Behind the Rock 'n Roll; Let's Learn the Basics

Book I of Behind the Rock 'n Roll Series | Sixteen year old Lloyd Powell has a thing or two to say about his sister's band - Its A Love Hate Affair. Hating rock bands has been his thing for years and Avril knows it but that doesn't stop her from using the garage for band practice. Lloyd happens to be at home when the band does and, one day, he decides to pull the plug on her dream but he stops when he meets his sister's best friend - James 'Jimmy' Taylor. Jimmy Taylor has always followed the friend code and is eager to be a rock star. What makes it frustrating is when they end using his friend, Avril's garage to practice. One day, he goes to fetch some water and ends up bumping into a less than friendly Lloyd. Jimmy instantly feels drawn to the other male but there's just one problem; Lloyd happens to be Avril's little brother! | Warnings of boy-on-boy relationships, underage sex, rape and swearing (as normal teenagers do).


2. Second Chapter: Avril's Cute Baby Brother/Nagging Parents/Friendly, Suspicious Smiles



avril's cute baby brother/nagging parents/friendly, suspicious smiles

[|] James Taylor [|]

As soon as I entered the hall, Avril pulled me to the side. Her expression was curious, meaning she was concerned about something and it involved me. My friend was always curious about me; simple fact. I had the suspicion that it was to do with me being gay and having been raised in an all-male household. Being the youngest, I was babied by my mother; I still was because my 'rents didn't want to let me go just yet.

"What was that with my brother?" Avril asked me in a quiet tone so that nobody heard. I began to expain about Penelope breaking up with him but she shook her head. "And the the part about whispering in his ear or when you pulled off his cap making him blush? I wonder if that is how one comforts another."

"Sorry, Av, I couldn't resist it okay? I'm naturally attracted to those in need. You should know that." Her frown told me that she wasn't entirely convinced. Now that I thought about it, I wasn't either. "Look, maybe, I find Lloyd cute. I mean, who wouldn't with those expressions that he pulls?"

"If you say so." Avril turned and walked up to the stage. She was mad with me, wasn't she? I couldn't tell because I grew up with six brothers and I did have two sisters but they were older than me, having moved before I was born. I sighed as the headmistress - Mrs Lawless - waved me over to the stage to run over the assembly since I was to lead the presentation. Thorughout the assembly, though, I found myself looking towards Lloyd once in a while. What was wrong with me? I had never felt drawn to someone younger than me before.

It wasn't Avril to point out my new obsession, it was our friend Danny Webbe to point it out. During our lunch hour, I found myself sneaking a glance at Lloyd more than I normally did. When the boy returned my gaze, we both gave the other confused gazes before smiling at the other.

"Isn't there some law against lusting after your friends' siblings?" I turned round and told Danny to sod off before resuming my previous gaze. I heard my friend chuckle softly. "I knew it, what's Avril got to say about that? I mean, I wasn't to pleased when Jem was in love with my sister. It defies the law of friendship; I just hope for your sake, its just a passing obsession." Jem Howell looked up at Danny, and slapped his thigh since our friend had opted to sit on the actual table.

"Leave the poor boy alone, mate. And, for the record, I did not have a crush on Susie; it was the other way round." Now I remember; whenever we were around the Webbe household, Susie (Danny's little sister who's twelve) would cling onto Jem for the entire visit. In the end, he got sick of it and went to see Danny's parents about it. That was the last we saw of Susie 'cause if we ever went round, she would lock herself in her room which meant freedom for Jem.

"Okay, but what about Jimmy here? He's continuously gazing in Lloyd Powell's way; I wonder what Avril would say about that." Jem frowned and I could see why. Danny always stuck his head somewhere where it wasn't wanted.

"Danny, don't just point the finger. Maybe Jim's worried 'bout the boy? I heard that bitch Penny Jones dumped eariler and now she's cuddling someone else." I turned my gaze back to the two properly and asked who would be stupid enough to do that. "Some nerd called Greg Smith; 'never heard of him to be honest. I think she's using him so that she can have Lloyd back. I wonder why she even bothered dumping the poor boy." I glanced back at Lloyd, my concern only increasing.

"Greg Smith's also a Prefect," Avril commented, sitting down next to me. "Remind me to never volunteer my services to lunchtime detention again. Those brats wouldn't shut up their gobs and..." She trailed off and nudged me. "It would appear that St Jimmy's in love with my little brother to not listen to my pain."

"What? Oh, sorry what was it? And I'm not in love with Lloyd; I'm just concerned about him." She slowly nodded as a grin spread across her lips. Avril leaned into me and gazed over to her brother.

"For the record, I think he likes you too. I've always known, deep down, that he's gay. Dad won't acknowledge it but he sort of knew it too." She sighed softly and squeezed my hand. "I would advise you to capture his heart before the likes of Penny kidnaps it from your grasp."

As soon as I got home from Avril's, my mother had me washing the pots and help prepare the tea. Sometimes, I was glad that the others had moved out 'cause mealtimes were always so hectic. My mother hovered around me and I had to ask her what she was doing.

"I was just wondering why you look as though you've sampled some weed?" I nearly dropped the knife I was holding and looked at her. What? "Its just that you look completely happy and I was wondering if you've finally found a boyfriend. If so, your father and I would love to meet him sometime." Here we go again, my parents wanted me to be happy but their consistent nagging wasn't helping. I sighed, resuming chopping up some green vegetables.

"It complicated." She asked me how it could be so. "I do like someone, sort of, but you know he is out of my league." Mum squinted her eyes and said she would kill me if I fancied a teacher. "No, he's not a teacher, Mama. Um, d'you remember Lloyd Powell?" She tilted her head, a trait meaning that she was figuring something out, before a smirk crossed her lips.

"Oh, oh! You mean Avril's little brother. Awe, he's such a cutie and I think you two would make such a cute couple." I told her that we weren't a couple but Mum waved it off. "I knew that, Silly Jammy! Though, I think you should talk to him 'cause he might feel the same way. I've always known that my baby would date a Powell. When you were younger, I thought you'd some day marry Avril but now I know you're going to grow old with Lloyd by your side." She clasped her together as tears flowed from her eyes. "Thinking about it makes me so happy. I know you two will have a beautiful relationship!"

"Please, Mama, don't get my hopes up, okay? I doubt that Lloyd remotely has feelings for me." I placed down the knife and sighed. "May I be excused? I don't feel up to anything right now." Mum nodded and sent me on my way. I whizzed passed Dad and up the stairs.

Once I was in my room, I locked the door after me and flopped down on the bed. I closed my eyes and let my thoughts consume me.

There was a knock at the door and I turned on my back, wondering who it was. Another knock made me sigh and push off my bed. I pulled on a pair of pyjama bottoms and strolled over to the source. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I pulled the door towards me.

"Is tea really ready this quickly?" I asked, having not yet looked at my visitor simply 'cause there were still sleep in my eyes. I heard a light chuckle which made me pause. That chuckle didn't belong to Dad or any of my brothers. It was definitley a guy's laugh though which made me think. Danny or Jem? Nah, their chuckles were loud and quite dirty compared to this one.

"Nah, ya mam said that your dinner would ready at 'round eight since your sisters are popping down." I gasped. That voice belonged to, I looked at him, Lloyd Powell. A whop of joy sounded through my head as I looked at my friend's little brother.

"Oh, okay. Um, so, um, what brings you here?" I asked him as I moved to the side to let him into my room. Once he was inside, I closed the door after him and turned to see him sitting on my bed. "What can I do for you?" I repeated making Lloyd look at me deeply. I reluctantly sat down next to him and waited until he spoke.

"Well, um, this is difficult for me to say." He sighed and I told him to take his time. I disliked it when anyone felt nervous around me 'cause I was pretty much laid back in my ways. I suddenly asked him if Avril had sent him over. "No, no. She doesn't know that I'm here. Look, Jimmy, I'm sorry that I was rude to you the other day. Its just that I don't like rock very much."

"I see, is that all ya came 'round for?" I had forgiven him of course. Who could blame him? Having something that he didn't like shoved into his face that way.

"No," he pulled a strange expression, "Look, I only wanted to apologise 'cause I might have... I mean I know that I feel something for you." It was my turn to give him a strange expression. This was a dream right? "Don't look at me like that. This is difficult for me, remember? I mean, I've never thought about liking a guy in that way before I saw you."

"That's okay," I assurred him with a slight smile, "The past few days I was worried 'bout you 'cause of the Penny problem. But, I've come to realise that I have a crush and half on you." I saw his pale cheeks colour as his eyes serveyed me. His then flashed me a cute smile.

"Then would it be okay if...?" He trailed off as he crawled onto my lap and moved his arms around my shoulders. Lloyd's face then inched closer to mine. "I've always thought about you," he whispered. Then he pressed his lips against mine in a slow, passionate kiss.

"Jammy!" My mother's voice echoed through the air, making me snap open my eyes and groan in realisation that I was really dreaming. "Grub's up, honey. Now hurry before your father steals it all!"

"I'll be down in a minute!" I called back, a smile across my lips. I had to admit that was some dream. Maybe liking Lloyd had its advantages? For one, I would be able to protect him from bitches like Penny and that made me grin at the idea. Now, all I had to do was to see if Lloyd returned my feelings 'cause I disliked relationships to be one-sided.

Avril and I were preparing for the Year 9 assembly when I decided to tell her my news. I thought she would be upset about it but she simply smiled at me. This was a good sign, meaning that she wasn't mad about it. She patted my shoulder like she did to wish me luck.

"Don't worry, Jimmy, I'll think of a way to get you two together. I've always wanted you in the family." Knowing Avril, this plan was going to be a tad too extreme. "Leave it to me, okay?" I slowly nodded my consent simply 'cause when my friend got determined, there was no stopping her. I knew it was wise to leave her to it 'cause, in the end, she always got her own way.

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