Behind the Rock 'n Roll; Let's Learn the Basics

Book I of Behind the Rock 'n Roll Series | Sixteen year old Lloyd Powell has a thing or two to say about his sister's band - Its A Love Hate Affair. Hating rock bands has been his thing for years and Avril knows it but that doesn't stop her from using the garage for band practice. Lloyd happens to be at home when the band does and, one day, he decides to pull the plug on her dream but he stops when he meets his sister's best friend - James 'Jimmy' Taylor. Jimmy Taylor has always followed the friend code and is eager to be a rock star. What makes it frustrating is when they end using his friend, Avril's garage to practice. One day, he goes to fetch some water and ends up bumping into a less than friendly Lloyd. Jimmy instantly feels drawn to the other male but there's just one problem; Lloyd happens to be Avril's little brother! | Warnings of boy-on-boy relationships, underage sex, rape and swearing (as normal teenagers do).


3. Third Chapter: Avril's Strange Behaviour/James' Smile/Matty's Friend Being Too Friendly

A/N: This chapter includes rape. For those who don't like this sort of thing, please either skip or stop reading this story. Its up to you and I had a bit difficulty writing this because of this touchy subject.


avril's strange behaviour/james' smiles/matty's friend being too friendly

[|] Lloyd Powell [|]

Avril kept asking me the funniest of questions when we got home that evening. She started off by asking me about James; what did I think of him? What would I do if he liked me? Do I like him? Urg, to be honest it was driving me nuts! How could one person be interested in who you might like? 'Might' being the key word here. James and I were complete oposites and there were nothing that could make us be a couple. I wished that Avril could it but she kept badgering me about it.

"C'mon, Lloyd, you can tell me anything. I promise not to judge," she smiled at me, her eyes twinkling with mischief. My sister was an annoying bitch after all. "Please don't ignore me; I can't stand it." I think that was what made me snap. It had to be the reason I just screamed at her.

"Fine then; I have a bloody fucking crush on Jimmy! Are you happy now?" It was at that precise moment that my father walked into the living room and in on our conversation. Shite! He had heard me yell that, didn't he?

"I think I've walked in at the wrong moment." He mumbled looking between the two of us. He was right, he had walked in at the wrong moment. I think dads always did this. I guessed it was time to tell him the truth. I mean, he was the man who put the clothes on my back and fed me.

"Dad, I think I'm... I'm gay." I closed my eyes so that I couldn't look him the eyes since I didn't want to be rejected further by him. I heard him sigh as a comforting hand clasped on my shoulder. I felt a slight shift on the seat beside me and I immediately knew that my dad had sat down beside me.

"I'll leave you two to it." I heard Avril say and I looked up to see her leave the room. I mentally called her back but she didn't. It was like I was being betrayed before my life was going to be taken away in the shame that my father no dount felt.

"So, what or who has made you figure out your sexuality?" His question made me look at him. My father was smiling at me and I couldn't help but wonder why. "Lloyd, it was obvious since day one that you were even more special than your brother and sister. I mean, you once asked me about 'boys liking other boys' and, yes, it shocked me but it made me realise that you were different. It doesn't change you though because you are my son and I know I don't tell you often enough. That I apologise for that."

"Um, I'm sorry for being this way. I don't think I can help it." I sighed, turning away from him. My father did something that he probably hadn't done in years, he hugged. Really, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me into his chest. Although it felt strange, it was actually quite comforting. This told me that my dad was here for me even if it was sometimes distant.

"Don't apologise for something you can't control. I know I'll never understand it since I grew up in time where no one could accept 'different' but I want to accept it for your sake. We're in the twenty-first century after all." I heard him sigh as he pulled out of our awkward hug. I could see his point. I have heard about this at school and wondered why things were much more difficult back then. That was what Mrs. Jones - my History teacher - had told me anyway. I was glad that I wasn't taking the subject for my GCSEs this year because I disliked it. It was frightening to learn about those who were killed to protect others. Dad was proud of them and even went down to the Rememberance parade in town with his poppy pinned on. Every year he bought one for us but I never wore mine, opting to put it onto my wall. I prayed for my great granddad on that day and that was it.

"But you hate it, don't you?" I whispered, hoping that he couldn't hear me. His arms tightened around me, making me know that he had. Shite! I didn't mean to say that.

"No, I can't because I love you. I love all of my children." I could hear the sincerity in his voice as he spoke it. He was speaking the truth and I had to doubt myself didn't I? "Now, why don't you go and do your homework whilst I go prepare our tea, eh? I was thinking 'bout Spag Bol tonight; what do ya think?" He realised me and looked at me as I smirked. He knew me so well, didn't he? That was my favourite dish. "I take that grin as a yes. Now, move ya butt and get that homework done! I don't want Mrs. Lawless telling me another one of me kids are slacking. Matty and Avril made me hair thin, I don't want any grey hairs to accompany it." I laughed at this; my father could make us laugh whatever the situation. Standing, I left the room only to see my sister sitting on the stairs grinning down at me.

"How did it go?" She asked me but I knew that she already had her answer. Nothing was kept secret in this house for long and my sister knew that better than anyone.

"Didn't ya hear, Dad? He accepted it... Me..." I sighed as I walked up the steps and past my sister as James' face popped into my mind. His smiling blinding my vision. He had such a handsome smile, didn't he? "It was difficult for him."

"Good 'cause Jimmy's coming over for tea. Dad said he could," she smiled brightly at me as she stood up. "He'll be doing homework with me too which is why I'm not doing it now." I paused my day dream and gave my sister a sharp look. Jimmy was coming over for tea? I darted down the hallway and slammed my bedroom door after me. I couldn't do it; I couldn't admit my feelings just yet.

"What happened last night?" Was the first thing that Avril said to me the next morning. I had locked myself in my bedroom to avoid looking at James' smile. It made me feel strange things in the pit of my stomach and down there.

"I had too much homework to do," I lied not meeting her eye as I spread marmalade over my toast. "'Sides, you had your friend to entertain right?"

"Lloyd, Jimmy was actually to see how you were." I looked over to her; what? "Since you 'came out' he wanted to make sure you were alright. He does understand remember?" Oh, yea, James was gay too wasn't he? But he would never return my feelings I knew that for sure.

"Lloyd," Matty called as he entered the kitchen, clad in his gym uniform. "Would ya like to spend the morning at the gym? I'm only offering 'cause I don't want ya to do nothing on your morning off."

"That was today?" Avril asked, shock and jealously dripping in her tone. "If I've known that, I'd have called Jimmy and asked him to keep an eye on ya. Its his morning off too." I shrugged as I pulled on my blazer; there was no point in wearing non-uniform if I had classes this afternoon.

"I did promise Matty that I'd help him on one of his shifts so I don't mind. 'Sides, it'll look good on my CV; that's what Ms. Reily told me so I'm going for it." Ms. Reily was my personal tutor who gave me advise on my future. She even talked to my father about it. It was one of the key things that he found fascinating. That or he fancied the pants off my tutor; both were likely.

"Aye, that's the spirit!" My brother grinned, ruffling my hair. I sent him a glare which made him back off instantly. "C'mon, little brother, you'll be covering ya little head with a hat anyway so there is no point in fussing."

"Well, I'm taking the bus so I'll see you ladies later. Remember, the boys are staying over tonight so see ya losers later!" I stared after Avril as she left the kitchen; what, James was spending the night? Somebody should pinch me!

"Ah, I won't be here anyway." Matty told me as we walked over to his car. "I'll be at Natty's tonight." His cheeks went bright pink as he mentioned his girlfriend's name. The two would be coming up their three month mark soon and it looked as though they would be together much longer than that. It looked as though my brother was thinking about his love more seriously these days.

"Wow, Natty's the one isn't she?" I smirked making my brother's cheeks go darker. Yep, I had definately made a grown man blush. That was hilarious!

"Shuddup and get that skinny arse into the car!" Matty teased as I laughed getting into the car. How I loved to wind up my brother!

"Do my eyes decieve me; is that really Matty's cute baby brother?" Clive, my brother's friend and colleague, greeted. I swore that this guy was a pervert. His stare pentrated as though he was stripping my uniform off. Clive made me feel awkward because of the way he would flirt so openly with me.

"Clive, don't scare me kid brother 'kay? He just realised his sexuality." Matty leaned over the desk that Clive occupied and bought out a clipboard. He scribbled his name down before passing it over to me. "Sign in, Lloyd." He smiled reassuringly at me as I took it. "Don't worry 'bout Clive here, I'll make he stays away from ya. I can't have me brother's innocence taken by this creep can I?"

"You're meant to be my friend!" The latter exclaimed taking the clipboard from me as soon as I finished signing my name. "And you needn't worry ya screwed head 'bout it. He's a bit too young for me and I don't think my 'rents would be very happy to find out I'm a phedophile, do ya? They take ya jokes seriously, mate." Still, I got an odd feeling from Clive. I actually questioned why by brother would befriend such a guy.

"Whatever, just don't be alone with him. Anyhow, I've got to go and help some clients before the boss kills me." Matty looked over to me and sighed. "I'll take ya to the changing rooms; 'can't have ya clean the steam rooms in ya school uniform. Dad would kill me." I followed him, glad to get as far away from Clive as I could. After changing into my gym kit and storing my school bag and clothes into Matty's locker, I followed him towards the steam room.

"They need to be shining 'cause they get used a lot during the weekends. It can be a bastard to clean once the clients are done with it." My brother always swore around me because he knew I could control what I said. Well, sometimes. Dad and Avril were sure to be careful because they didn't want me to pick up any bad habits. Matty told me that I had to choose my words and what I did by myself because it was how one learned to take responsibility of their actions. For someone who didn't do his GCSEs, he had a lot of knowledge in his head. "If ya need anything, just ask Gloria or Olivia to help ya since their down the hall. But if ya need me, get one of them to go to fetch me, 'kay? I don't want my clients to fuss over ya." Typical Matty. He disliked it 'cause once all of the women (some men too) turned their attentions over to me. "Here's the cleaning stuff; have fun." He placed brooms and dish clothes in my hands before leaving the steam room.

I glanced around and groaned. I knew that this was going to take most of the morning to do, and I had to be at school 'round one o'clock before afternoon classes started. I was extremely glad that I had changed from my uniform now. I didn't want it to get dirtied up from the state of this place.

I was about half way through the cleaning when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist. I stiffened because I knew that it wasn't Matty or any of the ladies. My breath hitched as I felt something wet brush over the shell of my ear. What the hell was going on?

"Hello Lloydy!" A chuckle sounded through my ear and I let out a weak gasp. That was Clive but what the fuck was he doing? I felt one of his hands brush along the lining of my crotch and I shuddered.

"This isn't funny," I tried weakly. "Just let-" He clasped a hand over my mouth to halt my on coming sentence.

"I would but everyday single time I see ya, I have this unbelieve urge. Do ya know what I'm talking about?" I slowly shook my head because his hand was still covering my mouth. "Well," I heard a zip being undone, "Why don't I show ya?" A thought tumbled through my mind; what could I do? I felt weak and Clive seemed much stronger. "Don't worry 'bout anyone else; I've locked us in." Shit! There certainly wasn't any escape now were they?

A hand roughly covered my penis after my trousers and underwear were pulled down. I felt tears sting my ears as the hand rubbed along it; I wanted leave but his grip became tighter. Bloody hell! That was hurting me. I suddenly was shoved down on one of the wooden benches as my shirt was thrown off me.

"Awe, you have such cute nipples!" My predator smirked darkly at me as he pinched one with his free hand; the other was still working on my penis. "Why don't we make this even more interesting?" He purred into my ear trying to sound seductive. I knew that I had a chance to scream now that his hand wasn't obstructing my mouth. However, I couldn't; it was as if I had lost my voice. The fingers pinching my nipple left and I heard another zipper being undone. I instantly knew what was going to happen; it was evident on his face.

"Clive, please-" I began to beg but he soon cut me off.

"Fuck ya? Why, yes, I was going to that anyway." No! I tried to shove him away but he grapped my wrists and flipped me over to that I was facing the bench. He made sure that my bum was elevated in the air and he nudged my legs apart roughly. This was embarrassing but I have never done this before.

"My, Lloydy, you have such a cute hole." I heard the slim ball coo before feeling something prod at my entrance. Oh shit! He was being serious about the 'fucking' part wasn't he? A sharp pain ran through my body as he bucked forward. I let out a strangled noise as tears ran from my eyes. "Fuck, you're tight," I heard him grunt as he kept slamming his hips backwards and forwards into me. That was when I felt something wet run down between my legs as the pain around my hole grew intense.

"Aha! I think I've popped your cherry," he yelled continuing to pound into me. I began to sob loudly, wishing that he would stop.

"Please stop... Please... I don't want this..." I tried between sobs but he continued. I closed my eyes tightly, again wishing for this to stop. Then the heaviness disappeared and there was nothing inside me as I heard a strangled cry come from Clive. I numbly shifted on the bench and attempted to cover my backside. That was when I spotted red and I instantly felt dizzy.

"Shit! Its going to be okay, Lloyd, its going to be okay." I looked over to the soothing person and smiled weakly when I saw that it was James. I was imagining this right? The boy of my dreams was standing before me looking like he had beaten the shit out of someone.

"Hold me," I pleaded, wanting to know if this was real. I wanted to know if James was really stood there after saving me. He wrapped his arms around me and I sighed, letting the tears leave my eyes.

"Its okay, Matty's got a hold of 'Him' and Gloria's phoning the police." He whispered, running a hand through my hair. I sighed once more before closing my eyes. That was when everything went black.

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