Closer Then You Think.

Sounds like an element, right?
Or a highly flammable substance.
But trust me, it's not, and never will be.
It is a species, a species so hidden, and un-none, that not even Eve Heartly herself, knows what it is.
And she is one.



3. Chapter 3

Eve relaxed as her beautiful and unique wings unfolded from her hunched back. She felt a tingling sensation rush through her transforming body, as she turned a lilac colour, and her hair blew wildly in front of her in the harsh, cruel wind.

The smell of fear drifted through the woods towards her, and it circled her body for quite a while. Finally she was completly transformed, and the dress covering her ice-cold body flew about in such a state, even she struggeled to hold it down. 

Instead, the idea of flying off out into the clearing up ahead seemed a pretty good distraction, and so, lifting up her head to the sky, she released all stress onto the edges of her wings, and lifted up off the ground until she could reach the top of the rather prickely trees.

From there, she flew through the wind as if it were a giant silk cloth ; smooth against her skin, but rather a bit too tight.

She swirled around in the smooth and carefully directed air-flow, letting everything from the tiniest thing like un-finished homework out, and took clear direction until she landed somewhere in the middle of the clearing. 

But instead of an average clearing, logs, fresh green grass and flowers that could be taken from just about anywhere, there was a giant oak tree, with the symbol of Multi-coloured swirl.

This was the symbol of Chrolythem. Plain but pretty attractive. But who cared about the look? It sybolized the connection of all speices together, and that was all that mattered.

This Oak Tree was only visible to Chrolthemic beings, such as Eve, who, sadly, rested down on the ground as if she were dead.

Flying took out any human energy, and transformed it into sleep, but it was worth getting to the place quicker then a 20 minute to hald an hour walk.

But there we go.

Eve rested for a couple more minuets, before climbing to her feet, and dropping her wings behind her. With one simple movement, she curled her hand into a fist, and knocked lightly on the soft, wooden oak.

With a quick snap of her fingers too, the door slid open, revealing a rather massive room, that seemed too be full of...


There was a party?!

Eve gasped when she spotted Edmund Jameson, obviously a Fiery-fighter because his face was burning red, who had his arms around Miss Kaeaton's waist.

But all the while, she didn't seem to mind, because she looked up into his face with such puppy-like eyes, he fell into her obvious trap, and kissed her for about 20 seconds, before lifting his face, and almost dropping to the ground in a sort of 'Busted!' way.


He bit his lip, snapped his fingers, and before you knew it, the party was gone, and the office was back to what it orginally looked like.


He was now standing, but his legs seemed to bend in, and he suddenly switched off.

There was a flash, and his human clothes were on before Eve could get a word in.

"I was just going t...Were you kissing Amelia Kaeaton?"

His face was bright red now, even though he wasn't s Fiery anymore. He held his hands clasped behind his back, and slightly rocked forwards and backwards on the balls of his feet.

"Well, I guess that was pretty obvious, right?"

Then, before Eve could comment, he flashed over tot he filing cabniet, tugged out a whole pile of papers -without even ripping them, which, Eve considered, a record- and handed them over.

Eve stared at them blankly for a moment, and reached out a sort of shaking hand. She shuffeled through them roughly, and held them down beside her.

"I guess you want me to fill these in, by, uh, tomorrow?"

Edmund shrugged.

"Young Gargoyles have a time limit, but to me, none of these tiny things matter. Have it in by Monday, or Tuesday, or whatever".

He paused again, and turned around to face the peeling, painted wall. Without taking his eyes away from it, he began to speak.

"Used to be such a perfect little office..."

He clicked his fingers and the office disapeared, leaving Eve standin in a pitch black room.



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