Closer Then You Think.

Sounds like an element, right?
Or a highly flammable substance.
But trust me, it's not, and never will be.
It is a species, a species so hidden, and un-none, that not even Eve Heartly herself, knows what it is.
And she is one.



5. Chapter 5

This time, Eve prepared herself for another Kiss Scene from Edmund or Missy. Well, that's what she prefered, anyway. Tapping on the Oak and the click of her fingers opened the wide door, revealing Edmund's Office again. But this time, Edmund wasn't visible. It was just the lone office.

Eve took a step into the warmth of the room, and searched around for a while, until it was clear that Edmund was no where to be seen.

Eve dropped the envelope on his desk and was about ot leave, before she heard a rather strange clicking noise.

"Edmund?" she called, her voice echoing.

He didn't reply.

But Missy did.

"Eve. Hi".

Eve smiled weakly at the Angeling, who, in theory, was pretty much perfect. Golden Hair, beautiful white wings, eyes that could divert you from anything AT ALL...


Missy clicked her fingers in front of Eve's face, and Eve felt herself jump a little, before pulling herself together and concentratin on Missy's wings.

"Edmund went off the Wonderling. He'll be back soon. But I can send you there, if you want?"

Eve could feel Missy's heart race, the pulse was so familliar.

Being a Gargoyle basically meant spending time around people all the time. If you saw a gargoyle, it would just sit there, right?


But a Gargoyle spends time around people, so everything is zoomed in for them, meaning, basically, they can hear, feel and peel into anything you think, speak, feel, touch, seen ect.

"Ha, well, Missy, you've missed something. I can feel you. Your lying".

Eve felt herself say it so matter-of-factly that it kind of felt like it was fact, but, it was only a point.

Missy shrugged.

"It was worth a try".

Eve tapped on the tinted glass of his office.

Her fingers spread our purple streaks across the window, peeling back the tint, revealing the whole of Wonderling. The amazing central town of Chrolythem.

It was amazing.

Eve touched the town with her finger on the glass, but Missy growled behind her, and pulled at one of Eve's wings.

"Your an idiot! Leave the town alone!"

Missy yanked at Eve's wing harder, creating such a growl from the back of Eve's throat, that even Missy's hand pulled back.

"Calm it, Eve".

Eve felt her eyes shine a deep purple, and as soon as the words left Missy's mouth, she knew she must, and released the anger and stress to the back of her wings.

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