Closer Then You Think.

Sounds like an element, right?
Or a highly flammable substance.
But trust me, it's not, and never will be.
It is a species, a species so hidden, and un-none, that not even Eve Heartly herself, knows what it is.
And she is one.



2. Chapter 2

"Eve, something beyond Chrolythem has happened!" Eve's mom exclaimed, holding out a letter full to the brim with neat swirly handwriting. Eve couldn't figure out what it said, but when her eyes adjusted, she could tell it was writting in Chrolthemeniese.

" 'Dear Miss Heartly, your un-earthly daughter'...Well that's kind of offensive!"

"Just continue, please!"

"Okay, okay ', now prone to natural and paranormal activities from both worlds, Chrolythem Justice and Earth Atmosphere' " Eve continued, frowning with little annticipation.

"Stop stopping! Come on reading!"

"I don't think I want too"


Her mother's eyes were purple, sending out shock waves between the too of them. Eve shot the exact same look back, but with a little less power.

"Don't look at me like that young Gargoylest! Give me the paper back!"

Her mothers hand shot out so fast Eve didn't even catch sight of it, and before Eve knew it, her mother was out of the room and through the front door without another word.

"Great" Eve mumbled.

Eve hated the fact that they had such a short fuse, and when-ever angry was very small, it was taken to extreme lenghts. So being cautious was her life. She just didn't really understand it though.

And of course, she lived it.


Eve watched out towards the stars, where the world was most beautiful. Well, Earth, anyway. Chrolthem was pretty hard to beat. Eve smiled lightly to hearself, and listened closely to the soft chirps of setteling birds.

It was pretty fasinating. Almost like an Exchange.

"Eve, honey, your dinners ready!"

Eve even loved how her family sounded Earth - like. It was kind of a shame that they'd never actually be able to be human, though.



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