Ment to be

I'm here all alone. People hate me at school. I have no money. No home and No nothing.


1. Poem

PS: This is not a story. It's more like a poem. Pleas comment. Their will not be any updating.


I'm her. All alone.

No one cares about about me.

No one loves me.

I live in the streets with no money.

People bully me.

I go to school.

But live in the streets.

But one day....

A man see's me.

He wanted to help me.

I spent the night at his house.

He gave me money to buy new clothes.

I spent it.

The clothes I got wasin't wet.

Wasin't dirty like my other clothes.

After 5 months of me sleeping at the man's house, he told me something that no one said to me befor.

''You are beutiful. You make my heart skip a beat wenerver i'm neaar you".


"I'm inlove with you"




PS: The 'Man' is Niall.

Thanks for reading and please comment.





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