One Direction Imagines-

Comment down below your name and what boy you want and i can make you a imagine <3 xx ~Mel Styles~-


1. Imagine #1 (First one for me)


You just got home from another rough day of school. You got bullied everyday. But the one thing that made you happy was your family and your boyfriend Harry. But sadly he was on tour for his band One Direction. You was busy doing your math homework when your phone vibrated.

"Hey Melisa come to your door." It said. It was from Harry. He probobly sent me something. How sweet :) You went to your door and you found a box with a rose on it. You opened the ribbon on it and found a note. It read:Look Up.

You looked up and Harry was there down on one knee. "Melisa will you marry me?" You nodded really quick and shouted yes! You couldnt believe Harry was asking you to marry him. He grabbed you and hugged you. You then kissed :)

If you want a imagine comment below your name and the boy you want :)


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