Behind the Rock 'n Roll; Let's Learn the Basics

Book I of Behind the Rock 'n Roll Series | Sixteen year old Lloyd Powell has a thing or two to say about his sister's band - Its A Love Hate Affair. Hating rock bands has been his thing for years and Avril knows it but that doesn't stop her from using the garage for band practice. Lloyd happens to be at home when the band does and, one day, he decides to pull the plug on her dream but he stops when he meets his sister's best friend - James 'Jimmy' Taylor. Jimmy Taylor has always followed the friend code and is eager to be a rock star. What makes it frustrating is when they end using his friend, Avril's garage to practice. One day, he goes to fetch some water and ends up bumping into a less than friendly Lloyd. Jimmy instantly feels drawn to the other male but there's just one problem; Lloyd happens to be Avril's little brother! | Warnings of boy-on-boy relationships, underage sex, rape and swearing (as normal teenagers do).


4. Saving Him/Falling in Love/Recovering


Saving Him/Falling in Love/Recovering

[|] James Taylor [|]

"Jammy," my mother ran into the waiting room and wrapped her arms around my shoulders. That was the last time I told the hospital that she worked here; she always made out that I was the victim. "I'm so glad that you're okay."

"Mama," I gently pushed her away and looked towards the examination room. "Lloyd's in there." That only made her concern grow. Shit! I forgot that she knew of my feelings for him.

"What happened, honey?" She asked, her tone still gentle as she pulled me into another hug. For someone so petite, she was rather strong.

"Mama, Lloyd was..." No, I couldn't tell her that. It was disgusting and his story to tell. She gave me a curious look as Avril and Mr. Powell stepped into the room. My friend walked up and grasped my shoulder.

"Shit, I wondered where you were; thank fuck you were there when my brother was..." She broke off her sentence and let out a strangled cry. Mr. Powell wrapped an arm around her shoulders as he looked at me.

"Thanks, Jimmy, for being there. I know that he was scared but I'm glad it was you and Matty that found him." He looked over to my mother and smiled. "Hello, Judith, I'm sorry that our meeting is surrounded by something quite bad as this." She nodded in understanding as a female nurse came out.

"Is there a James here? Lloyd is asking for him." My heart stopped for a nano-second; he was asking for me? A firm hand grasped my shoulder and I turned to see Mr. Powell looking at me.

"Go ahead, ya deserve it after today." Slowly, I followed the nurse into the room where Lloyd was clutching his legs on the bed. As soon as he saw me, a weak smile graced his lips as he opened his arms.

"James!" He slowly stood from the bed and wrapped his arms around my torso as I felt my heart excelerate. Really, was I actually falling for him? I returned his embrace and ran a hand through his hair.

"Its me; everything will be okay now." I heard him sigh against my chest which made me shudder slightly.

"What happened after I passed out?" I paused, thinking about what I should him. Sure, the bastard was locked up but they were still busy investigating it. I was surprised that the news hadn't spread to the news papers. "You can tell me."

"Well, the guy who did this is behind bars."

"Oh, is that all? The police didn't tell me anything when the asked me questions." Was that so? I wondered how long it would take to get over this. It certainly was an act of cruelity.

"He's asking after you," Avril greeted as soon as I picked up the phone. It had been two days since 'that' had happened. "Lloyd's asking after you," she repeated. I lay back on my bed, trying not to picture his scared expression once more. "Jimmy?"

"Yea, I heard ya." I squeezed my eyes shut as an unfamiliar pain coursed through my being. "I don't know what I can do. I mean, I don't want to see him like that." I heard my friend sigh on the other end. This was frustrating for her too, I could tell.

"But in order to make him happy, you must be by his side. I know its difficult but I want my little brother back. He isn't eating, isn't sleeping. He's locked in his bedroom, crying day and night." Avril sighed once more; I could tell that she was in pain. "Please, Jimmy, I know it hasn't been been a week but I think you should come over. If you spoke to him, maybe he would be able to move on peacefully."

"Ugh!" I groaned because I certainly was going to hell but I couldn't stand by and let him crumble. "Give me an hour and I'll come over."

"Thanks, Jimmy! Bring some fresh clothes with ya; you can stay whilst he recovers. Don't worry, Dad said you could." I gulped and hung up the phone. Approval from his father meant it would be more difficult for me to come to terms with my feelings for Lloyd.

"Jammy, what are you doing?" My mum asked me, when she entered my bedroom. I was certainly packing some clothes to go over to Avril's.

"Packing some clothes so I can go to Avril's for a few days." I replied, zipping up my bag. "Mr Powell said it was okay so I'm going. This way I can protect Lloyd the best I can." My mother let out a sigh and pulled me into her arms. "Mum?"

"My little boy is growing up," she cooed, "Love has made you into a delightful young man." Love? Then what I felt for Lloyd was love. My cheeks heated up at the mere notion. Why did I feel so embarrassed? "I suppose it was meant to go this way. You're going to be graduating soon too and off to university you'll go." She let out a sob. "My baby's leaving me. My Jammy's becoming a man."

"Not yet, Mama, I'm just staying at a friend's for a few days." I tried to reason making her tighten her grip.

"Of course, your lover is one lucky guy." That made me go hotter in the face. What was my mother going on about?

"Mama, we're not together ya know?" I could have sworn I heard her let out a shaky sob after I said that. Don't tell me, she was disappointed by that sentence. I had the right to state facts, didn't I? "Um, I need to get going; Av and Lloyd are expecting me." She pulled out of our awkward hug and moved over to my bedroom door.

"Don't forget your pampering things okay?" I mentally groaned; only my mother would call them that. I prefered tooth brush, razor and deodrant. I sighed leaving my room and going into the bathroom. I near enough gagged when I spotted my father stood at the toilet with his 'little friend' hanging out. I quickly grabbed what I needed and bolted out of the room.

"Jimmy, you've got one there's no need to gag." I heard my father chuckle from the bathroom. Ignoring him, I stuffed my retrieved items into my bag and pulled on a pair of converse along with my winter coat. Christmas was around the corner and the weather was showing it well kind of. It was more raining than snowing. In fact there hadn't been any snow yet which I could be grateful for. I had lost interest in the whole snow man building and snow ball fight thing years ago. Only Danny and Jem would try to encourage me to engage in a snow ball fight with them. It just showed how immature they were.

"Right, I'm leaving now!" I called out as I walked down the stairs, texting Avril that I was about to set off. I grabbed my keys and was out of the door before my parents could pull me into a bear hug. Man, they were really embarrassing at times.

After I knocked on the door of the Powell household, someone with glasses and tied up dark hair answered. They were also wearing dark red sweats which made my concern grow. I actually was under the impression that I had got the wrong house. That was until they opened their mouth;

"You look like a fecking god fish, close that mouth." Avril. Did she have any idea what she looked like? "I was studying is all if ya must know. At weekends, I wear this and I've just ran out of contact lenses. Lloyd's bond to have his glasses on too." I had forgotten that most if the Powells had bad eye sight. I couldn't picture Lloyd wearing glasses though. "Take off your shoes, okay and I'll call Lloyd?" I nodded, watching her move up the stairs. "Lloyd, Jimmy's here to see you!"

Rolling my eyes, I stepped into the house and slipped off my shoes, looking up the stairs. I wondered if Lloyd would even come out of his bedroom. After what had happened, I would stay indoors for a very long time if it were me. I looked to see Avril standing at the top of the stairs, her hands on her hips looking down at me.

"Well, he's still refusing to come out but he said you may enter his room. If you wish it." I smiled at her pulling off my coat. She returned my smile as she moved back down the stairs. "I'll take your bag up to the spare bedroom whilst you go talk to him. Just be careful with what you say because he's still a bit-"

"Fragile?" I completed for her as I held out my bag. Taking it, she nodded her head before disappearing towards the spare bedroom. I let out a deep sigh as I strolled up the stairs. If I actually thought about it, I have never been up to his room before. Granted I have walked past it to go to Avril's room but that was about it. The door of the room in question read: 'Lloyd's Room; Please knock before entering.' I laughed at the politeness of the request. It leaked typical Lloyd and that made me happy. I raised my hand to knock on just as the door opened.

"James?" I didn't cringe at the use of my full name because this was the boy I liked saying it. I had to admit it now. I was in love with Lloyd Powell and I couldn't deny it anymore.

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