Behind the Rock 'n Roll; Let's Learn the Basics

Book I of Behind the Rock 'n Roll Series | Sixteen year old Lloyd Powell has a thing or two to say about his sister's band - Its A Love Hate Affair. Hating rock bands has been his thing for years and Avril knows it but that doesn't stop her from using the garage for band practice. Lloyd happens to be at home when the band does and, one day, he decides to pull the plug on her dream but he stops when he meets his sister's best friend - James 'Jimmy' Taylor. Jimmy Taylor has always followed the friend code and is eager to be a rock star. What makes it frustrating is when they end using his friend, Avril's garage to practice. One day, he goes to fetch some water and ends up bumping into a less than friendly Lloyd. Jimmy instantly feels drawn to the other male but there's just one problem; Lloyd happens to be Avril's little brother! | Warnings of boy-on-boy relationships, underage sex, rape and swearing (as normal teenagers do).


5. Ignoring Bad Comments/University Applications/Advanced Classes


Ignoring Bad Comments/University Applications/Advanced Classes

[|] Normal POV; three weeks later... [|]

It had been three weeks since the incident and it looked as though Lloyd was slowly getting back to normal. He had even agreed to study with Avril and her friends when it became apparent that he was more inclined for A Level studies. This had made his sister jealous because it meant that her brother would be going to university at the same time as herself.

"So, he's like some sort of genius?" Daniel asked when James and Avril told him about Lloyd's grades.

"It appears so and Reily wants him to take some of our classes. They'll be putting him in the A Level examinations next." Avril adjusted her glasses since she did not have any time to buy more contact lenses. "Not only did he gain Mum's looks but it looks like he has her brains too."

"Ah, to have brains and beauty must be a wonderful thing." Jeremy sighed dreamily, looking up from his text book. It was an engineering book, something that he was studying for. "No wonder he and Jimmy are the prefect match, eh?"

"And what d'ya mean by that?" The latter asked, glaring at his friend. Sure, he had just come to terms with his feelings but he didn't want anyone to tease him. "'Sides, I doubt he likes me that way." Leaning back in his chair, he let a sigh leave his lips as he thought about the younger boy.

"Really, wasn't he whining when you refused you keep him warm in bed?" Daniel and Jeremy's cheeks went red, obviously thinking of dirty images. "Ugh, why are most men perverted?"

"Sorry, its just it would be good right? They both are good looking," Daniel smiled softly before he let a loud yelp leave his lips. "What the hell was that for?" He glared at Jeremy who whistled 'innocently'.

"No reason. I just thought I was better looking, ya know?" He shrugged as the librarian approached them.

"Messrs Webbe, Howell, Taylor and Miss Powell if you can't keep quiet I must advise you to leave." Daniel was the first one to stand and to gather his things, saying that he was due in French anyway so needed to go. Jeremy, remembering that he had Science, followed his friend. "Bunch of fags," the librarian mumbled as he went back to his desk. Jeremy and Daniel paused before they had even reached the door. James quickly got out of his and the three of them surrounded the older man. "What d'you want now?"

"I know I have good hearing so I couldn't have imagined you calling us fags!" Jeremy screamed as he drove his fist forward and smacked it against the older man's nose. Avril's eyes went wide as she shot out of her chair and towards the three. Just as she did, Daniel pulled their friend back and cursed very loudly making more people look their way. "Let me at him; that bastard just insulted us!"

"You fuckin' bastard; how dare you assault a teacher?" The librarian, Mr. Morrison, yelled at the boys getting back to his feet. He then did something that shocked the room; he slapped Jeremy. The boy quivered underneath the harsh assault; a stinging soon followed.

"Jeremy," Daniel whispered, turning the latter around so that he could have a better look of his cheek. His eyes widened at the red hand print that had marked his cheek. "Its going to be okay." Daniel pressed a hand against Jeremy's cheek only to retract it when he hissed in pain.

"Mr. Morrison!" A woman's voice screamed through the library. It was clear who that belonged to. Mrs. Lawless, the school's headmistress, stormed towards the desk. "To my office now; the same goes for you three!" James and Daniel led a shocked Jeremy out of the room followed by the headmistress and Mr. Morrison. Avril frowned deeply before taking her things and leaving herself. She needed some peace and quiet and decided that the prefect room was acceptable.

"Did ya know that Lloyd Powell got raped?" Avril heard Gregory Smith ask as soon as she entered the prefect room. They were still gossiping about her little brother; the cheek of it. She quietly sat away from Gregory and his girlfriend (Penelope) so that she could listen to them but not snap so easily.

"Of course; I did date him! 'Parently it was that Jimmy Taylor. 'Told ya not to trust that bastard." What did that bitch just say? Avril stood up and slammed her hands upon their table. This action made Gregory jump out of seat and leave the room.

"Follow ya boyfriend, Penelope and keep that gossiping beak outta my business." The latter didn't move an inch nor did it look like she cared. "Silly bitch! As if Jimmy would do that. Think 'bout it; how come he's roaming the school and Clive Richards is jail, eh? It all happened at the gym where Richards worked so please get your facts straight."

"Clive Richards...? But Jimmy's name was in the paper when...when it happened. It can't be..." Avril couldn't believe for one second that the younger female was confused but Penelope, according to the drama nerds, wasn't a good actress. "Oh...oh! Yes, I remember now... Richards is thirty right? They found indecent images on his computer later on in the week."

"So, he's a paedophile...?" Avril felt sick to her stomach. Her older brother had worked with such a man and the guy most have been preying on Lloyd for a while.

"Its sick isn't it? I'm glad the bastard has been thrown into hell now! I can't stand that Lloyd got-" The latter's voice cut her sentence.

"Its me who was raped and I don't expect any sympathy." Avril had forgotten that Lloyd was a prefect but he rarely entered this room. Her little brother prefered to steer away from other people but now it appeared that he was keen to make new friends. "Also, James has done nothing but steal my heart. Too bad for you, Penelope, right?"

"What d'you mean 'steal your heart'?" The latter spat, raising from her seat. "You're both boys and you'll to go hell for it!" Avril rolled her eyes as she watched the blonde clench her fists.

"Ah, if that is so why are people in church or other religions becoming more accepting towards it? Its not a choice but a way of life. Although you may not want it, its springs upon you when you least expect it and therefore you must learn how to live with it." Lloyd waved off Penelope's protest easily and that made his sister smile. She knew that he was open minded about this kind of thing after all. "I don't expect you to accept me for who I am nor do I expect any harsh words from you. I am who I am and I don't give a damn." That line sounded familiar to Avril but she couldn't put her finger on it. Penelope generally looked stunned as she looked between the two siblings.

"Ah, damn it. I don't know what to say to that but, for now, I don't think I can accept it." The blonde picked her bag and left the room quietly. An awkward silence soon hung in the air. It was strange since Avril thought that she would be high-fiving with her little brother.

"I hear that James and the others were taken to the head's office; what happened?" Lloyd asked taking a seat at one of the tables. This wasn't what Avril expected but she could tell that he was concerned for James; his saviour.

"Morrison was being prejudice as usual; Jem flipped and punched the old bastard. But that's not all, Morrison smacked him back." Lloyd stared at his sister in apparent shock.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Lawless fires his arse. No one should hit a child no matter what. I suppose whatever he said provoked Jeremy." Avril nodded her head and sighed.

"Morrison went too far and I know it was aimed towards the boys; I could have sworn I heard the word fag being muttered." Lloyd shuddered at the word; it was clear that he still disliked that word. "I don't get why Jem did hit him though; its not as if he should be offended. Normally he would just complain but to use violence is strange."

"Its 'cause he's fighting his own feelings. I've sensed this for a while now; I have noticed the constant stares he tosses towards Daniel. It was bound to come out sooner or later." Avril was surprised by Lloyd's observation but not surprised by what he was trying to say.

"Well, Danny did come to his aid when he got smacked. I suppose its mutal for both of them." Just then James entered the room looking really calm. Avril assumed that inside he was ready to flip out. "James!" The latter turned towards Lloyd and smiled.

"'Ello Lloyd, Avril. Good news, Morrison has been fired. Jem's 'rents are in there discussing what can be done 'bout his outburst. Wrong I know but he did retaliate. Also, he came out to Morrison, Lawless, me and... Danny." Avril let a gasp leave her lips; so Lloyd was right! What now?

"Where's Danny now? I don't see him with you." James hesitated before letting a deep sigh leave his lips.

"He refused to leave Lawless' office so he's still there; um, he's holding Jem's hand as we speak." He ran a hand through his hair and sat next to Lloyd; it looked as though James was confused. "What's going on with them two? I've never seen them like that before."

"They're in love with each other." Lloyd simply replied making the conversation. Could this be why Jeremy had reacted so violently towards Morrison? Only the person in question could answer that.

Avril and her father were sat at the dining room table when Lloyd came waltzing in with a lot of paper on him. He placed them onto the table and Mr. Powell gave them a strange look. Jack looked at his son and sighed, asking him what he was doing.

"These are applications for university. I've also been put in advanced classes and I'm taking my GCSEs early so that I can do my A Levels." Lloyd explained as if it wasn't a big deal. To him it wasn't but his father seemed concerned.

"A Levels; university applications? Ya certainly have ya mam's intellect." Lloyd simply nodded looking over what appeared to be an application. Chewing his lip, he looked over to Avril. She raised a curious eye brow at him as if ask what he wanted.

"Which uni is James applying to? That way, I can see if I can apply to the same one or somewhere close so I can live with him." Avril was about to reply when their father cut them off.

"James; you mean Jimmy? Awe, no wonder he's been staying here for the past few weeks. Ya like him, don'cha?" Lloyd felt his cheeks heat up, realising that he had forgotten to mention this to his father.

"Ah, I forgot to mention it but James is me saving grace. Whenever I'm with him, I can truly be myself." He smiled at his father and the man returned his expression.

"Good. As long as ya are happy. Now, I need to go see Flo from down the road. If ya need me to sign anything, leave them on the side okay?" Once he left, Avril leaned forward and looked through the papers.

"Well, he's going to study in a London university. Jimmy that is so... There's Manchester University in London being the main one to go. That's all he has applied for to be honest." She smiled bringing out its prospectus. "He'll be aiming to study Music or Music Technology whichever one they decide is more suited to him. What 'bout you; what d'you expect to study?"

"Creative Studies in the Arts. So writing and art along with a bit of acting. I've always been good at that." Avril wondered how he could say that so casual without sounding smug about it. Her brother never could boast about his talents properly. There again, he had people to gush over it without him making an effort. "I think James is gonna be a famed guitarist one day; he has the looks and talent that go with it."

"Awe, tell him when he gets back from week okay? He'll feel happy 'bout it after all." Avril placed down the right application before standing. "Well, I've gotta call Danny and see if he'd like to study tonight. Jimmy and Jem work at the same place so they'll most likely come here together. You can join us and out smart Jimmy, okay?" She grinned before leaving the room. Lloyd chuckled to himself before looking through the application form for university. He wondered how he should fill it out though. Sighing, he though about asking Ms. Reily at school since she was his personal tutor. With that in mind, he stood up and collected the papers before leaving the room himself. He could not wait to study with James and company!

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