into a crash a drunk driver hit their car they are in a bad stated their in hospital lets go'' Charlie told me has she brought me to her mini car . I didn't know what to do i just froozed in my seat in the car ' But when we reached the hospital I lost it I cried and cried. When I saw them I didn't understand I ran to the doctor . ''Sorry to interuped doctor but what are those  tubes for '' I asked . ''Oh poor girl their for helping your parents to breath '' said the doctor with a frown . Then the doctor ran of to my parents then the doctor shouted in dissapointment.''THEIR GONE'' . ''WHAT'' I shouted as I ran to my parents the nures tried to hold me back but the doctor told the to let me see my parents one last time. ''no no no no this cant be happening'' I whispered as I tried to wake mam and dad up '' Please don't leave me please'' I said to myself . I ran up to Charlie who had her arms wide open . ''They can't leave Charlie they can't'' I said into her hair. ''Can I borrow your phone please Charlie I have to make a VERY importent call'' I asked. When she handed over her phone theres one person i need to call Ashly Banjo my big cousin. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP as the phone rang I was thinking about what to say a=Ashly little       A=Ashly Big.


a:h-h-hi Ashly is that you 

A:Whats wrong curls

a:Ashly m-m-mam and d-d-dad died in a car crash

A: okay where are you me and Jordon are coming to get you 

a:b-b-but Im in Ireland are you not in London

A: no were on the diversity Irish tour were in Dublin

a: Okay I'm in the national hospital with Charlie ya know the one across the street

A : we will be there in a few minutes 

a : okay bye 

I walked back to Charlie ,and waited for my big cousin's.

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