Behind the Rock 'n Roll; Let's Learn the Basics

Book I of Behind the Rock 'n Roll Series | Sixteen year old Lloyd Powell has a thing or two to say about his sister's band - Its A Love Hate Affair. Hating rock bands has been his thing for years and Avril knows it but that doesn't stop her from using the garage for band practice. Lloyd happens to be at home when the band does and, one day, he decides to pull the plug on her dream but he stops when he meets his sister's best friend - James 'Jimmy' Taylor. Jimmy Taylor has always followed the friend code and is eager to be a rock star. What makes it frustrating is when they end using his friend, Avril's garage to practice. One day, he goes to fetch some water and ends up bumping into a less than friendly Lloyd. Jimmy instantly feels drawn to the other male but there's just one problem; Lloyd happens to be Avril's little brother! | Warnings of boy-on-boy relationships, underage sex, rape and swearing (as normal teenagers do).


6. The Date/Our First Kiss/Guitars


The Date/Our First Kiss/Guitars

[|] Lloyd Powell's POV [|]

Man, how many times did I scrub myself this morning? People thought that I was coping but really I wasn't. The only person who distracted me from my nightmares was James and it was a blessing in disguise. I really liked him and I can't believe that something as bad as that made me realise that. I wished I had realised my feelings in a different way. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist as I calculated how I would actually get over this.

This was the most serious thing that has ever happened to me and yet I found myself being more drawn to James. Maybe I should see what the fuse was about? Musically that was. I wondered what Dad would say if I asked for a guitar. I mean James played the guitar and it was an amazing instrument. Maybe if I let myself actually hear my sister's band play? I guess I would like them even if they weren't One Direction, they had to be good. Their bassist was rather good looking too. I was talking about James by the way. Jeremy and Daniel just didn't do it for me.

"Lloyd, get ya butt downstairs; we've gotta study, remember? If you wanna go to uni, that is. 'Can't have you missing Jimmy can we?" Ugh! That voice of my sister went through me. She was annoying at the best of times, I swore down. Oh, well I guess it couldn't be helped.

"I'll be down after I get dressed!"

"Ew, 'didn't need to know you were naked!" She called back up in playful disgust. Seriously, Avril had an odd sense of humour. She truly did. Anyway, clothes. I needed clothes since I wasn't going to show my nakedness to Avril and James' friends. I was sure they were nice and everything but I wasn't exactly comfortable with showing my body off to everybody. I was dressed in a flash though. Jeans, t-shirt and slippers since no one was allowed to where shoes in the house. I swear we were distantly related to the Japanese or something but Dad said we weren't. Having Scottish and Irish blood in our viens meant the Powells liked to drink. Mum apparently was Welsh and every remembered Rose Jones (note the irony) for being the most prettiest flower around. She was also quite delicate before I was born. Apparently she was really ill but didn't want to give me up when she fell pregnant to me. It was also her who decided my name; Lloyd Jack Powell. I wasn't complaining though since Dad was instant on naming my sister Avril Rose Powell and my brother Matthew Winston Powell. Matthew and Winston were after our grandfathers. My first name was actually a mystery to me although I have asked Matty many times what it meant. I couldn't exactly ask Dad could I?

"Wow, the genius has come to rub his wisdom on us!" Daniel exclaimed as soon as I entered the dining room. What the hell? Avril had been telling her friends of my genius! "Please share the knowledge o' gifted one."

"Is he always such an idiot?" I asked, looking directly to the other three for help. Both James and Avril shrugged at my words making my patience draw thin. I seriously had to study with him?

"Don't worry, Lloyd, you'll get use to him in no time." Jeremy smirked, rubbing Daniel's arm in affection. "Maybe you'll realise he's not an idiot either? 'Sides, there'll be no rubbing of any sort 'less you don't want to go on that date." At Jeremy's words, Daniel's cheeks went bright pink. Ha! I thought as much; the two fancied each other.

"Speaking of dates, when is Jimmy going to ask out my baby brother?" Avril asked as if the two of us weren't even in the same room. "I mean, you two do like each other. I think it would be cute if you two got together." She then looked between the four of us as a grin spilt over her lips. "I know! A double date between the four of you. It would be epic wouldn't it? The four of you lads going to the gay village and having fun!"

"We live in Manchester, sis, I don't think we could skip 'bout town hand in hand singing that we're gay." She frowned at me before shrugging.

"Eh, people are getting more open minded these days. 'Sides, you lot don't fit the sterotypical gay. Most folk picture the gay man with a high pitched voice and walking a toy dog."

"Why're we talking 'bout Alan Carr for? He's got nothing to do with us." Jeremy spoke up.

"Nooooo. I wasn't talking 'bout that wonderful man so shut ya trap! Seriously though, I've seen the butch gays. Man, they're seriously sexy but they're gay. Why are the good men gay, why?" She sighed rather sadly. Heh! No man fancied my sister unless you counted Alan Morgan in her year. He was a cute lad who shyly spoke to my sister when he had to. It was actually pretty sad to be honest.

"Hm. I'll consider it," James replied with a thoughtful over his features. "I mean, I'll have to see with Matty and ya dad don't I? They were wary when I first met them." I had to laugh; the Powell men could be quite scary when they had to be.

"They won't; I won't allow it." I smirked at him. "'Sides, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd love to go on a date with ya even if it is with the tweedle twins here."

"We're here!" Jeremy shouted teasingly before yelping after Daniel hit his arm.

"Clearly you're Tweedle Dum, honey. But a date with the handsome couple is exactly gonna be great." Daniel frowned when Jeremy glared at him. "Agh! I like you more; why'd ya think I held ya hand in the first place?"

"Oh, so that actually happened?" Avril squealed making me wince in pain. Why did girls insist on making such a horrid sound?

"Jimmy tattled on us!" Jeremy whined making me roll my eyes. James' friends were very immature. Sighing, I held up my textbooks.

"Let's get studying and we can worry 'bout the date later on. If we don't study, I absolutely refuse to go out." Jeremy pouted at the mere thought which irritated me. How cantankerous could one guy get?


"Seriously, that's a girly film!" I whined looking at the selection of film's that the cinema had. We had decided to go the IMAX in town instead and I was already regretting it. I couldn't believe Jeremy was suggesting such a frilly chick flick! How did Daniel fall for him? "Can't we watch something grittier?" I suggested looking back at the three taller guys accompanying me. I swore I had the height of a girl; even Avril was taller than me! Jeremy visibly shuddered when I used the word 'grittier'.

"Um, Jem doesn't like horror films; he likes happy films like Disney." Daniel explained with an embarrassed expression. That explained a lot as I glanced at the latter. He did seem the type to watch cartoons. Maybe he was the type who watched Naruto (a/n: an anime/manga)? The leading character did remind me of Jeremy.

"Fine. I can make meself watch something pathetic for a friend." Whoa. I just called Jeremy my friend; that was new for sure. "So, what's on that is Jeremy-friendly?" I couldn't see most of them because of my height. Ugh! I hated being small...

"Well, there's Life of Pi," Daniel suggested pointing to the movie poster. It had a lion on but the certificate rating was PG so it was child-friendly. I looked curiously at the 3D label wondering what it was like. I have never seen a 3D film before.

"Um, would it be okay? I can't stand wearing any kind of glasses. I mean I've never actually gone to see a 3D film before..." There was a silence and I knew that the three were staring at me.

"Its okay, Lloyd. You'll love it I'm sure." James smiled at me ruffling my hair. Only he could do that; anyone else and I was sure I'd commit a murder. He gently grabbed my arm and led me to the counter. "Let's get the tickets; my treat. I'll pay for everything; the glasses, even the munchies." I felt my cheeks heat up. This definitely felt like a date. Oh wait, it was a date. A double date. That was why Jeremy and Daniel were with us.

"Wow. I like this; no one's looking." Jeremy cooed excitedly making me seriously consider commiting that crime. Seriously, did he want us to stand out? Daniel hushed him though before he could squeal excitedly. I swore that Jeremy was the female in their relationship. Don't ask me how I know, the thought is quite sickening to be honest.

"Two children please," James told the cashier showing his student card. Oh gawd! He was making it sound less like a date. "Lloyd, d'you have ya ID card?" I was about to get it out but the woman behind the till shook her head. It was my height wasn't it? Gawd, I swore that was an insult! This was so embarrassing. "We're going to watch Life of Pi," he added taking out his wallet, "Could we have a pair of 3D specs too please?" I knew that James was being polite because he had to be. At school, he treated teachers like did with his friends. He sometimes went far as to use their first names. It was sorta funny come to think about it.

"So, we have to wear these when the film starts?" I asked looking at the dark glasses in awe. They reminded me of sunglasses if I were to be honest.

"Yes, the lenses have some special material in them that align the red and blue spots to make a clear picture. 'Course the picture practically jumps on ya but its worth the experience." The picture jumps out at you? The image in my mind made me shiver in both fear and anticipation. Why did the thought scare me?

"Yay; Danny's buying me chocolateeeeee!" Jeremy cheered appearing next to us. He already had the 3D glasses on that made him look like some model. Even all of the girls were drooling over him.

"Not so loud, Jem, there's homophobes about. Maybe." James scolded his friend before going to the food counter. I called over to him, saying what snacks I wanted. "Going for the expensive crap; just like ya sister!" He grumbled as he joined Daniel.

"You remind me of Naruto," I suddenly said making Jeremy turned to me. The blonde took off the glasses and frowned down at me.

"Is it my hyperactive personality? No one really bothers telling me." He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Its ironic isn't it? Danny reminds me of Sasuke but only slightly. I've read enough of the fan stuff to know of SasuNaru." What did he mean by 'fan stuff'? "Um, you probably think I'm some perv right?"

"Nah, ya like what ya like. No one can change that, right?" He shrugged slightly, staring at the ground. "At least ya got Daniel there with ya."

"Its just that me 'rents haven't spoke to me when I told 'em 'bout me feelings. They kind of kicked me out and I'm now living at Danny's. Only he knows why. I tried... I didn't want to become my older brother, Dean, who they had kicked out years later." He sighed sadly. "They catch him in their bed beneath some guy. Me 'rents are hardcore Catholics and ignore that God loves everyone."

"Whoa. I thought true Catholics were all loving." I whistled kindly as Daniel and James came back, their arms full of food. My eyes widened at the amount of sweets that James had and licked my lips. "Sugaaaaarrrrrrr."

"Ugh! I thought Jem was bad." Daniel groaned passing Jeremy half of the sweets in his arms. "Take ya time and when we get home, you're brushing ya teeth."

"Yes, sir. Anyhow, I wanna go laugh or cry so let's go." Jeremy, despite the amount of sweets he was carrying, managed to grab Daniel's hand and drag him towards the theatre. How could they do that with all of those people staring? Surely something was bond to go wrong.

"Oh shit! Its the faggot gang," I shuddered hearing that voice. It belonged to Greg Smith. James and I turned to see him holding onto Penelope's hand. Seriously, how could she date that boy? "'Ello, Powell. Taylor."

"I didn't think you'd be homophobic since you're a prefect, Smith." James spat, glaring at the pair. He was right. Our school didn't tolerate any kind of prejudice what-so-ever. If Mr. Jackson were to find out, he'd take their badges off them without a moment's thought.

"So Howell really punched Morrison? Gawd, that fuckin' faggot should of gotten the boot." Greg smirked bitterly; what did that have do with our current conversation? Penelope didn't say anything but her fixed glare upon James said it all. "I thought you were cool but it looks like that fag sqad corrupted ya!"

"They didn't corrupt me; if anything my genes corrupted me!" What was I saying? I didn't have the slightest of ideas, if I were to be honest. It just so happened to leave my mouth. "Me uncle and aunt are gay so I'd shut ya. They have pretty respectable jobs too; me uncle's a politician (a/n: I seriously don't get politics -.-) and me aunt's a lawyer."

"Hm. Collette Jones' a les? Ew. That's the first woman I fancied!" Greg's cheeks coloured as Penelope let go of his hand. She obviously disliked it that he spoke of fancying someone else. "But its still wrong. D'you worship the devil or something?"

"I'm an atheist so I don't have any beliefs." I responded. James sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"I'm a Catholic, so is Jem. We were taught to believe in love. If it makes us hippies, let it be so." Just then, Jeremy and Daniel strolled back over. Obviously they were worried about us to come back. As soon as they saw the grusome twosome, they dropped their loot.

"Bleeding 'eck, can't the homophobs leave us alone!" Jeremy yelled in irritation. "I had enough of ya in detention; why'd they let ya be in charge of detention?"

"I'm a prefect, ya fag. I just can't believe Jackson made Taylor Head Boy. His fagginess might rub off on his underclassmen." I quickly grabbed onto James' arm and sighed.

"At least he's good person now leave him alone." I glared at him as my grip tightened around James. I wasn't going to let him go any time soon. "Guys, let's go hang out at mine; the air is thick with homophobia." I pulled James towards the nearest exit as I heard a grumbling Jeremy follow us. I think we ruined his date with Daniel.

"There's always next time. 'Sides, its just us at home tonight; I'll cook for us, 'kay?" Awe, Daniel was such a sweet guy wasn't he? I saw some intelligence in this guy. Shit! I just realised that I have ruined my first date with James. Gawd, Greg and Penelope really knew how to spoil it all didn't they?


"James, will you help me choose a guitar?" I suddenly asked James as we sat in my room. Daniel had dragged Jeremy with the promise of wining and dining him that evening. I just hoped the two of them were okay. What happened with Morrison helped them to admit their feelings for one another. Mr. Webbe was a really open minded guy to allow the two to stay together that way. I didn't know about his mother because she was never around.

"Cool, I'd like that! A guitar is like a woman so whatever one you pick, it'll be a love affair." A woman? James wasn't compairing a guitar to a woman. There again, a guitar is a best friend for life. That was what Matty told me once he got his first guitar. My brother and James were poetic about the instrument. When Avril got one she told me that if I touched it, I'd die a horrid painful death. I swore that my sister wasn't human.

"A love affair but James that'd be cheating on you." I grinned trying to tease him. I have never flirted in my life and I hoped that I was doing it right.

"Awe, don't worry Lloyd; its just a guitar, right? I have my own collection at home so I promise not to get jealous if you don't." He smiled at me making my cheeks heat up. James had a really nice smile which had strange effect on me. It made want to do something about it.

"James, would it be okay if..." I trailed suddenly feeling nervous. I couldn't even say it could I? He gave me a strange look but he nodded as if to say to continue when I was ready. This was why I liked him, he was so patient about it. I couldn't have asked for a better... What were we? I didn't think to ask. I have always known him as Avril's bastard friend but now I wasn't so sure.

"Lloyd?" He asked after a while. Had I been silent for that long? I opened my mouth to reply but before I could speak a pair of lips desended upon mine. Oh my gawd, he was kissing me! Our first kiss...

I didn't hesitate to kiss him back since I had been dying to for a while now. It was... Wow... No words could describe how wonderful it felt. I sighed into the kiss knowing that there were going to be a lot more kisses in the future. Now that was something I could look forward to.

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