In the future, scientists found a way to travel to the 2nd dimension.
With that power, they started sending teenagers between the age of 14-19 to the 2nd dimension to keep peace and keep crime off the streets.
But when Faith turns 14 she is chosen to be a Dimeater, which is short for Dimension Defeater. When she visits the 2nd dimension, she realises something.
You can't always know what the future holds...


1. Curiousity

"So, can someone please tell me how the iodine reacts when--"
A loud knock on the classroom door.

Sighing and slamming the tiny bottle of brass-coloured liquid down her desk in frustration, Mrs Clap stomps over to the door and swings it open.

"Yes?" She says impatiently. Suddenly her cheeks flush bright pink.

"Oh, I do apologise, Mr Reeve, I did not mean to--"
"Nonsense," The handsome young man at the door raises his hand.

"I have come to collect some students."

"Oh, but of course, Mr Reeve, no problem." She stumbles over her words. Clearly Mr Reeve's appearance has effected her too, it appears to of had an impact on the entire class.

"Who is he?" Gasps Megsy beside me.
"No idea." I say simply. He may have good looks  but I'd be willing to bet that he is very strict and has a ghastly personality. Appearances don't affect me.

He swiftly waves a sheet of pale pink paper in front of Mrs Clap's face.

"Urm, oh, ok. Can Reece Desington, Maisie Hardy and Faith Upton please follow Mr Reeve?"
Faith Upton? That's me.

I wonder what this is about.

I scrape back my chair and press the purple button on my desk that shuts my book, and packs all of my stationary into a rectangular hole in the table, then closes up without me having to lift a single finger.

I silently stalk out of the room, ignoring the curious gazes that my fellow classmates are shooting at me.

After the man carefully shuts the door with his long, pale fingers, he turns towards us with a smirk on his face. Obviously our surprise and curiousity amuses him. 

"So, why do you think you're with me right now?" His voice is like silk, so peaceful, so delicate, it could break up a raging war within a second.

"Well, I know I have no idea." Replies Reece. 

"Me neither," Maisie says, the annoyance clear in her sing-song voice.
"But can you please hurry up with the explanations? I'd like to get back to my science class, because in case you hadn't noticed, we were about to learn something that would be vital in our exams."

"Oh, you won't be needing those exams if these tests are successful." He mutters.

I don't say anything. I'm not exactly sure what this is about, but it's kind of weird that a man I have never seen before in my life just pops up and tells me that I don't need exams. To any normal teenager, it would probably be a relief to be informed that they are no longer taking exams, they probably wouldn't even question it, but me, I know there is something strange about this.

Reece says it before anyone else can.

"What tests?" 

To that, the slender, strangely attractive young man simply replies, 'The tests that will decide whether you're with us, or whether you're too normal to be part of any of this."

"Part of what? What is this about?" Questions Maisie, angrily.

"Follow me, all will be explained later on." 

"No." Maisie stands firmly rooted to her spot.

"Not until you explain what this is about."
Mr Reeve's mesmerizing azure blue eyes, like pools of diamonds, blinked at her, like he was telepathically  encouraging her to just hold on.

"Fine," She says.
"I'll come."



It's only 4:00 o'clock but the inky blue sky is dotted with twinkling stars and only the admirable radiating moon gives us a sense of light and direction in the bitter frigid air. My breath makes white puffs in front of my face and the only sound is the clacking of our shoes. My shoes, Reece's shoes, Maisie's shoes and Mr Reeve's shoes.

He escorts us to a gleaming black car, big enough for my entire family, nevermind 4 people. He fishes in the pocket of his crisp fly black suit and retrieves 3 pieces of deep blue fabric, completed with white elastic. 

"You're going to have to wear these for the ride." He says.

"You've got to be kidding me? FACE masks?" Bellows Maisie.

"Do be quiet, I'm sure we've all had enough of complaining." He doesn't say it aggressively, but the power in his gentle soothing voice shuts her up straight away.

"Where are we even going?" Whines Reece. 

"I already said, the test."

"But what is this test for? We're not mentally unstable, at least, I'm not." Sneers Maisie, making eye contact with me.
I ignore her pathetic excuse of an offensive remark.

Before Mr Reeve had a chance to reply, I butted in.

"Are you guys stupid? Even I know what this is all about." I hiss, hugging myself to prevent any further heat escaping from the sleeves of my coat.

"Oh come on then genius, enlighten us." 

"Isn't it obvious?" I say.

I didn't know it until now, but now I have the idea, it's got to be right.

"It's the Dimes test."

By the way Reece's and Maisie's bodies stiffen and their jaws drop, by the way Mr Reeves doesn't say anything, I know, in that one moment, that I, that we, Maisie, Reece and I have been selected to try out to be a Dimeater.

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