That Glee Club

Louis Tomlinson. One of the biggest jerks and most popular boy in the school. He has a cocky attitude and seems to get everything he wants. But one day he gets dragged into something no one would ever guess. Glee Club. Glee Club was where all the "losers" and "nobody's" were at. Louis eventually sees his talent of singing, and starts to fall in love with the club. Maybe even falling in love with someone else in the process. One problem.... She hates him and she's the female lead of the club. Can Louis use his talent for good and show the school that Glee Club is a place where you can just be yourself?


7. Chapter 7:

Next Day*


      Yesterdays practice with Louis wasn't half bad. Yeah sometimes he can be a real jerk, but he had a voice. I doubted him. But my feelings towards him didn't change. I still think he's a jerk, and thinks he's all that. It was finally time for Louis to sing for us. Me and him have been practicing in that auditorium all lunch period yesterday and today. I just hope he's ready for this. Wait what am I saying? I just slumped down in my chair. " Ok guys today Louis is going to sing for us, come up whenever you're ready Tommo", Mr. Blake said while sitting down on his stole. Louis turned back to look at me. " What?", I whispered to him. He pointed to the piano. He wants me to play for him? I looked at the piano then back at Louis. " Please", he whispered back. I rolled my eyes and stood up. I walked over and sat in front of the piano. " You're playing for him?", Carley asked. I looked up at her and nodded. " Ok so what song?", Mr. Blake asked. I looked at Louis waiting. He looked at me and smiled. " Look After You by The Fray", Louis announced. He pointed to me, I smiled and started playing. 

Louis: If I don't say this now I will surely break....

  I got caught up in the music, like usual. His voice just went with the song. I felt as if I wasn't good enough to play piano for him. It was a weird feeling. The song had finally came to an end. I pressed the last key and waited for a reaction. First it was silent, then everyone stood up and cheered. Louis looked over to me and smiled. I just nodded to him. " That was amazing! See Tomlinson, I told you that you were talented!", Mr. Blake stood up. Louis just looked at the ground with a smile. " Thanks, but I couldn't do it without Avery", Louis said looking up at me. I looked down and smiled. " Ok, well since that's over with. We should start talking about the inventional", Mr. Blake added. 

   I got up from the piano bench and went up to my seat. Louis followed me, then sat next to me. He leaned over to me. " Thank you", he whispered. I just looked straight ahead, " You're welcome". He just smiled at me. This doesn't change anything between us. I hope he knows that. Just because he has a good voice doesn't mean anything, at all. I'm still trying to get over the fact he's even in glee club.


     I can't believe I did that! I never thought I could do something like that, ever! I just felt so happy and proud. I looked over at Avery again. I couldn't have done this without her. When I tried to thank her, she just acted the same. Attitude and all. I thought after this we would be cool, I guess not. I just have to find out what I ever did to make her hate me so much. I think I should try a more direct approach, since just asking didn't work. So I reached my hand over and grabbed hers. She looked down at her hand, then up at me. I smiled. She then pulled her hand away from mine. Ok so five seconds, that's a new record. I laughed at myself. 

 'Ding Ding', the bell rang. I got up and walked to the door. " Wait up", I heard a familiar voice. I turned to see Avery running towards me. " What?", I asked with a smile. " What was that?", she asked. I started to walk. She walked next to me. " What was what?", I asked laughing. " Don't act like you don't know", she crossed her arms. I stopped walking and turned to face her. " Avery I'm not acting", I looked her straight in the eyes. This often worked on most girls, the whole look in their eyes thing. " Louis don't try that on me, it doesn't work", she smirked and pushed past me again. I stood there and watched her walk away. She's playing hard to get, I like it. I decided to let the feeling come and go. Fine! I was attracted to Avery! There I admitted it, but it doesn't matter. We could never be together. 

    I started walking back to my locker. As I put my books away I felt someone touch my shoulder. " Hey Lou". I rolled my eyes, of course. " What do you want Brittany?", I asked closing my locker. " I just need to talk to you", she grabbed my hand. " Brittany seriously, you broke up with me", I yanked my hand away. " Yes I know and I made a mistake, but you'll take me back of course because you love me", she traced her hand down my chest. If I didn't walk away now, I would get pulled in again. " Yeah no..", I backed away. " Oh come on Lou", she whined, " Why not?". I looked around. What was my reason? Normally I would just throw myself at Brittany, but now I don't want to. " I just don't want to Britt", I started walking away. I felt like a new man, walking away from someone like that. It may effect my reputation, but I don't care. Ok yes I care, but not as much as I thought.

   As I was walking to my next class I saw Avery standing by a window. She just stood there looking out of it. I took this as my chance. I walked over and stood next to her. " It's nice huh", I said making her jump. She looked at me and smiled. " I guess", she turned to walk away. " Wait Avery", I called out to her. She turned around. " Why don't you like me?", I asked again. That's all I wanted to know. She laughed. " If you care so much, why don't you go ask your girlfriend maybe she'll tell you", and with that she was gone. What did she mean my girlfriend? Brittany? What did Brittany do to her? 
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