That Glee Club

Louis Tomlinson. One of the biggest jerks and most popular boy in the school. He has a cocky attitude and seems to get everything he wants. But one day he gets dragged into something no one would ever guess. Glee Club. Glee Club was where all the "losers" and "nobody's" were at. Louis eventually sees his talent of singing, and starts to fall in love with the club. Maybe even falling in love with someone else in the process. One problem.... She hates him and she's the female lead of the club. Can Louis use his talent for good and show the school that Glee Club is a place where you can just be yourself?


4. Chapter 4:

I woke up and started to get ready for school. I climbed down the stairs. It was warm outside, so I didn't grab a jacket I just went. I walked up to my bus stop and waited. Until Brittany Lake walked up with her click. Of course she had to live down the street from me. " Oh look it's the glee dork", Brittany laughed. I just stayed quiet, not saying anything. " Aw, so now you're not even gonna answer me?", she tapped on my shoulder. They all started giggling. I just rolled my eyes and stared at the street ahead. " You know, being in glee club just makes you 100% less cooler then you already were", her friends said. I took a deep breath. I knew they were right, I was just that ugly girl, or the lame one. I just had to except that. " Oh and you know singing isn't going to get you anywhere", Brittany added. That's when I lost it. I turned around to face them. " And Brittany you know that sleeping with every guy at school won't get you anywhere either". Her jaw dropped. I turned back around, pretty pleased with myself.

   I walked into the glee room to see Samantha sitting quietly in the corner. " Hey Sam", I said before walking over to her. She looked up to me then looked back down. " What's wrong?", I asked then sat down next to her. She just shook her head. I scooted the chair closer. I saw her smile a bit. " It's just, I want a solo for once. It's always you or Carley that get them. I'm just tired of being in the background", she said the smile fading from her face. " Sam, I get it. Why don't we talk to Mr. Blake about it?", I smiled at her. Sam smiled wide and nodded. Then Zayn and Carley walked in. " Hey Sam", Carley said with a smile then turned to me, " and Avery". I nodded to her and looked at Zayn. He smiled then sat next to me. We all talked about what we were going to do today, before Mr. Blake walked in with someone I never expected to see step foot in this room.

      " Hey guys this is Louis, and he is our new member", Mr. Blake said gesturing to Louis. I stood up quickly. " What! He can't be in here! He's one of them!", I yelled pointing at him. Louis just stared at the ground. " Hey! Anyone can join this club don't you remember!", Mr. Blake yelled at me. I glared over at Louis. He looked up at me and stared into my eyes. " Whatever", I slumped down in my chair. " Ok. Louis just go take a seat next to Zayn", he smiled. Louis nodded and headed up the stands. What was he doing here? Last time I checked he was a popular, why would he join glee club? I just sat in my chair silently glaring at him. You have no idea how angry I am about this.


    I walked in to the glee room. I never thought in a million years I would walk in here. " What! He can't be in here! He's one of them!", the brunette yelled at me. My head sunk down. Yeah babe, I didn't want to be here either. I thought to myself. I blocked out the whole conversation until I was told to sit next to the boy named Zayn. I sat down quietly, I could feel that girl glaring at me. Why does she hate me so much? I didn't do much to her, I don't think. I just couldn't believe Mr. Blake convinced me to join glee club. I sat back and thought about it. 


  I was sitting back in my homeroom. Until an announcement came on asking me to go to the office. I got up and walked down. All these thoughts started running through my head. I walked in, they told me to go down to Mr. Blake's office. So I did. As I walked in I saw him look up at me. " Take a seat Mr. Tomlinson", he said pointing to the seat in front of him. We just sat there quietly in the room. " So any particular reason why I'm in here?", I finally asked. He nodded. " Yes, it came to my attention that you are failing you're spanish class...", he trailed off while looking at some papers. " Ummm....?", I looked down. " Tomlinson you know failing can result in not getting any scholarship anywhere, or even having a good future. Plus you don't seem to have any extra curricular activities", Mr. Blake said still looking at the papers. " Mr. Blake please is there anyway that I can pass or get any extra credit please", I practically begged him. He smiled at me. " Well.... There's one thing...", he smirked.

*Normal Time*

    And that was it. He practically bribed me into this. I looked around to the other four people in here. Four? Only four. That's pathetic, like seriously. " Ok guys since this is Tomlinson's first practice, we should show him what we can do", Mr. Blake said. Everyone nodded and stood up. " Oh and Louis if you feel the need just join in", Blake said sitting next to me. I just nodded. " There's no need for that", the brunette girl said. " Avery calm down", the dirty blonde girl said. " Whatever Carley, let's start", Avery said before turning around. I sat there waiting for them to start. I was nervous about this, what if I just got myself in a big mess. " Ok we are going to sing Rumor Has It by Adele!", Avery announced proudly. I felt a little bit attracted to her confidence. I shook it off tho, ugh stop it Lou! I yelled at myself. They walked into a line and started to sing.

( {} means that their singing)

Avery: { She, she ain't real, she ain't gonna be able to love you like I will. She is a stranger, you and I or history now don't you remember. Sure, she got it all, but baby is that really what you want}

All: { Bless your soul you got your head in the clouds, she made a fool at you and boy she's bringing you down. She made your heart melt but your cold to the core, and rumor has it she ain't got your love anymore......}

   I sat there dumbfounded by their voices. I doubted them, I really did. They all had amazing voices, but one that really stuck out to me was Avery's. Her voice was just so full of soul and spirit. You could get pulled into a trance just listening to her sing. " So?", I was snapped out of my thoughts by the voice of the blonde. " So what?", I asked. " How were we?", she asked crossing her arms over her chest. I looked up at Blake then back at them. " You were good, I'll give you that, but just a little more practice then you'll be great", I said then standing up. " See Mr. Blake he doesn't even know what he's talking about!", Avery yells again. I walked off the stands and in front of Avery. " What is your problem with me?", I finally asked. She rolled her eyes. " If you don't know, then I'm not going to explain again! But just letting you know I don't want you here!", she pushed past me and walked up to what was apparently her seat. " Then why am I here?", I asked everyone. Everyone sat down. " Tomlinson you are here because, well we need you", Mr. Blake said. Avery looked at him like he was crazy. " What?! Why do we need him?", she asked standing back up. " Yeah why do you need me?", I asked as well. Blake laughed then walked down to stand next to me. " Well we need a lead male vocal, so here we go", he gestured to me. I looked at him with a confused look. I can't sing. 

     " No! That is not happening!", Avery yelled. I turned back to her. " Avery seriously, just because he's popular doesn't mean he can't sing", the black haired girl said. Avery glared at her. " Still! Mr. Blake we have Zayn for a lead male vocal, we don't need him", she pointed at me. " You know I have a name, and it's rude to point", I winked at her. She just rolled her eyes. " Yes I understand that, but look around he's the only guy here. I think adding louis will help us. A lot", Blake patted me on the shoulder. The black haired girl stood up and extended her hand out to me. " Well my name is Samantha, but you can just call me Sam. Welcome to the glee club". I shook her hand gladly. Then the blonde girl came up. " Carley, nice to finally meet you", she winked. Ok so she's the flirt, good to know. Then the guy came up. " Zayn", he smiled then went back to his seat. I could tell he was shy, maybe that's why they need me. 

    I just stood there and waited for Avery to come up and introduce herself properly. I smirked up at her. She just sat there with the same expression on her face. I knew she didn't like me, I just wish I knew why. " Hey babe are you gonna introduce yourself to me or what?", I smirked. " It's Avery, not babe", she rolled her eyes at me. " Ok.... Well nice meeting you all, I should be going now", I tried to walk out, but Blake pulled me back in. " No, go take a seat", he pushed me slightly towards the seats. I trudged over to the stands and took a seat next to Zayn. Since he was the only guy here, I think us two could get along. Maybe he can even give me some pointers about Avery. I looked back at her. She still didn't look very happy. Then I noticed that she had carmel brown eyes, and her cheeks were naturally pink. The feeling came back. It's nothing, just shake it off. I turned around again. I just can't believe I'm here right now, I can't believe I'm in the glee club.
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