That Glee Club

Louis Tomlinson. One of the biggest jerks and most popular boy in the school. He has a cocky attitude and seems to get everything he wants. But one day he gets dragged into something no one would ever guess. Glee Club. Glee Club was where all the "losers" and "nobody's" were at. Louis eventually sees his talent of singing, and starts to fall in love with the club. Maybe even falling in love with someone else in the process. One problem.... She hates him and she's the female lead of the club. Can Louis use his talent for good and show the school that Glee Club is a place where you can just be yourself?


15. Chapter 14:

(Next Day) 


   I still can't believe they canceled Inventationals. Shockingly, I was sort of excited about performing. I could finally see if other people enjoy us as well. Not just Mr. Blake. This whole Glee experience was far more different than I originally thought it would be. I'm actual getting along with everyone in here... Except for one very stubborn girl. But besides her, everyone seems really cool. 

 Like Sam, at first you would think she was weird and awkward. Well maybe she is, but once you get to know her she's more than that. She's nice, sweet, and has a great sense of humor. Carley, she may occasionally be a complete bitch, but she's actually a really caring girl. She loves making people smile and likes to help people out. Zayn, he's really shy, but once you break past that he's a really cool dude. He's funny and he's talented. Harry, well I've known him forever so that's a given. And finally there's Avery. There's still something about her that pulls me towards her. I just haven't quite figured out what it is yet.

  Today in the choir room everyone was silent. I don't know why there was such a strong tension. Oh wait, yes I do. It's because Avery is standing in front of the class with some blonde guy. She is just talking about how she found this guy, but I'm not listening. I'm to busy staring this guy down. He was kind of awkward looking, his hair pushed back like mine was, but it looked better on me by far. Wait, stop Louis, you're acting like a jerk again. 

  I sigh, standing from my seat. "Well it's great to have you...." I look at him waiting for his name. "Niall" He says with a small smile. "Niall. Well welcome to Glee Club" I say with an inviting smile. Avery looks at me completely shocked. Maybe being nice isn't all that bad. 

  "Well then... There you go Niall!" Mr. Blake announces looking at me thankfully, "Welcome." 
 "SO! Are you gonna sing for us?" Carley asks with a slight tone of  bitchiness. Niall looks around at all of us with wide eyes, kind of like a deer in headlights. "Yes he is.." Avery answered for him, "With me."

That's when I almost choke. She's singing with him? She must like him some what. Knowing Avery she wouldn't just offer to sing with just anyone. There must've been something about this Niall. Apparently everyone else thought the same because they all look shocked like me. Especially Sam. "Oh don't look like that guys. I'm allowed to sing with whoever." Avery said with a slight smirk. 

"Yeah, but you never do." Zayn said what we were all thinking. Avery shrugged, "You ready Niall?" He nods, clearing his throat, "Do you have a guitar?" "Back corner", Mr. Blake says crossing his arms. Niall crosses the room, grabbing the acoustic guitar from the corner like Mr. Blake said. 
Niall goes back to the center of the room, before nodding to Avery. Then he starts lightly plucking away at the guitar strings. We all sit quietly listening to him play. Then he starts strumming just as lightly before he starts.

Niall: I can't win, I can't reign. I will never win this game without you. Oh without you.

Avery: I am lost, I am vein. I will never be the same without you. Without you.

Then the strumming starts become louder.

Niall: I won't run, I won't fly. I will never make it by without you. Oh without you.

Avery:  I can't rest, I can't fight . All I need is you, & I without you, without you. 

Avery and Niall: Ohh you. You. Without you oh oh. You oh.

I sit back in my chair. Niall is actually really good. More than good, he is amazing. With Niall in the club now, I feel like our chances are even higher than before. With him we may be able to go farther.

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