That Glee Club

Louis Tomlinson. One of the biggest jerks and most popular boy in the school. He has a cocky attitude and seems to get everything he wants. But one day he gets dragged into something no one would ever guess. Glee Club. Glee Club was where all the "losers" and "nobody's" were at. Louis eventually sees his talent of singing, and starts to fall in love with the club. Maybe even falling in love with someone else in the process. One problem.... She hates him and she's the female lead of the club. Can Louis use his talent for good and show the school that Glee Club is a place where you can just be yourself?


16. Chapter 15

(One Month Later after Inventionals)





 I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact we won at Inventationals. The group really pulled through and did a great job. I'm glad to say that I'm a part if this club. Walking down the halls I notice people looking at me with smirks. Since the competition however, people started questioning Glee Club even more than before. And yes people did find out about Louis and Harry being in the club.

 The two of them have been hiding around the school, trying to stay out of sight. I actually feel a little sympathy for them. They can't go anywhere without getting laughed at, but then again... That's what my life has been like since Middle School. They can finally see what it's like to be in the lower class.

  "Avery! Hey!" Sam says with a smile walking up to me. I simply smile and continue walking, "Hey Sam.."

"What's wrong?" She asked curiously hugging her books closely to her chest. "Nothing, I'm just thinking about the win." 
   Her smile grows even bigger, showing her white teeth, "Yeah I still can't believe we won!"

 We walk into the room together seeing everyone is sitting in their seats talking and laughing like we were all friends. Even Harry and Louis are having a good time. Louis looks over at me, smiling wide. I lower my head and walk over to my seat, taking a seat. "Why hello there...." Louis says right behind me now. I nearly fall off my chair, being he's right there. It's still seems really off between the two of us. He's being overly nice... Plus I can't get over out encounter in the auditorium a month ago. I know it seems crazy to hold onto things for that long, but when you're me and never had any boy contact. It sticks with you.

 "Hi." I say bitterly keeping my eyes locked forward. No matter what I will not show Louis my discomfort. Whatever he's trying to pull.. He can't know it's working. He jumps over the chair next to me before taking a seat right in it. A smirk clearly displayed on his lips. "Anyways, I've been meaning to ask. Are you free Friday night?"

 My insides feel as though they collapsed completely. What has gotten in this boys head that he thinks he can just through that out there? So I answer honestly, "No. No I'm not." His eyebrows furrow together, almost as if he's confused. 


 "I know you're probably not used to rejection, but I'm saying no to you asking me out." I state keeping my eyes away from his face. I feel him stiffen up beside me as he subtly starts moving away. "Oh. Um... Well maybe another time?" He asks standing from the chair finally.

"Doubt it."

I didn't mean to come off as a complete bitch, but he needs to learn his place. And that place is certainly no where near me. His face falls and he simply walks away from me, not saying another word. Hopefully he got the message that I was trying to send off. I don't want him anywhere near me. I don't want him to be nice to me. I don't want him acting this way just because he feels bad for me. I don't want any of that.




Why was she acting so cold and bitter? I've been nothing but kind to her, yet she blows me off. I walk over back to my place next to Harry. He is in the middle of talking to Carley. The two of them have been bonding quite a lot lately. Every free moment we all have, they are talking. But I know that's just how he moves in. 

  I slump down in my chair, keeping my eyes locked on the back over Avery's head. Her arms are crossed over her chest. "Hey man... How did it go?" Harry asks placing his hand on my shoulder. "How did what go?" Carley asks looking at both of us with confused eyes. 

Harry smirks, "He asked Avery on a date.", he states proudly. Carley's jaw drops, before facing me waiting for my answer.

"She rejected me..." I mumble still keeping my eyes on Avery. 

Harry and Carley look at each other with sympathy for me. There's no reason to feel bad for me. Because I'm not giving up. Avery will trust me. She will talk to me. Even if it means us staying friends... That's what I'm willing to risk. I just want her to look at me with something other than hatred.

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