Closer Then You Think.

Sounds like an element, right?
Or a highly flammable substance.
But trust me, it's not, and never will be.
It is a species, a species so hidden, and un-none, that not even Eve Heartly herself, knows what it is.
And she is one.



1. Chapter 1

Eve watched half-heartedly as Celest and Jessie, her best mates, laughed about in PE. Of course, Eve, was not allowed to take part. Sometimes she'd wonder what it'd actually be like to take part, but for her, that was fantasy.

And so was being a Chrolthem.

A creature hidden and so secretive, that keeping a secret was nothing compared to the life she lived. Wings so purple and perfect would spread out of the place where once, shoulder blades, would have lived. Her hair would flash purple too, and her skin would be a dark lilac. Chrolthem wouldn't just consist of a purple gargoyle creature, but also an Angeling, and Fiery Fighter, and of course, many evil and kind-hearted creatures too.

Of course - to any normal human being - this would be complete jibberish, and something that wouldn't be worth listening too.

But they were lucky that jumping, falling, stretching and swimming wasn't a problem. But, for Eve, this was. Jumping and falling would automatically give her the power to fly with her wonderful wings, and stretching and swimming would give her the lilac skin and odd dress that accompenied her being.

Celest jogged over, and patted Eve on the shoulder, panting and coughing all the while.

"Your kinda...lucky too...get out of...doing this" Celest struggeled, and tried to stand up straight with out much complaining.

Eve shrugged.

"Actually, it looks kinda fun...-"

"Yeah, looks. It's not actually fun. But I guess being all..." she paused and waved her hands out, signaling the whole creature thing, then continued with "...Might actually make me give you some kind of sympathy".

Eve smiled, truthfully and a little humoursly.

"You know what, being able to run about is kinda of good. You get exericise, and I don't. But anyway, moving off from that..." Eve pointed over towards Miss Grange, a stern, stick-like figure, who automatically told everbody she was in charge, and there was nothing like a good PE lesson first thing on a Monday morning.

"Oh, well, better..just..." Celest backed up away from Eve -who couldn't stop the obvious grinning and light sniggering-  and made her way back over to the rest of the class without another word.


At lunch, Eve, Jessie and Celest sat in their usual spot, eating their own packed lunches. Of course, this was sort of stange because Chrolthem didn't actually eat, but it would seem a little strange eating nothing all day.

"You know what?" Jessie spoke, shoving her sandwich back in her brown paper bag, "I don't think this is very healthy. I mean, since when do you see 'Chocolate spread' on the sandwich menu at a pub, or whatever?"

Celest gave Jessie a very obvious, and slightly annoyed look, and Jessie shoved back a look with pure silver eyes.

"I can kick that red, hot ass of your's anyday, so don't even..."

"Guys,GUYS, calm it. Yes, and I mean you, too, Celest!"

Celest shot Eve a look of innocence, but Eve just gave something back that not a human or maybe even Chrolthem, would understand.

"Seriously, I know your all Angel and everything, but still, you seem to act as nothing but a big, pain in the..."

"Oi! Your starting an argument too, Eve! Why don't you stop acting so innocent too, and actually pay attention to what your saying!"

Celest said this with red, fiery eyes, and a horrid snarl, and the flash of fire from her very finger tips, but Eve ignored it, as if she hadn't done such a thing.

At the moment, Eve was confuesed, and very stressed with her being. Only weeks after her 14th birthday had she found out that inside her was a creature ; a creature so beautiful but one hell of a nasty side, was actually who she was. But now she was 15, and some laws of the Chrolthem world had changed, and, it was just frustrating to even begin with.

"Look, guys, we need to stop snapping. Yes, even I do too. But fighting isn't going to get us anywhere, and neither is calling each other names. Were all different, we need to accept that. So can't we just, you know, try and forget about it for once? Maybe we can find out how to slow down our fiestyness..."

Eve began to sigh.

She was, once again, speaking to herself. Both Celest and Jessie were blanking out, which purely meant they'd lost interest. Eve didn't even try to begin the conversation again, and instead, stood up, and walked away.

What's the point of talking when no-one's listening?

"Waste of breath" Eve muttered to herself, and made her way across the road back towards the Science Block.


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