One Direction Imagines-

Comment down below your name and what boy you want and i can make you a imagine <3 xx ~Mel Styles~-


2. Imagine for Suzanne (Harry)

Imagine you just came  home from school and today was your friendship anniversery with Harry. You have known Harry for over 2 years now and had a very big friendship. You did everything together. He made you laugh and smile everyday but you wished he would ask you out. He had every quality you was looking for but you didnt want it to ruin your friendship. You walked into your apartment and sat down on the couch,waiting for Harry to come over. Your phone vibrated and it was from Harry." I'll be over in 1 minute." You then looked up from your phone and heard a knock on the door. Perfect timing. You smiled as you walked up to answer your door. You both said you hello's and went and sat down on the couch. "Happy friendship anniversery" You said to him and hugged him. He took out a rose from behind his back and smiled. "Suzanne im so happy to be your friend, but i wish we could be more than friends, Suzanne with you go out with me?" He said and smiled and looked at you waiting for a reply. You shouted yes! and hugged him. You pulled apart from the hug and you both kissed.

I hope you enjoyed your imagine <3

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