Behind the Rock 'n Roll; Let's Learn the Basics

Book I of Behind the Rock 'n Roll Series | Sixteen year old Lloyd Powell has a thing or two to say about his sister's band - Its A Love Hate Affair. Hating rock bands has been his thing for years and Avril knows it but that doesn't stop her from using the garage for band practice. Lloyd happens to be at home when the band does and, one day, he decides to pull the plug on her dream but he stops when he meets his sister's best friend - James 'Jimmy' Taylor. Jimmy Taylor has always followed the friend code and is eager to be a rock star. What makes it frustrating is when they end using his friend, Avril's garage to practice. One day, he goes to fetch some water and ends up bumping into a less than friendly Lloyd. Jimmy instantly feels drawn to the other male but there's just one problem; Lloyd happens to be Avril's little brother! | Warnings of boy-on-boy relationships, underage sex, rape and swearing (as normal teenagers do).


1. First Chapter: Water Spillages/Jimmy Taylor/Breakages In Mugs And Relationships


water spillages/jimmy taylor/breakages in mugs and relationships

[|] Lloyd Powell [|]

I covered my ears as soon as heavy rock bled through the house. I glared at my father in plain disgust; I wanted it stop. I disliked rock music and this was pure agony! Why couldn't I do my homework/coursework in peace? I swore that my sister was doing this on purpose to wind me up. Dad, I couldn't believe it, had given consent for Avril's band to use the garage for practice. Now my ears were in pain because of him.

"I hope you're happy!" I spat when they paused between songs. "I hope you're fucking happy!" Before Dad could give me an ear bashing for my language, I went into the kitchen for a glass of water. I grabbed the water jug from the fridge and a glass out of the cupboard. I began to pour the water into my glass.

"Sweet, could ya pour me some?" I nearly split my drink as I turned round to look at the intruder. I frowned at the sight of the red head before me. Not only was I never friends with him, he was a total bastard. His name was James Taylor and a person I would never, in a million years, let into my house. For a start the guy was shirtless, showing the fact that he sweated easily (or that could have been the weather) and the sweat made his six pack glisten. Even I, who disliked him, couldn't help but stare at his physique. It would put Matty's body to shame and my brother was a fitness instructor which would have made him even more of a slacker.

"Dude, your glass is over flowing." I turned to see the water spill over the glass, almost like a water fountain, and placed down the glass, spluttering as I went. Shit! Dad was gonna kill me for getting liquid on his new kitchen surfaces. "Calm down, man, where's the dish clothes? I can help mop it up." I pointed frantically towards the kitchen tissue paper which made James shake his head. "No, its better using dish clothes 'cause tissues only rip easily at too much exposure to water. I thought you knew that?" I shot him a glare as I pulled open a drawer to reveal the dish clothes and our aprons.

"I can do this myself." I spat, going to grab a cloth just as James did. My hand landed over his and, for a few minutes, I left it there. I gave him a curious look as he looked just as confused as I was. His hand felt... Well, it felt nice and it was really soft. I felt a blush creep along my cheeks as I quickly retracted my hand in embarrassment. Was I really thinking about that? "Fine, whatever." I ground out before turning out of the kitchen and dashing up the stairs. "And keep it down!" I shouted over my shoulder as an after thought.

"Good morning, Lloyd!" My sister grinned at me as she poured herself some cereal. I glared at her in reply as Matty ruffled my perfectly styled hair into a mess. I grumbled at this, swotting his hand away. "Someone's grumpy this morning," Avril teased as she sat across from me.

"Shut up, Av! You know how much I hate people touching my hair." My sister didn't reply. Instead, she began to dig into her cereal. "'Sides, how can you be so chirpy when your stink-bomb of a band could have damaged my ears!" Avril paused her eating and looked up at me with a strange expression planted on her face.

"Don't be that way," she said after a moment's thought, "And that can't be true; why was Jimmy under the impression that you tried to hold his hand, eh?" I immediately went red at the memory making our older brother chuckle in amusement.

"Is that so? Awe, Lloyd, I didn't know that you batted for the other team!" He cooed, reaching out for my hair again. I ducked just in time as our father entered the kitchen. Looking at the two of us, he tutted in annoyance.

"Matthew, don't do that; you know how he is with his hair." Dad went to pour himself a coffee and dipped a hand into one of the drawers to grab his hair brush. The hair brush used to mine, believe it or not, as I was a big fan of the Tasmanian Devil. It was my favourite cartoon when I was little! I loved it so much that Avril went and bought me that hair brush which had the devil on the handle. Now, years later, my father had claimed it as his own since I had grown out of that cartoon.

"Dad, the guys are coming over so that we can practice a new song." Avril announced, standing out of her seat. I mentally slapped myself; was she doing this on purpose? "Jimmy's gonna give us a lift after school so that we can practice; he also offered Lloyd a ride home." My father nodded whilst he ran the brush through his thinning hair.

"Jimmy's a nice kid; I like him. Avril, you've gotta marry that kid." Matty and I exchanged amused looks; trust Dad to say that. That would only make our sister embarrassed.

"Nah, I can't do that Dad. 'Sides, I don't have a penis he could suck on." I gasped at this and went to lean onto the table in dismay but knocked over Matty's favourite mug instead. I shuddered as it smashed onto the floor below. Dad, Matty and Avril all cursed in unison as I felt tears sting my eyes.

"Shoot, I scared our baby brother!" My sister exclaimed, going into the pantry to grab the brush and dust pan. I tried apologising to Matty but he shrugged it off easily.

"Nah, that's okay. Its only a mug and can be easily replaced." I turned to Dad for support but he was simply calculating what Avril had said before. He gave her a tense look as she reappeared with dust pan and brush.

"Am I right in thinking that your matw is a poof?" There was a pause in her steps as I cringed at the word. I disliked that word as some of my friends were into the same gender and it hurt when people used the offensive words. I could tell that Avril felt the same way as she slowly passed Matty the cleaning equipment.

"That's right. Look at it this way, at least he isn't gonna attack me in the middle of night or something." He looked warily at me when she said that. Great way to put into it, Avril. "Don't worry, Dad, Lloyd's a bit too young for him. He prefers a guy in our age group." My sister gave a shaky laugh as she carefully stepped over the mess.

"Dad," I gave a shaky breath, "Could ya not use that word please? Some of me mates are gay or lez and its offensive." My father sighed giving me a strange look before shrugging it off and grabbing his coat from one of the chairs. He gently patted my shoulder with a soft smile.

"Ya know I'm here if you need anyone to talk to, right?" I slowly nodded, giving him a confused look; what was he on about? Dad said goodbye to the others by kissing Avril's cheek and pulling Matty into a manly hug. He never hugged me that way. It was probably because Mum died when I just a minute old; exhaustion apparently. This made Dad wary of me after what had happen. It was up to Matty to look after me; he was about to enter high school at the time and it probably was difficult for him in all aspects.

"Come on, squirt, Matty's kindly offered to drive us to school." The latter looked at Avril with a strange expression. I held back a laugh because it was obvious that it was the first that he had heard about it. He then chuckled and pulled out her bobble, using it for his own long hair. "Oi, Matthew, use ya own bobbles!" She squealed as our brother walked away from.

"C'mon, Lloyd, before the house explodes!" I jumped out of my seat and pulled on my blazer, looking out of the window. The sun was bleeding through the blinds, making me cringe. I tightly closed my eyes as a sharp pain passed through them. I heard Matty titter as a cap was placed over my head. I cringed once more since I disliked wearing hats but I had to wear them because of my terrible sun stroke.

"Let's go!" Avril exclaimed pulling on her own hat to cover her head. I knew that when we got to school that the teachers would attempt to pull them off us. Our teachers didn't care that we got bad sun stroke because hats weren't part of our uniforms.

"Lloydy!" Penelope squealed as soon as I stepped onto the school grounds. I cringed as my girlfriend consumed me in her arms and pressed her lips to mine sloppily. Penelope kissed like a misco-ordinated puppy and all of her actions were quite the same. Her arms still wrapped my shoulders, her gaze turned upon Avril who was putting little badges onto her tie. "How are you even Head Girl when you have total disrespect for the uniform?" My sister paused and looked up at my girlfriend with a blank expression. She pressed her lips into a thin line, obviously formulating an answer.

"Look, I don't have to answer to you Penelope." The latter quivered at the use of her full name. She detested it and preferred to be called Penny which, I thought, didn't suit her at all. "'Sides, I'm Head Girl which means I can do as I please. D'you want me to have a word to your head of year about being a Prefect?" Avril grinned as Penelope's grip around me tightened, clearly annoyed with my sister. As soon as my sister was out of ear shot, my girlfriend grumbled;

"She's a bitch." I gently grasped her hands and pulled out of our embrace. I then began to walk towards the building for our assembly. She followed suit, soon catching up with me. "What's wrong now? I know for a fact that I didn't hurt your feelings."

"But you did," I replied icily, "You insulted my sister which hurts my feelings." Penelope paused as her face changed and tears began to slips out of her eyes. "Don't cry, Penny, as if everything centres around you. 'Cause it doesn't and I favour my family over any bimbo any day." She shoved me as her facial expression turned ugly.

"Screw you, Lloyd Powell! I hope you're very happy with your bitch of family 'cause, as of now, we're no longer a couple." She stormed away, a cape of blonde hair swishing after her. That was when Avril's friend, James, approached me; a sympathetic expression crossed his features.

"Dude, that was brutal; are you okay?" I didn't reply because I wanted the ground to swallow me up to avoid any humiliation. I nervously glanced at him to note how smart he looked today. Normally, he had his shirt hanging out and his feet was covered with converse. But today, his tie was on and he was wearing black shoes on his feet. James must have noticed me looking because he told me he was doing a presentation for Year 11s which was why he and Avril were wearing their badges. "I'm showing the good example and Avril's showing us the incorrect way of wearing our uniform. To me, Avril's got it correct; its just that the school's being a bitch 'bout it, ya know what I mean?"

"Um, sort of..." I nervously looked down at my black converse, not sure of what I should think about that. I looked up in time to see James' hand grab at my cap, ready to pull it off. Instead, he leaned into me and whispered into my ear;

"For the record, I'd have put my family before my boyfriend." He pulled off my cap as I felt my breath hitch. "But having said that, I don't think I could keep such a promise if you were my boyfriend." I felt my cheeks heat up; did he just say what I thought he said? Suddenly James pulled away and passed me my cap back. "See ya in assembly, squirt," he grinned before striding over to the hall. I shivered realising that my heart was smashing against my chest. What the hell was this feeling?

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