That Glee Club

Louis Tomlinson. One of the biggest jerks and most popular boy in the school. He has a cocky attitude and seems to get everything he wants. But one day he gets dragged into something no one would ever guess. Glee Club. Glee Club was where all the "losers" and "nobody's" were at. Louis eventually sees his talent of singing, and starts to fall in love with the club. Maybe even falling in love with someone else in the process. One problem.... She hates him and she's the female lead of the club. Can Louis use his talent for good and show the school that Glee Club is a place where you can just be yourself?


14. Chapter 13:


 I ran down the halls to the choir room with news that not everyone would want to hear. I can't believe they canceled it. They canceled inventationals, just because one group got sick and couldn't make it. The groups gonna be so upset, from all the bar work we put into this. 

 I walk into the choir room to see everyone smiling at their seats talking amongst themselves. I take a deep breath before saying, "Guys... I have some bad news.."
   Everyone's eyes flash over to me instantly, looking concerned. I sigh taking a seat at the piano bench. "Inventationals is canceled."

"WHAT?" Everyone yells in unison. 

"How? They can't just cancel it! We've worked so hard!" Sam yells. We all look at her quizzically, she normally doesn't speak out much.  "It's not like it's gonna stay canceled. Right?" Carley asks looking at me with hopeful eyes. I shrug, "They wouldn't keep it canceled. But think of it this way... Extra practice!" I exclaim.

They all groan in exhaustion.

 "It will be fine guys. I promise."


Later that day, I was walking down the halls toward my Trig class. When I walk past the janitor closet I hear something. It sounds like.. Singing? My feet stop suddenly. It's a different voice, not one from Glee Club. From the low sound, it's obviously a boy. I start walking towards the janitor closet cautiously. 

Once I'm close enough, the voice sounds even better then I first thought. My hand flys to the handle bar and throws the door open. The boy stops instantly, looking at me with wide eyes. He's blonde with light blue eyes. I feel like I've seen him around. I clear my throat, "Was that you singing?"

"What?" He quietly asks. I roll my eyes not having time for this, "Were you or were you not just singing? Just answer the question." He nods hesitantly. "Perfect. Here.", I reach into my side bag pulling out a Glee paper that I always carry around with me, "Check us out. If you like singing you would love it. You're no half bad either" I say with a wink before walking away.  

"My names Niall by the way!" He calls after me. I look back smiling, "See you then Niall!"

I think I may have just found ourselves a new Glee club member.

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